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Vending machines

Machines or vending machines or single-handed bandits are today the most popular type of casino games on the Internet, but also in stationary casinos. Before the web network was invented, known as the one-armed bandits were a literal icon of casinos around the world, also stood also in many pubs, bars or points to accepting bookmakers. Ever since the Internet appeared on the Internet, they also gained gigantic popularity and are currently almost synonymous with casino entertainment. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about them. More Info

What are vending machines?

Slot machines, even though they have different shapes, styles and appearance, also have many common elements that connect them. Machines are the simplest and easiest type of casino game, its principle of operation understood for everyone. From the very beginning, from its creation in 1891, these machines share a lot of common elements, such as drums that have at least three and various symbols, where the gathering of the specified combination gives the player winning.

The first slot was created in New York in 19th century. The name came from the fact that the coin was thrown into the slot. The player launched the lever to turn the crank, 5 drums with 50 card symbols rotated there. Therefore, from a single leverage, their other name, i.e. one-armed bandits. If the cards arranged in a specific combination, the player picked up the main win.

Yes, the machines operated until 1964, or for over 70 years. Then the first fully electronic game machine appeared. However, she still had a liver she launched. It was left as a symbolic element that players accustomed to traditional drums could find themselves. Next, the coin was thrown there, after obtaining the best possible combination of the squeaking machine and flashing the player 500 coins. There were fruit symbols on her drums.

In 1976, the first video slot was developed in Las Vegas, the machine used a 19-inch display on which the drums were displayed, which the player was screened by pressing the or screwing on the lever. In 1986, the first progressive Jackpot in the history of 1 million dollars, who spent IGT issued on our website. Slot machines were developed and improved constantly.

Then, in the mid-1990s, the Internet appeared and with him, in 1996, the first fully online casino. The industry has changed in a significant way and with it with the machines that have just become a virtual string of bits and bytes, which for the player on the screen of his computer is displayed in the form of a video.

In online casinos, you click simply a virtual button to start the game. Depending on the machine in which you play, you have a fixed or flexible number of winning lines and you can be able to run a bonus or bonus game or win a jackpot.

Machines are a game that usually has the highest advantage in favor of the casino and these earn a stock on them. Nevertheless, they are quite easy and pleasant in reception, with a bit of happiness you can win a really big money.

Types of one-armed bandits

Usually online casinos group their games depending on the category. At slots, this division is usually dependent on their themes or the principle of operation. Most casinos are distinguished by the following categories of slots:


Classic machines are most resembling machines from the past. Those, as we mentioned mainly one drum and three rolls on which there were symbols of fruit like watermelon, cherry, banana, apple or grape. This has already been adopted in the future and the task of these games is mainly to call Nostalgia. Usually they do not have more than 5 wandering lines, in the symbols in addition to fruit, we often find sevens, ringtones, sometimes diamonds, very often the inscription bar, which gives the highest win. There are usually no bonuses, additional games or free spins, simply choose a pipe and you control the machine. Just a classic.

Video Auto

Nowadays, the above machines were burned mainly by video machines in casinos. They are much more complex, thanks to the replacement of the electronics mechanism allowed to offer at least five blinds and several rows. Of course, today all machines are already electronic, even these classic are simply video slots. It often meets even more rows, a digital technician enables practically everything and limits us only for a good idea of creators.

Video machines always have a similar theme around which the whole game is made. They contain symbols that will be strictly related to the typical aspects of this topic. In this way, you can often find pots with gold, rainbow and dwarfs in such machines, if the theme of the game is happiness or an Irish theme. They are often made to refer to the casino themselves, money, fun or super heroes.

In video slots we also have full freedom of additional options. In addition to ordinary symbols, they are also encountered that combine in pairs, wildlife, bonus elements. They often give special combinations that allow you to get a few bonus rounds, additional winnings, free spins or additional jackpot. Payment lines can be permanent or flexible. There are no fixed rules that apply to all machines. Differences are practically unlimited and the creators of games create new and innovative games practically every day.

3D games

There are a few companies that transferred video slots for higher level and enriches them with a nice graphic that is displayed in 3D. They are known for this company such as Thunderkick or Nyx Interactive. The game itself often starts with an animated intrope that can put us well in her climate. The mechanics of the game, as you can expect, is usually the same or extremely similar as in the case of simpler video slot machines, which means that you can also get a lot of special features here. However, it may be more animations and special effects while playing these machines, which certainly adds entertainment, but some players may dissipate, everything is a matter of taste.

Progressive Jackpotes

Jakckpoty, or Progressive Jackpots can be ordinary slots, classic, video slots or games in 3D. Their common point is a bonus that allows you to get a top unique combination in the game that gets once a few days. Sometimes she will give several thousand, sometimes even millions of dollars. We have a very extensive article on our site about progressive jackpots, where you will learn practically everything about them. So we invite you there, because it does not make sense to repeat everything.


The main element, thanks to which it is possible to play with machines and which is a common point connecting all of them are symbols that are on the drums of machines. There is a huge diversity of these, which limits only the fantasy of its creators. While classic machines are holding a certain specified symbol set, these video and 3D offer their full freedom. However, we can distinguish several groups that we can divide them.


A large majority of symbols found on slot drums are standard symbols that are reproduced almost in thousands of games. Of course, each machine has a specific topic around which the whole game turns on and it will mainly be related signs shown in the game. However, these topics are often repeated and thus also symbols in various games.

Generally, the principle is that the more common symbol is, the easier to hit it and the lower he pays the prize if we go to the payle with him. For example, numbers, card symbols or fruits belong to the most common standard symbols and the least pay. You should always find the information in the game's instructions on what a given symbol gives won if you hit it with 3 or 5 pieces.

Bonuses, accessories

They are the second type of symbols that you will meet on the machines. Bonuses and additives are not entirely thus. Additions usually occur in a plural and have to take them at least 3 to free some special functions of a given slot, which is, for example, an additional win or a bonus.

In turn, the bonus symbols usually occur individually and always give access to some extra functions, bonus games, free spins or a different feature, unique for a given slot. Both types of special symbols very much stand out on a background of others, hence it will be hard to miss them.


The third very common type of symbols are those that are most often marked as Wild or something similar. You will not miss them because they are marked in a very clear way. They usually have a joker symbol and can turn all the remaining symbol in the game to give you a good payout line. However, they do not replace bonuses and additives. For this reason, such a "wild" card is very desirable, because it will help us to complete the winning line, even the lack of some symbol. Usually its appearance is accompanied by a special sound or other video effect.

There are also naturally different types of wild, standard replace you simply one of the lower symbols. There are also those that extend in various parts on the drums of the machine and can give even a higher win. There are also such wildlife that "stick" in one place and stay there for a moment, they are also those who accumulate. There are plenty of types of games, its rules only depend on the fantasy of its creators.

Paying lines

In the former classic slots, only one main payout line was usually only one and centrally proficient. The drawing of the three same symbols in one line made the machine play a sound message, informed the player for winning and spat a lot of coins. With the advent of the Internet and virtual games, of course, their creators have changed, their creators have gained the possibility of virtually not limited manipulating the withdrawal line.

Currently, the number of paylines is on average about 25, 30 on the slot, and often there are even more, because different winners lead to prizes, bonuses, free spins and multipliers. In video slots there is a minimum of 8, 10 or 16 payroll lines, while maximum? Even 4096, depends on how many rows there is a given machine. In a typical 5 × 3 slot there will be their 243, which means that it will not always be a simple line, often there are different, sometimes very fancy combinations.

Usually, each machine has an instructions that exactly explains, often we also have a visual preview directly in the game that shows which lines win. Of course, it's quite difficult to track more than 10 payroll. Unfortunately, these designs become more confusing, the more lines are available. In the end, you just have to hope that you will be able to get a winning combination on the drums and do not even think about it.

As you know your game's rate is directly dependent on how many paylines choose. Currently, the vast majority of vending machines allow you to choose the number of lines you want to play. If you choose less, your bet will be lower. But if you choose more lines, you will increase the chances of shooting a winning combination, but the second side of the medal is that such a bet will cost you more money. For example, you bet 1 euros and you play 1 withdrawal line or bet on all 10 lines after 10 cents, totaling your bet in both cases will amount to 1 euro. In the latter case, however, there is a much greater chance to get a winning combination, because the possible lines of laying symbols to win is 10x more.

The choice of paylines is usually a domain of players more aware of their game and the budget they have. Remember, however, that many machines also have rigidly set wound lines and you can only match the number of coins you want to bet, but not the number of winners, hence you are passing on the creators of the game. Mostly, however, machines allow you to select the number of lines.

Free spins and bonus rounds

Developers of some games try to constantly enrich and diversify the gameplay. Players, having such a huge selection of games as today, they are very picky and bored quickly. Therefore, it is not surprising that producers constantly add bonus or additional free spins to their titles. There are still many games for games that do not offer so-called side-games, but they have a function that will make them somehow stand out on the background of others.

One of such games is the popular Starburst Slot, NetTent production, or one of the leading companies in the industry. Currently, this is one of the most popular machines in the world. However, there are no free spins or a bonus game, but there is an additional function, you can draw special Wilds symbols that trigger Re-spins, thanks to this free rounds, the player has the ability to significantly enlarge their winnings.

As you probably think, free spins are the simplest form of a bonus game. This usually requires obtaining several bonus symbols to obtain a few or a dozen or so free spins. Once again, the variety of solutions that you can expect is impressive. Usually you get a few free spins in which you do not pay anything for each of them, but the winnings are calculated in accordance with the rate you set when the bonus game has been attached. However, they may be additional multipliers, which will make the win even greater. Then the win will be multiplied 5x, 10x or 20x depends only on the creators of the game and what functions they built into it. It is worth reading help or instructions first to find out this.

In addition to free spins, there are still quite a large number of other variations. To make your games attractive to players, manufacturers also add different mini games to them. They can have different characters, making a choice, something like a scratch card or an arcade element. They combine them, after obtaining a certain combination in the game, the player receives access to such a mini game where he can win additional cash. Examples of games with a built-in mini game can be the production of Netenta like Theme Park, Koi Princess or Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood all offer bonus games in a different, ingenious and different way.

RTP - payment level to the player

RTP, that is, from English Return to Player is nothing else like a literal translation to the player. What is behind this mysterious concept? Well, simply this percentage of money will come back to us if we would play an unlimited number of games in a given slot. This coefficient shall be administered in a percentage. And yes, RTP at the level of 95% means that if we had 100 zlotys in a given slot, 95 zlotys will come back to us, on average. The remaining 5% is a margin on which the casino earns.

A lot of new games have excellent RTP with an average of 96%. Very little titles today have RTP lower than 94%. The average currently is about 95%. In the past, when the machines and casino games were just starting, they had much lower RTP at an even 80% and below.

An example of a company that offers games with very high RTP is QuickSpin and Thunderkick. Their results are usually a lot above average in the industry, which is a reason why their vending machines are so much liked by players.

Software providers

Practically all casino games suppliers also produce machines. Exceptions can be counted on the fingers of one hand and replace such companies as evolution gaming, which focuses only on live offer. In addition to her, all other industry giants like Playtech, IGT, Microgaming or Net Ent have a very wide range of all games, including machines.

Many new companies immediately at the entrance accuses the idea of producing other types of games focusing only on slots, examples of such new companies can be Ygdrasil Gaming, Elk Studios, Play'n Go, Thunderkick or QuickSpin, all of them have been created relatively recently and to adjust to A new reality focuses mainly on machines.

However the main principle of operation of these games in many cases remains the same, such things such as graphics and the execution varies depending on the company. Some like Betsoft focus on 3D slots, others in turn on Jackpotes, still other to put in games like the most interesting role-ray threads and so on.

How to play vending machines?

Well, in the past, in various casinos, it was just enough to throw coins and pull the levers to run the machine. Currently, it is even more simple because it's enough to have a casino account loaded and press the virtual "Start" button. That's thicker functions.

Of course, the average player only to do so, this more advanced and aware of his game will also check other things. The first thing to look is the instructions for a given slot and check what symbols they win there. If any additional bonuses, mini games or additives can be caused by the help of special symbols, wilder or other specific combination, it will write everything in the instructions.

You have no influence on what symbols you are drawn, this is a full random matter. However, you have an influence on the rates that the player and how much the payline you bet. Therefore, decide on the number of winners, if this option is available in a given machine, and most often it is. Then you can simply press the rotary button or set the automatic setting according to the number of revolutions you want to play, which allows you to just watch how the machine turns and grind more winnings.

If you manage to shoot a bonus game you can be transferred to some arcade game or make a choice, but it's not always going on, maybe the machine will simply spin yourself giving you additional winnings.

Useful advice on the game in machines

As in every game, there are no zloty strategies that will guarantee you in a slot game. Because the generator of random numbers is the basis of this game, the fate determines whether you will win something or not. In this respect, online machines do not differ from those in casinos. No less, you can try to adapt a pair of strategies that can somewure to increase your winnings, here are a few advice:

  • Always bet all pay lines - it has a larger sense to limit wins, because you can lose potential winnings, and your overall rate will only be slightly lower.
  • Read exactly the rules - to be sure that the game does not surprise you, and you will not miss any bonus round. Always make sure you read the instructions for a given slot.
  • Test the game earlier - Most vending machines in the casinos have the option of a free game to attempt. This means that you will not put your money but virtual dollars so you can get to know the game. You will find out if you like a machine and whether you can really win something here.

Playing on your mobile phone

Of course, as you probably guess, playing on a mobile phone in machines is possible and fully supported by game developers. The only requirement is to have a modern smartphone or other mobile unit, for example a tablet. Touch versions of games do not differ much from their standard equivalents. The main difference is that you support a touch of touch and its interface is slightly enlarged. This is due to the fact that you do not use a mouse or keyboard as an input device, but you operate directly on the screen.

In addition, there are no major differences in the game and playing. Some of the games can be somewhat simplified, but now most titles retain full functionality. All bonuses and additives that occur on the computer should also be present in the mobile version of the given game.

Best online casinos in which you will play vending machines

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos in which you can play vending machines. Some of them are even wholly devoted to them, the example may be Boaboa, which contains only games for machines. Other examples of casinos that have a very rich offer for machines are Leo Vegas, Malina Casino., Yoyo Casino.. whether Cadoola. Replacing a larger number of companies is pointless, because it would be very difficult to find a casino that does not have slots.

Therefore, with such a rich choice you have to devote your attention to other factors, considering at what casino you want to set up an account. You must check:

  • The number of available slots
  • Diversity of producers whether they are present top games from netent i microgaming But also a rich selection of games of other, smaller producers
  • Requirements for trading for free spins you will receive. The less, of course, better.

Remember also to check the reputation of a given casino. Our site can be very helpful for this purpose - from our reviews you will learn everything. There is also a small chance that the casino data is not yet described on our website. Then just fire Google and enter the name of a given company, all negative opinions should go straight away.

If you know the casino that has a very good offer for machines or grace to share its name with us.

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