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Lilith’s Inferno


Established in 2019, Lilith's Inferno is a truly ghostly game and even an infernal motive. It is the production of a well-known studio known from the Scandinavian industry yggdrasil gaming to the company with AVATAR UX. Slot is built from five drums and four rows, while the winnings here determines twenty-five-specified payment lines here. Bonus game modes are based mainly on free speed and wild symbols. The RTP coefficient of the game was designated for about 96.4%. This machine allows you to multiply a selected bet exactly 3968 times, playing a span rate from 0.10 euros up to 150 euros. In Lilith's Inferno we will play for each type of device, both stationary and portable. The game is available in many online casinos, for example Unibet, Nomino Casino, Malina Casino. whether Good Good.

Basic information and topics of the game

Lilith's Inferno moves us for the gates of hell. One of the demons inhabiting this terrible land is the title of Lilith. This is not a well-known figure. This ghostly comes from Jewish legends and is known for its lack of pity against pregnant women and newborn children. According to Greek mythology, her name comes from a word translated as "Lubricity". According to the Bible, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. When it comes to described Slot, at first glance it will be hard to see her demonic sense. This one was somewhat hidden and we are convinced of him just staring at the presented characters.

From the technical side the game is built on a fairly unusual layout, 5 for 4 fields. It has been equipped with a fixed number of 25 payment lines that can not be modified. We control the game with the console screen located at the bottom. In its middle, we see a large button for single rotation to the drums, next to it selection of the highest maximum rate and automatic gameplay settings, allowing infinity of spinning spins. On the left side of the screen are the rate height settings where the minimum is 0.10 euros, and the maximum - 100 euros. There are also any game settings or bonuses. On the right, the height of the current winnings is additionally displays and the remaining amount of cash.

Symbols and rules of the game

General principles are known to you. There are eight ordinary symbols that arrange on configuration data, thus allowing to win with a specific height. Each of the symbols can be found a maximum of five times. In addition to the usual mode, there is also an additional, showing the fight of good with evil. These modes are quite complicated, but the game mechanics is thanks to them even phenomenal. Below are you won values for each game symbol. These are special numbers through which the rate will be chosen by us, and the result will be a detailed victory:

Animal symbols:

  • Red Symbol - Multiplier: 24x, 7x and 2x
  • Purple Symbol - Multiplier: 20x, 6x and 1x
  • Green and blue Symbol - Multiplier: 16x, 5x and 1x

Card symbols:

  • Red and purple symbol - Multiplier: 6x, 2.4x and 0.2x
  • Green and blue Symbol - Multiplier: 4x, 1.2x and 0.2x

Distinguishing features of Lilith's Inferno

The first mode of the game Lilith's Inferno is responsible for free turnover. They determine the Wild symbol, which can reach three, four or five times giving 10-20, 15-30 and 25-50 spins respectively. In FREE SPIN mode, a special 'vs' symbol appears, marking the fight between Lilith and Boss. This is a very interesting mechanic in which each party has its own health bar.

Fight is of course easy and should not cause problems - our task is only clicking. Next, everything happens in a random way, we can hit the opponent, yourself or hurt. If we lose the fight, we will return to the ordinary FREE SPIN mode. If it is possible to win it, the Bossa symbols will transform into the Wild symbols until the end of the additional mode. In addition, we will get two additional turnover. It is therefore a kind of mini-game, which is part of this slot, which has a climate known from computer games.

Gorilla Scatter symbols are found in the game. In case we collect three such symbols, we will move again to the mode of free spins. There will be their only four, but a three-time multiplier will be used to win.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Immediately you can see that Lilith's Inferno is a new game. Her modern and very well thought out and designed, which will still be admired for aesthetic and technological angle for a long time. Symbols were drawn in a rather fairy-tale way, while maintaining exceptional detail. The division of games for the first and further plan is rather difficult because the background has been blurred and it is difficult to see some characteristic elements in it. The right part surrounds a large frame, built of wood and powerful stones. The full-time music has been attached to the whole, a powerful atmosphere of dynamic fight for death and life. The game has normally looking animations whose speed can be regulated.

Our opinion about Lilith's Inferno

At the beginning, the game seemed a bit incomprehensible due to its motif. We did not understand the PAND connections with glowing eyes with a mythological motive of a thoroughly attacking pregnant woman. Despite everything, a dark, disturbing atmosphere was created here, which interested us immediately. The whole game mechanics is also interesting. It's great for its additional modes, because you can see that the creators really have tried to do something else, which will also be liked in terms of Gameplay himself. Minigry make the gameplay very exciting. The solvency of this slot may seem to do not seem too high, because there are few over 96%. However, due to many additional features and mini games, playing can not feel at all. Lilith's Inferno seems to be an ideal slot that combines each mentioned element. We will therefore recommend to everyone, beginners or experienced players who like very extensive games with numerous additions.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
25 No
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.40% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.10 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Medium-high No
- -

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