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Black cash


The premiere of Cash Noire took place evenly a month ago. So as it was a complete novelty, the slot is equipped with the most fashionable mechanics such as avalanches, RE-spin or a special function of Crime Zone. In addition, there are free turns, multipliers and Mystery symbols. The machine is built from a 5 × 4 size board. Paid combinations are based on the corresponding symbols lying in neighboring drums, which gives a total of 1024 layouts. The Return to Player coefficient is exactly 96.06%. The minimum rate, which can be played, 0.20, and the maximum - even 200 euros. The game can be tried in a stationary and mobile version, in a few online casinos, for example betsafe, betsson or Casino Euro.

Basic information and topics of the game

The motif of the slot presents the fight between the criminal world and the justice system. Its themes are lawlessness, murders, crimes, detectives and dangerous women. The game is preserved in a dark color, which additionally emphasizes mysterious aura. In the game, we can find many different inspirations, but probably the most clear resemblance of L.A. Noire from 2011, in which the main hero enters the police. Exactly the same climate was achieved in the Cash Noire slot. We are located in a room, outside the window you can see the panorama of a large city at night, on the desk sits the figure of a woman in a short skirt, and on the left there are photos, newspaper articles and links between them.

The control console is at the very bottom of the game screen. In its middle, there is a single rotation button, while on the left automatic game, from 10 to 1000 self-spins. The button next to accelerates animations. On the left, there is a change in the height of the rate, where the lowest is 0.20, and the highest - 200 euros. In the lower left corner there is a menu with game settings and information about any rules. The game control is rather standard.

Symbols and rules of the game

The game is equipped with a regular mode with the Lawin system and several additional features. There are ten ordinary symbols that do not have any additional functions. They depict images of people and various items. Individual icons do not arrange in a predetermined icon, but in special configurations based on neighboring game drums. This gives a lot more opportunities, because these systems are over a thousand. Each of the symbols can be found three, four or five times and dependent on the amount of winning. Its height increases also with increasing the rate and for the highest plant is presented in this way:

  • Women's symbol with a cigarette - Win: 800, 600 and 200
  • Male symbol with card - win: 600, 400 and 200
  • Male symbol with a gun - Win: 300, 100 and 60
  • Women's Symbol in Gloves - Win: 200, 100 and 60
  • Symbol of a gun and dagger - Win: 60, 50 and 40
  • Glass and card symbol - Win: 50, 40 and 30
  • Matches and magnifying glass - Win: 40, 30 and 20

Distinguishing features of Cash Noire

The basic function of the game is Avalanche Feature. It is activated when any winning combination appears on the board. The symbols that take care of it disappear, and new ones are falling in their place, which gives a chance for another win within one re-Spina. The avalanche falls so long until there are new paid systems. From time to time, Mystery Symbol appears. If the rotation does not bring a win or avalanche, the symbol is converted depending on whether it lies on the red-marked Zone. If it is outside it, it will turn into a random plain symbol. If it is inside, the entire zone will cover the identical, random symbol.

At the beginning, the size of the Zone covers three fields. If a winning combination will find a winning combination, subsequent cases on the left side of the CLUE list are unlocked. Clue letter shows progress leading to the mode of free spins. If 3-6 cases are unlocked, the zone will expand to four places, if it will be 7 cases, the zone will expand up to 5 places. At 13 cases, we will get 6 free spins. In this mode, a special map with multipliers will be displayed, which may amount to x1 to x7. As a game, we unlock the next locations that give us next spins and increase multipliers to win from this mode.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The game looks great in terms of graphic. The whole was preserved in dark colors, which arouses a slight sense of horror. The only luminous elements are located outside the window buildings, red lights on a clue letter and of course neon letters in the title of the game. Everything was created in not very complicated stylistics, a little fairy tale style. On the right side of the woman sitting, Femme Fatale, who looks at us smoking a cigarette. The game is accompanied by quick animations that add the dynamics game. In the background you can hear quiet, mysterious music, holding us in constant voltage. The whole is perfect with each other, creating a very good impression, thanks to which you want to spend long hours to solve detective puzzles. This is another very successful slot netent.

Our opinion about Cash Noire

Looking at Cash Noire, you can say that 2023 is a very successful year when it comes to video slots. Interesting proposals were already a few, and we only have July. Cash Noire is certainly a decent slot that will interest us because of their amazing mechanics. By playing, we have the impression as if we belonged to the creature world. Almost every spin we get RE-spin, which is continued as long as we get another winning combinations. In addition, there is a system associated with the crime zone and a list of cases that activates the extensive mode of free spins. RTP game does not belong to the highest, because it barely exceeds 96%. After all, the game can still fascinate, especially if someone is a fan of films or games with a crime in the lead role. Surely it is a slot worth trying, not only if you are fans of dark, detective puzzles.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
1024 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.06% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
200 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-low No
- -

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