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Blackjack's madness in the Spin Palace casino

In June, online casino Spin Palace offers its players real madness in blackjacku. The casino organizes a competition covering several of the most popular blackjack varieties offered by microgaming. Players stop not only all the money that they can win during the competition, but additionally can get some of the pool to divide among the best players.

It is a height competition and the number of betting bets, and the Blackjack Gold Tournament is called. The tournament will take three weeks. It starts on Monday, June 7 and will last until Sunday, June 27. Therefore, it will not only test the skill of the game, but also perseverance. The Pula is $ 2000 and will be divided between the best players according to the following principles. A competitor who will put bets for the highest amount will win $ 800, a player who will put the second highest amount of betting will win $ 400. A player who will put the largest number of plants, regardless of the amount of betting wins $ 200. The remaining $ 600 from the pool will be divided between 8 randomly selected players. All winnings will be added to the Bonus Cash Players.

Spin Palace called the Blackjack Gold Tournament, because games that were selected for this competition belong to a gold series of Microgaming Games (Gold Series). These are one of the best blackjack games available on the market. They provide an exclusive and luxurious play environment thanks to high quality graphics, sounds and animations. Blackjack versions in which you can play as part of the competition are both standard game varieties and several varieties with innovative elements. Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold and Atlantic City Blackjack Gold have the same principles that apply to traditional casinos in which they are played. All these games provide very high winnings, so players who like blackjack will have no problems with betting on tables with these games for three weeks of the competition.

To the list allowed in the variety competition blackjacka Three very interesting variations were also attached. One of them is Blackjack Gold Bonus. In addition to traditional blackjack plants, players can also bet a bonus bet, who with a winnings is payable according to a special bonus payment table. If the player in the hand will get a walet and ASA in color, the payout is 50 is 1. If it is as and the walet in the same color, but other than peak - this withdrawal is 25 to 1. While if the card from the hand is simply this The color itself, but it is not as and Walet, this withdrawal rate is 5 to 2. Spanish Blackjack Gold is played by teases of cards in which there are not tens. This causes the basic strategy to be a bit modified, which is why it is not the best game for beginner players. Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is an ideal beginner game because both dealers from the hand are discovered, and this makes it very easy to make decisions. Do not hesitate and join the crazy tournament in blackjacka casino Spin Palace.