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Payment methods

Each beginner casino player at one point decides to move to real cash. Even the best and the most addictive game sooner or later get bored using the demo mode. Finally, what is the fun of tens of thousands of virtual dollars? More Info

Then he also comes the moment of reflection and the urgent need to pay money to the casino, and this must be done in some way. They enable casino data provided by data, payment channels. This is what we will focus on them in this text. We will discuss the most popular ways to transfer money from and to the casino as well as briefly we will try to present their main disadvantages and advantages.

If you are still a beginner player and you do not know how to pay and pay money from online casinos, we highly recommend you to familiarize yourself with this text.

Main types

Each of the payment methods described below explained in detail on the website dedicated. We do not less present a brief summary of the most important types of payment on the Internet:

Credit and debit cards - Practically each of the online casinos will allow you to pay money to help your credit and debit card. The main publishers of the cards are Visa and Mastercard, they belong to them 90% of the market. Payment cards can be divided into two groups, i.e. credit cards and debit cards. When it comes to credit cards, their principle of operation is that you have a confident credit limit through the bank and then it gives you a payment card that you can spend money from this limit. You pay the money to the way in the agreement.

The debit card, in turn, is usually associated with your bank account. There is no loan here, you just spend the money you have previously deposited your bill in the bank. The card is useful until these agents do not exacerbate.

This category also includes traditional bank transfers and all options for immediate banking, because there is also a direct transfer from a personal bank account (or a credit card account) to an online casino account without an external supplier. Although credit card payments are mostly immediate, bank transfers can take a few days. Immediate bank payments are obviously much faster and reach the casino within a maximum of a few minutes. When it comes to quick transfers, then the most popular company in Australia are transferred24, right behind it. Dotpay. Many casinos open on Poles have them at home.

This type of cash transfers are usually released from the fee, although some casinos impose fees. You will always have to check in the regulations of a given online casino to find out what fees may apply. In addition, the minimum deposit amount and payment limit is usually required, for example, you can not pay the amount greater than x zlotys per week, or month.

Internet wallets - When it comes to the so-called Internet purses, three companies rule here, or Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. When it comes to usability in online casinos, the order in which we exchanged them, accurately respond. They all allow you to store money that you deposit with your payment card or transfer, and give you the ability to quickly pay usually using the email address. Their widespread acceptability makes you send funds everywhere, not only to online casinos, but also to a wide range of stores and websites that accept them.

An interesting fact that having an account in Neteller or Skrill can also be ordered for your account payer card. Unfortunately, in PayPal, they are not available to the inhabitants of Australia, although they are also. You will pay such a card on the internet but you can also pay in a supermarket, on a gas station or make a payment from an ATM. Such a card is usually a pre-paid payment card, which is the so-called prepaid, associated with your balance in Skrill or Neteller.

Usually for running an account in the case of internet portfolios there are no fees. Sometimes commissions are charged with payments, mainly when you get them from someone. In general, transfers through internet purses are immediate and reliable. It makes them extremely popular, also in casinos that have started to adapt them. Mainly Skrill or Neteller, because PayPal is a lot less frequently in casinos, no less, sometimes it goes. Internet wallets are one of the dream methods of payments to online casinos.

Prepaid options - We include particularly such payment methods as PaySafecard or Ukash. They rely on the fact that you will power your account, or prepaid card with any amount you can then have and pay where you want. Their main advantage is that you have a good control over your budget, because you decide earlier about the height of the prepayment, the next one is the speed of money transfer, which is usually immediate. Currently, they are not as popular as one day, but they are still widely used in online payments and plenty of online casinos further accept them.

Bitcoin i kryptowaluty - It's a quite new solution and how every new one can seem a little mysterious. However, it should not be so, soon we will present to you a more detailed article about the cryptowalut. Currently, the most popular digital currency is Bitcoin, but there are also a number of others. The other most important currencies are Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin. Their advantages are immediate transaction time, speed, ease of use, full anonymity and rapid value increase.

A virtual currency can be converted into euro at any time, dollars or zlotys, then it stops being virtual, which many people laugh. We believe that in the future it may have such relevance for payments that have last century payment cards. Transactions that use the cryptowalut are fast and extremely safe. And although more and more online casinos goes into a crypt and currency sphere, they are still relatively little and then they are far from other payments. Certainly also big variability also does not help, even the most popular cryptowalues in relation to the dollar can hesitate every day even by a dozen or so percent.

Main differences

In a situation where you are wondering what method of payment method, you will always compare the differences between them. Here are some of the most important points to pay attention to:

  • Transaction time
  • Minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal height
  • Fees and commissions from transactions

There is also a lot of other options to consider, but these are the most important ones, which we must first take into account.

In addition, in our opinion, the issue of security is extremely important. You, as a user, you should strictly watch your access data to the bank account or the payment card number. Online wallets, headed by Skrill or Neteller enable privacy. All you have to do is load your account and then on the casino pages you do not have to serve, for example, your card number. This means that there is a smaller chance that you will lose your money, for example connecting to the party using a public wifi. When using Skrill you only give your e-mail.

Some of the players do not like to bother with the creation of another account on the payment service, remembering the password and with these similar matters. For them, an old-fashioned account or payment card will be a good solution because they do not bother the next thing. The transfer is going perhaps longer, but we do not use it from helping any third parties. Bank account or connections with it The debit card means that we only spend these agents that we have and are not packed in any type of credit instruments. This allows for good expenditure control and simple limitation when funds on the debit card are run out.

The novelty are cryptolts that sometimes allow you to get profit even when we do not rotate them on any casino games. However, their courses are very variable and maybe it may be well that we will lose. Bitcoin and his clones are very safe, but if we do not care about our security and someone will know our private key, we can also lose funds.

Therefore, we think that there is no ideal solution and each of them has its disadvantages and advantages. Choosing a specific payment method is a very individual issue and depends only on your preferences. We have tried to describe each from the payment methods very carefully, so you can read the articles devoted to them.

If you have additional questions, it is necessary to write to us.

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