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Games you need to check

Two games that each vending machine lover should try, are available at one casino - bwin. Having a headquarters in Calgary company Chartwell Technology Inc - software producer for online casinos, presented some time ago a new machine "The Italian Job" (Italian robot) in the casino bwin, the largest network associated with sports betting and online casino market in Europe. A new vending machine with nine paid lines that chains the attention of all players, is inspired by the iconic film from 1969 - "The Italian Job". The game was released on the 40th anniversary of the film production and offers well-paid lines.

Chartwell announced that releasing this market automat, is the beginning of a new series of slot machines and soon on the online casino market will appear next, and the first of them will be "Sleepy Hollow". This machine also is based on the iconic film and like an Italian robot, it will be a vending machine with 9 paid lines.

"Tomer Katz - responsible for the product offer bwin, He said. - "The Italian Job" is the first game from a series of branded machines we place in the Instant Casino. The supplier of this game is well known to all vending machines manufacturer - our partner - company Chartwell.”

Movie Offer vending machines It will always develop and enlarge. "The Italian Job" and "Sleepy Hollow" initiated the cooperation of Chartwell and Paramount Digital Entertainment, a branch of a well-known film-producing company - Paramount Pictures.

Second game bwinIt is worth trying, is closely related to the football world championships that are just being in South Africa. Having its headquarters in Vienna, the Bwin Group on the occasion of the World Championships launched football solitaires. This is a game in which the player selects the card in such a way that their sum gave 13 points. It is also best to collect the color, because then our result eleves yourself.

Solitaire World Cup is a card for one player. When you can choose a pair of cards in a total of 13.points, this couple is removed from the table. The game ends when all cards are matched or when the cards remaining on the table do not allow you to choose a steam giving 13 mesh. The game also has a time limit - it is 5 minutes. If you can not choose cards or you will not create all possible combinations, the game is completed after 5 minutes, and the player receives as many points as at that time he managed to collect.

"World Cup Solitaire" is a really simple and fascinating game in which it is very easy to win. It should give you not only football fans, but also all lovers of cards. Do not hesitate and try these fantastic games now in the online casino bwin, and by the way Welcome bonus.