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Blackjack is the second popular casino game. They reign, as you can guess machines, but it's blackjack, it's what they know and love experienced players. In this article you will learn how to play it, you will meet the values of the cards, the main BLACK Jack principles and the most effective ways to win. If you're looking for a comprehensive guide How to play Blackjack then Welcome!

More about Blackjack game

The History of Blackjack's game is long and turbulent, because it includes a few hundred years. According to the mention of historians, Blackjack was already popular in the 16th century in France and Spain. In one of the novel, which Miguel de Cervantes wrote (author of Don Kichota), this game is described as "Ventiuna", which in Spanish means twenty-one. The origin of this game is not fully known.

Also in Australia, a popular game in the eye, the rules of which are very similar to the current Blackjack has been known for centuries. It was enough to close the number of 21. This game was popular with children around the world, just like a war game. Her real flourishing occurred in the 18th century when the game reached the United States. Then she also gained popularity in all places where gambling, not necessarily the casinos.

Gradually, however, as the game gained recognition of players also and the casino began to introduce her at home. Not enough, the casino even introduced special bonuses to encourage blackjack. One of them was a payment in a ratio of 10 to 1 for the eyelet, i.e. 21 in black. So they won AS and Walet Pion or Trefl - the name Blackjack took place, or literally black walet. In this way, this catchy name clung to the game and that is why today we call it blackjack and not 21. The true blackjack popularization in the casinos took place in the 1960s and 70s of the last century, then he also disseminated in all casinos from Macau to Las Vegas.

Blackjack Rules and Basics of Game

The BLACK JACK game rules say that the basic goal of this game is to obtain cards worth up to 21 or as close as possible, but without exceeding this number. BLACKJACK rules are therefore approximately the same as in a popular eye, but the similarities end. Because the real goal of the game is always overcoming the hand of the card, that is, in the casino, of course, Croupier. Hence the Black Jack game, it can still be won with two cards worth, for example 19, as long as the dealer will get something smaller, for example 18. But if the dealer draws a card, thanks to which he will have the result 21, he or she automatically wins , regardless of whether you had another chance to choose a card.

Typically, Blackjack plays 52 cards with talias. Just this when it comes to Blackjack's principles does not change from the beginning. This rule applies both on-line and ordinary casinos in the real world. Depending on the casino and of course the version you chose the dealer will have between 1 and 8 waist of cards in the shoe (ie a special stand, from which the cards are selected), of course all of them will be thoroughly geared. As you can see in Blackjack, the rules are actually trivial and there is probably a player who could not embrace them.

Card values

In Black Jack the rules of the game are that you have to shoot the eyelet, a happy number of course 21. In addition to numbers, the value of which is obvious, other cards have their values, but the blackjack card counting is very simple:

  • From two to tens - the value corresponds to their number
  • Higher cards or walet, lady and king - have a value equal to 10 points
  • AS is interesting because it has a value equal to 1 or 11, depending on what is better for the player at any time

The color of the card is irrelevant in the basic blackjack variety.

As you see Blackjack's principles are really simple and the scoring rules can be picked up in a few minutes. The only issue you need to remember is as. The hand is divided into hard and soft. If you only have one ASA in it is not counted as 11 points, this is the so-called soft hand. The hard hand is when you already have another ASA, or other cards, then this AS takes a value 1, so that the overall value of the card does not exceed 21. This is the most important rules in what the casino is called blackjack.

Department and payout limits

In the internet casino, limits on the rates depend mainly on how you play. Most on-line casinos offer very diverse rooms for players of various caliber, for players with different portfolio resources and different experiments. There are tables where you can bet for a few dollars, there are also where the minimum rate is a few hundred. If you are wondering how to win in blackjack big amounts, it is on those with a bigger stake. It is very similar in ordinary casinos, but here it can be difficult to find such places where it plays for very small rates.

When you're not going to be able to withdraw your bet. Sometimes you can give up, but later. The actual payment, if you win the data hand, depends first of all from the amount you bet. However, there are general BLACK JACK rules for what you can win depending on your hand compared to the dealer, so say the game rules in Blackjack.

When all the cards are already played, and your hand has a closer value of 21 points than in the dealer dealing cards, you win and you will win a winner in relation 1 to 1. If the dealer loses, i.e. the result of 22 or higher, and you will have a result than 21, That is, for example, 19 you are winning, receiving a payment 1 to 1 of your rate. The value of your hand does not matter, the casino loses, you win.

If you get a blackjack, i.e. 21 with your first two cards (which must be ASEM and card worth 10), you get extra withdrawal from 3 to 2. It's the highest possible win.

Of course, if you lose, that is, you will get the result 22 and everything above you will lose your stake.

How to play blackjack

You have already learned the values of the cards and the most important in Black Jack the rules of the game. Now let's get to the terms that you use when playing Black Jack to action that you can do as a player.

As a player, you will always play with your hand against the dealer. At the BLACK JACK game table you can find up to five players, but you do not play and do not compete between yourself, because you will all play against the dealer. If you play online casino, you can also simply play the machine against a computer, and then it will only be you and no one else will participate in this game.

Anyway. The dealer gives out cards from the so-called shoe, that is, the stand in which he holds them. Croupier first gives them to players and only then. The first cards are distributed from above, so that everyone from the beginning knows what cards receives. Also, the next card, which is obligatory for each player is administered to the top. At the end of the dealer, he gives away a card that this time is the bottom, so that players can not see her. Then Black Jack proceeds that the player can do one of a number of shares:

HIT (Card selection) - If you ask for a hit, i.e. choosing a card, it means that you get a third card from the dealer except the two you already have. Usually, this option is used when the value of your cards is much lower than 21. Usually when you already have a little more, for example 17 you should avoid this option.

Stand (not choosing a card) - If you decide on Stand, this means you do not want to choose a third card and stay with those you already have. In this way, you do not know if you win, you can not be sure that you will not exceed 21 and if the dealer exceeds, or you will have a higher score from the dealer you will win.

Bust (fura) - When the value of your cards exceeds 21 you will automatically lose. This is only happening when you choose the third card and the value of your hand will be 22 or more.

This standard blackjack rules available almost in each variation of this game. Their knowledge is an absolute basis before any game, only thanks to you have a chance to learn how to win in Blackjack. Not less, then, depending on the variety you choose, you can still meet with other concepts.

Black Jack Special Rules

Black Jack Special Rules are associated very much with a given version of Blackjack and those who cited at the beginning of the article are quite a lot. Below we present a quick review of the most important ones:

Insurance (Insurance) - If a visible dealer card is at a given moment, you can get insurance. This is basically only a side undertaking that is usually equal to or in the middle of your rate. Basically, you bet that the dealer will have 10 as a second card, which immediately will give him blackjack (victory). If it turns out that this is, not only do not lose but you will receive a 2 to 1 payment.

However, if the dealer will not have 10, you will lose insurance and the game is continued in accordance with the basic blackjack principles. In fact, experienced players in what a casino is called blackjack almost never come insurance, because it is usually not a game worth a candle, and the chances seem to be here in favor of the casino.

Doubling the rate (Double Down) - If you decide to double, you decide to increase the bet, which usually means doubling the rate. Then you will get another card yet, but then you will have to stay with what you have. If your hand wins, you get a payment equal to 1 to 1 your stake.

Rozdwojenie kart (splitting pairs) - It is possible when the first two cards that receive the player have the same value, which is, for example, they are two eights. The player then adds a second rate (equal to the first rate) and can choose the card after splitting. This option is not always available, perhaps in some casinos will still be possible more splitting pairs, naturally if you happen that you will receive a second page for a couple. In some varieties, blackjack's rules are such that you can play more than 3 hands.

As in the previous case, after splitting, you play further according to the game rules. If you win, even receiving blackjack, the win will only be 1 to 1 your rate.

Surrender surrender - Submission is only if you receive the first 2 cards.

In a situation when you give up, you get half of your rate back and your game will be completed in this hand. This means that you will not lose the entire cartridge. Remember, however, that you will automatically lose if all cards are already pointed up. Resignation is not allowed for each blackjack version, some casino have different blackjack principles and can not let it, so it's worth checking.

What Make Croupier

So far, we focused on our advice only on the player, of course, as you already know in this game, it competes mainly with the dealer (and himself). So let's walk, which may not do the dealer, this is extremely important because it can affect your strategy how to play Blackjack.

Dealer, i.e. the dealer plays a casino account, hence he can not take risky decisions, he can not decide himself and choose what to do, on the basis of his feeling. They usually act according to rigidly defined casino rules, which for all casinos are extremely similar blackjack principle has the same everywhere. It usually looks more or less like this:

  • Croupier chose card (hit) on a soft 17 (in some casinos it can be 16)
  • The dealer does not chose the card (stand) at a result of 17 and each above
  • The dealer selects the card at a result 17 and every one

Therefore, when the Dealer reveals the second card, you can do pretty sure how the next step will be. And because the dealer must follow the principles of casino, there is no field for any risky play, it can be easier to lose.


Perhaps you saw a movie under the title 21 - from 2008 based on the famous book Bringing Down The House: The Inside Story of Six Mit Students Who Took Vegas for Millions. If you have not seen it necessarily see! This is an extremely interesting story that tells about winning a special method in this game, which is the counting of Blackjack cards. This is probably the only known movie that touches this subject.

What is the counting of Black Jack counting in fact? Well, this is tracking not those cards that are already distributed, but those who have been in the shoe. On the basis of the cards that already lined and knowing how much the waist participates in the game can be estimated with less or more likely to estimate what cards can hit players and croupier and thus modify their rate and increase, sometimes significantly, their chances of winning.

Technically counting Black Jack cards is not legally prohibited. As we know, something that is not prohibited is allowed. However, casino is private companies that have their regulations and accept players only on their terms. Therefore, some casinos are not very good to visit players who try to get their win not fully honestly. Is the counting of cards unfair? Well, this is only an interpretation of the casino service in which you play.

This issue applies only to ordinary casinos. Playing online There is no option for counting Blackjack cards, why? Well, online casinos software makes it impossible because games are managed by random numbers generators. You play against the computer, not against the dealer, which has a certain number of waist.

Strategies and methods of betting

However, there are some legal strategies that you can apply when playing blackjack. They do not give a 100% guarantee to question how to win in blackjack, because as you know, nothing of such a guarantee does not give, but with proper application you will be able to significantly assess your hand and the hand of the dealer and thus take the right decision and consequently win more and more regularly . On-line game goes into a little less pace, from here you have more time to think about and it's definitely a for you.

Several basic strategies that you can apply:

  • Pay attention to the cards, their numbers and waist - it's not about counting the cards if you knew the number of waist in the shoe then you could guess, for example, the number of aces or tens, it's only about the probability, math can help you significantly help you
  • Do not take insurance - it does not make sense especially when the dealer has ace
  • Get to know your chances of playing first online

The casino advantage is generally quite small in blackjack, but only when you know how to properly use the principle in Blackjack. Not only professional players, but also amateur you bring different strategies to your game that allow them to win more and more. Usually the casino has a slight mathematical advantage over the player, which is usually 5 percent. This advantage depends on whether you actually implement your strategy, you can not comply with good cards or bear with emotions.

Singling strategies:

Basically there are two types of approaches how to play blackjack. One consists in more aggressive betting and the other on a more prudent, so that in one plant, do not violate too much budget percentage.

Risk taking - if you have ever heard about Martingale, it's him. Every time you lose you, you can double your rates, when you win, you will always be on the . However, this is a very risky strategy, because a series of defeats can easily produce your account extremely and make you bankrupt, we recommend it only to players with less experience

Pouring carefully - for all those whose loss of bigger money scares a more cautious strategy. If you win another token to your rate, if you lose you do not add any or subn. When you win another token and so every time, however, no more than 1 for hand. Always hold on your plan and a stubbing system.

Playing blackjack in the online casino stationary accounts

As you probably guess, between a blackjack game in a stationary casino and this on-line takes place a colossal difference. These are, of course, two different worlds, with different, a different atmosphere, they can also gently differ in the game rules, except, a large part of ordinary casinos, at least those of a higher shelf requires a specific Dress Code, which is usually an elegant clothing. If you do not feel well in a shirt or a jacket, it can be another stressful factor for you.

This stress plays a key role here. Sitting in front of the computer usually manages to stop him because we are not surrounded by living people, our opponents, i.e. dealers, do not look directly into their eyes, and they do not see us and our emotions, we do not see other players and whether they are confident . Finally, we do not have to fear that we will do something wrong. The casino software is well written enough that it does not predict mistakes, while this can happen in an ordinary casino, where we do not know the blackjack principle exactly and we can do not know well how to play blackjack and expose yourself to a shame. Hence, certainly a lot better to gain some experiences and get to know the rules playing on-line and go to an ordinary casino with a certain luggage of experience, so as to avoid compromising and most importantly, the loss of money.

Also, the rates are another advantage of online casino if you are just starting your adventure with this wonderful game. You can choose a demo game if you just learn or start playing too low rates. Thanks to this, you will gain experience and in the event of failures that are inevitable at the beginning when you only get to know the BLACK Jack principles. Thanks to this you will not lose so much cash. In a real casino, no one has been recruited to playing for pennies and limits at the tables are much larger, they usually appear there more experienced players, so-called. Old strikers who can make you, as a beginner you will feel worse in their company.

Of course, we do not try to demonize ordinary casinos, playing in this one will certainly have a great experience and it's definitely worth it, at least once in life in such a life, but if you do not have too much experience, it's better to start from playing with a computer or live casino, but over the Internet.

Live and on the cell

We devote a separate article on how Blackjack works in casinos live. Remember to get to know him, because you will find a lot of information there. Live Live in Blackjack is definitely more enjoyable from playing with a computer and definitely different from the game run on the machine. In this situation you will have to face a dealer (the dealer) live, besides, when it comes to BLACK Jack, they are exactly the same, i.e. we get cards and make a decision. Cards are distributed from a real shoe, not computer generated. However, the mechanism itself also provides full randomness in this case, the cards are previously tassed.

The biggest advantage of playing live is that you can be able to talk to other players or interact with the dealer, where when playing the machine, there is no such possibility. Nowadays, most live casinos offer different versions of the Black Jack game, the number of rooms are very large and you can choose the one that suits you. Very often you can choose a table with various limits, they are such for VIP players, where they play for hundreds of dollars, but there are also those where the amounts are much more favorable for beginners. Therefore, choose one that suits you.

In addition, the joy of playing does not have to limit you to the computer, currently you can play a live casino on your mobile phone. You can, of course, choose a simple version of the game with a computer which usually in the casinos is very much in the section with automatons. However, it will be much better to log in to a live casino and play at a table with other players. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that it can be easily done on a mobile device. Unfortunately, the impressions of live games may not be good enough because the screen size is usually small. However, the Black Jack game standing in a traffic jam or while waiting at the office is definitely a great option for killing time.

Best online casinos with blackjack

Many casinos have an excellent offer of games with blackjack, both those played on automatons and those played in a live casino. Many of them additionally offer interesting tournaments and promotions. An example here can be a casino Leo Vegas, which cyclically organizes Tournaments Celebrity Blackjack Party, where you can sit at the table with celebrities and win an extra prize.

Lots of casinos we recommend has a great selection of blackjack games with different varieties and thematic rooms. An example may be a CODETA here, that is, an operator who focuses mainly on a live casino. Rooms with blackjack is a dozen casino. We have a lot of varieties like a traditional, grand, multiplayer common draw high roller, Atlantic city blackjack or Double Exposure.

Also in other casinos visited on our site you will find Black Jack. Read exactly their reviews to learn more. Be sure to write to us if you have additional questions.

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