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A huge progressive pool to grab in Party Casino

W Party Casino It's getting hot again! Just two months ago, two players of this casino took great pools, and again in the casino a huge pool was collected. In May, two lucky people changed their lives thanks to the game in Party Casino. The first of them - 48. A summer player hiding under the name Arky222, 7. May Win a $ 1.8 million Gold Mega pot. As if it were not enough, in addition to getting this cosmic progressive pool, Arky222 also won in the promotion of the AUTO Grand Winese organized by Party Casino - Bonus for another player in the form of a completely brand new Maserati Granturismo.

The Arky222 history is worth quoting. A happy winner is a quiet guy who lives in the countryside on the ranch and every day he deals with horses. Although it's probably hard to believe it, it won this great progressive pool putting a bet in the amount ... only $ 2! The win fell on a Friday evening. As he told the casino employees, he was going to put himself to sleep, he ended the movie that he just watched, and by the way, not specifically paying attention to the computer monitor, he played on his favorite automat. Suddenly, his attention was drawn by the fact that the monitor was full of many different colors. When he saw the numbers on the monitor, then in the first moment he thought that he was displayed by a long international phone number ...

Arky222 to this day is completely surprised by your win. It's hard to believe it. So far, the only money he spent is a few thousand for a luxury two-week vacation. He does not know what to do all the time. Although employees Party Casino He mentioned something about a new home and car. He also announced that he was going to continue to play - of course in his favorite Machines with progasive pools!

Although this great promotion has already come to an end and found a happy winner, there is another pool in the casino that is waiting for its owner. Who knows whether it will not be an even bigger fortune to win? Pula in automat Name "The Big One" at the moment has already reached the size of $ 1.5 million - and grows in every second. It is certainly worth trying your happiness and put a few chips on this machine. Party Casino is one of the best online casino. So big pools in such short intervals is a really good treat for every lover vending machines. So take a look at Party CasinoMake a few spins, and maybe you will become another millionaire in the history of this casino.