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On-line casino software

One thing is certain, every online casino, without exception it is based on some software. Usually, it is a kind of comprehensive and complex that cheaper for individual casinos is to purchase third-party software than written from their own basis. As you know, the casinos do not usually produce your own games, use the license and make available to developers with which they cooperate. Sometimes it happens that they have a title for exclusive, but usually and this is what a third company is responsible for him. In this article, we will show you how it works and will present the most famous casino software developers. More Info


Casino software in the case of On-Line casinos is usually divided into two types. Usually, they are the same games, i.e. slots, poker, roulette or other games that can play players. The second, completely separate issue, is the entire software that allows you to use the casino page. For all this, we are mostly casually casino, so we have a so-called front end, that is, what, you as a player who displays the casino website you see - all this graphics, buttons, icons, generally a whole visual layer of website. There is also a so-called back end, a code that you can not see A is essential to operate the casino website.

It allows you to create a new account, log in, memorizing various options or ing the casino operation and ensures a smooth operation of the entire page. There are also additional tools that can be delivered again by third parties, very often casino use, for example, from external payment providers. Examples of such a skrill, Neteller or our Australian transfers24. Also some parts of the page like a live casino or sports betting or poker can be entirely delivered by a different company. For example, Netent or Evolution Gaming provide unified live casino software, the offer is however the same for all casinos, only branding changes, for example, on the tables, the casino logo is shown in which we are currently going. However, this offer is shared for many casinos.

Often, software providers are picked up on companies with whom they cooperate. They want to provide a place only in the best casinos because their reputation depends on whether players will be satisfied with the use of their products. Therefore, if there is a minimum suspicion that there are dishonest actions, such a casino is eliminated.

On the other hand, online casinos are also trying to cooperate with the best programmers and developers offering games and other services at the highest level. This involves their willingness to ensure the best possible experiences in response to the needs of their clients.

Usually, e-casinos want to cooperate with companies that offer a range of products that will completely complete the offer of a given casino. Therefore, companies that have both machines, table games, poker, live casino and other products are preferred. Examples of such companies are Netent, Microgaming, Nyx Interactive or Cryptologic.

Historic background

Casino software has been developed for over 20 years. Of course today, in the era of fast internet, the use of it looks different differently than a dozen years ago. One of the pioneers of this industry was the British company Microgaming, which already provided the first casino games in the nineties. Of course, due to the restrictions of the local technology, the use of their products, it looked slightly different than. The player had to stock up with a physical medium, or for example a CD that he had to put in his computer's drive to be able to play the game. In those days, the Internet in the Dial-Up technology has a very miserable speed, which in practice prevented downloading and playing games via the Internet.

However, these sad times have already gone into oblivion and today we can enjoy a quick internet that allows you to download beautifully looking games in 3D, and even the game at the same time with other players, or competition with a real casino dealer, and all This is transmitted to us in HD quality. What's more, we can also play money. Yes, this is true, the first games were not played involving real resources. Only with the advent of the Internet era, players have gained the opportunity to bet with real money. As it turns out, only in 1996, along with the establishment of Kahnawake Gaming Commission located in Canada, i.e. the first Commission regulating casino games, it was possible to start offering games for money. It guaranteed honesty and authenticity of related entities.

A lot changed Adobe Flash technology (which today, most of the game developers try to eliminate, as very obsolete). Then, however, before 2000, it was a breeze of freshness, because it allowed you to play animated, nicely looking games in a web browser without having to download software. In 1998, the Microgaming company already presented the first progressive Jackpot on-line. It was not the first progressive jackpot on the Internet, but he was a small revolution because he was connected to the network of other games, players in several dozen casinos "folded" on one huge pool. Also this year, this company presented the first poker client. More about the role of this extraordinary company in building a gaming industry can be read in our article devoted to it.

A few hundred on-line casinos have functioned before 2000. Another milestone, in relation to how these casinos look today was the introduction of Java technology. It allowed the game directly in the browser without downloading additional software, was fast and very stable. Of course, a lot of time has passed before Java and Flash completely evaporated the download games, CDs or additional applications installed on computers. Currently, they do not meet them practically.

At present, the dominant technology is HTML5, from Flash and Java gradually started to leave a few years ago, as quite obsolete technologies. HTML5 is not only fast, allows you to get beautifully looking without downloading any software package and does not burden on our equipment. Also, the development of mobile technologies contributed to the popularization of HTML5, thanks to him, the casino site retains the same functionality on the computer and on the smaller screen of the mobile phone. Currently, casino is quite rarely encountered, which allow you to download your applications, whether on your phone or a desktop computer. Everything takes place in the browser and the development of new technologies makes the games look amazing.

Safety and honesty

All games that we see in online casinos, like single-head bandits in stationary casinos to be legal must be completely random. The result can not be set so that the player lost money, the game is usually based on the so-called generator of random numbers. Perhaps some of you have met with the concept of Mersenne Twister - this is an algorithm of a pseudo-group generator developed in 1997 by Japanese Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura, for the needs of on-line casinos. Why pseudolyos? Well, no processor can generate numbers completely random. However, this written by the Japanese is closest to it. Different gambling games for him for over 20 years.

Developers of these games can not act according to their see, are obliged to apply for a license and observe the provisions, otherwise players from a given country will not be able to play their games. The licensing authorities for casino developers are, for example, MGA on Malta or Gambling Commission in the UK. The task of these institutions is very accurate x-ray of game code, so as to make sure that they are written honestly, they are 100% random and do not have any surprises hidden in the code that could act in favor of the casino. Only such games can be admitted to the list of licensed casinos in a given country. Thanks to this, players can be sure that they will not be cheated and do not lose money in the game of unknown origin.

In addition to the state committees, also private enterprises act to make the online gambling better and safer. An example of such an organization is Ecogra, which examines exactly all games algorithms so as to make sure that everything is designed honestly, information that is displayed by the player overlap with the actual state, and the whole game is not a scam. Ecogra gives everyone a special badge that means that it is safe and honest. Usually the logo is located at the bottom of the casino page, so it is worth to check if it is located. This employees and other similar organizations will do everything to provide you with security.

In this way, the RTP level was now reached (payment to the player) in on-line games on average about 95%. In early games it was on a much lower level, often below 70% or 80%. Such a high number makes on average 95% of the measures taken back to players in the form of winnings, and only 5% are the casino margin. In this way, thanks to regulations and licenses today, it is much easier to win in one-armed bandits than at the beginning of the online casino era.

The range of products

As we have mentioned earlier, different suppliers offer different products. For example, Netent creates mainly slots, table games and cards (and also other games like Keno or scratches) and live games. Microgaming also has a customer of own poker authorship, as well as a whole lot of slots, casino games and live games.

In addition, there are also creators who only focus on slots. These are relatively new companies, existing only a few years. These are, for example, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil Gaming or Elk Studios. It is possible that they once enlarge their range of products, but it turns out that these companies already have whole crowds of fans. In our opinion, it's good that they focus one area and strive for perfection.

Another worth mentioning company is the evolution gaming, as you can read in our article devoted to them, this company practically dominated the live casino games market. He focuses only on them and does not offer any other types of games such as slots.

Most casinos have a specialization. Some focus on slots and in some cases you will not find anything out there. Other in turn can focus on live games (an example of such a casino is described on our CodeTa page). It is the concentration of the casino on some specific types of games determining what software suppliers they will cooperate. Usually, however, the casino decide to cooperate with several companies so that they will make a maximum of a variously fulfill your offer for other players' tastes.

The best software providers

Honestly, it is very difficult to decide who gaming and software providers are the best. Each of the companies is a bit different and each poses your offer under a little different type of players. There are those that create games for recreational players and therefore mainly slots, there are also those that focus on the best climate of a real casino, creating mainly live games. It is very difficult to compare them in such a situation.

In slots, Netent, Microgaming and Nyx Interactive are definitely standing out. When it comes to live casino, the EVOLUTION GAMING position has a very strong position. But also many other companies create very interesting games and aspire to be new industry leaders.

On our site, we describe those companies that stand out from the competition and have a dominant position in the industry, i.e. they are the most popular. However, we do not distinguish any particular company, all this is the case of the preferences of the player and what the titles answer the most.

Therefore, you must choose which titles from which companies will be the most interesting for you. Do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comment.

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