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Pirate Gold


Today, along with the Gold Pirate Gold, we will move to a dangerous world seeking pirate treasures. Slot has the construction of five drums and four rows and has been equipped with forty-specified paid combinations. The game was released at the end of March 2019 and is one of the works of the creator Pragmatic Play - A very well-known game developer for online casinos. Additional modes were used, among others, on the symbols of Wild, free spin, special multipliers or mysterious chests full of gold. The game rate can be minimally set to 0.40 euros and a maximum of 200 euros. The Pirate Gold machine can be found in such online casinos as betsafe, betsson whether Casino Euro. Of course, it was optimized in terms of all types of stationary and portable devices.

Basic information and topics of the game

The theme of the game is based directly on piracy. The severity of these events is XVII - the 18th century, refers to this whole style style - olive lamps, masts, etc. Looking at the symbols included in the game we have a typical pirate image. Rozziorny captain reminiscent of Johny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean, some redhead boy with a weapon, a parrot being the most faithful companion of every captain and ship spectrum are elements, without which stories about pirates would not be right. There is also a treasure map of which every pirate and a lunette for observing the horizon, an indispensable tool for every panties on a stork nest. As for the rest of the icons, there is a hook faithfully imitating the hand of the captain, and even adding his fear and coin with the image of a skull with long-missed Majański ruins.

The game takes place on a bar 4 and 5 field widths, we have 40 permanent winnings. The game control is on the bottom of the console. On the right side, we see one, large button for single rotation. Next to it are '+' and '-' symbols, thanks to which you can reduce or increase the rate height. Below is a button to change the automatic game settings according to the exact number of revolutions, loss or win a certain sum or when you activate one of the bonus options. On the left, there are sound or animation settings, but also game information.

Symbols and rules of the game

General principles Pirate Gold Games are based on the presence of forty payment lines. Ten different types of symbols are arranged in them, which we can divide into those higher and below. In addition to ordinary symbols, we find here numerous bonus symbols, activating more and more additional game functions. Returning to the basic game, however, the potential win depends on the rate of the rate chosen and how many times the symbol will repeat on the game board.

Below are you award values for individual symbols. These numbers refer only to the maximum rate, i.e. 200 euros and are changed with reducing the plant:

  • Pirate symbol and woman symbol - Win: 2 500, 500, 100 and 10
  • Parrot symbol and ship symbol - Win: 1 500, 250, 75 and 10
  • Map and Linety Symbol - Win: 1000, 200, 50 and 10
  • Symbol of Golden Coins and Haka - Win: 375, 125 and 25
  • Symbol of Silver and Brown Coins - Win: 250, 75 and 25

Distinguishing features of Pirate Gold

Additional game symbols is Wild, replacing all other symbols in winning combinations and a bonus symbol in the form of a box with valuables. As for the first one, we will meet him only on four recent drums. The second symbol is located on the middle drums and in an accident when we meet it three times, the Free Spin mode will be activated, and in it - 10 turns. In this mode, each symbol showing people will transform into a Wild symbol. In addition, the number of spins can zoom over to the next ten when we hit the next bonus symbols.

The most important extra function is Lucky Treasure Bags. If at least eight symbols depicting bags with money will appear on the board, we will get three Re-spins during which Lucky Treasure Bags will remain in place. Other symbols will be subjected to turn. If further bags with gold appears, the number of re-spins will constantly reset. In this mode you can also get multipliers to win, x3, x4 or x5. There is also another additional, mysterious symbol that we can also meet during the rounds of free spins. If we gather twenty such symbols, we will be awarded one of the three special jackpots, or Minor - 50x, Major - 200x and Grand Jackpot - 1000x.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

The graphics of the game were definitely well suited to the realities prevailing in it. In the background we see amazing views of the harbor, sea and ships on it. In addition to the symbols of people, there are still a Kufra icon filled with various wealth and coin with the image of Kraken - a marine monster with the appearance of octopus. A gameplay crossing a great animation showing a ship fighting with large waves during a storm. An audible foundation comes to this. The music of the game is also quite mysterious, perfectly suits the adventure of pirates who are looking for hidden treasures or ruins of former civilization. In terms of technical term, the slot was made perfectly. In addition to that it does not jam, everyone can just like visually.

Our opinion about Pirate Gold

Pirate Gold is an ideal option not only in terms of unusual, unusual and unique graphics, as well as primarily for multitude of additional modes and options. You will find here free spins, re-spins, multipliers, mysterious symbols, symbols Wild, as well as hidden three solid jackpots - minor (50x), Major (200x) and Grand Jackpot (1000x). We have here to choose a rate in the amount of 0.40 to 200 euros and its multiplying up to 32,270x. The RTP game coefficient was designated for exactly 96.5%. In our opinion, Pirate Gold is an interesting choice for both new players who try to break to slots and for those more experienced who have already seen many games for their own eyes and are still looking for something that will delight.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
40 So
Rollers Progressive
5 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.50% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.40 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
200 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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