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Casino Australia Reviews

Welcome to the website where we present the online casinos that we have reviewed. You will find here all the best online casinos, which recommends you to stress the game and multiplying your money. Below are the main points on which we focused on our reviews. More Info

Licenses and certificates

Looking at online casino, we analyze a lot of criteria. However, a very important thing is the aspect of legality. As you know, every casino that wants to accept deposits from players must first try to apply for a relevant license. This is a key issue from the point of view of the security of your measures and legality organized by this casino games. Below are some of the most popular jurisdiction, where the on-line casino most often hosted:

Malta Gaming Authority (s) - Malta is one of the most popular countries where a new casino register. All this due to a good law that allows registration of entities offering gambling services but also locations in the European Union, which makes playing there legal in every community state. MGA is one of the most respected regulators, which imposes on entities registered in this country very strict standards. Thanks to this, seeing that the casino data has a license issued by Malta Gaming Authority, we can have 100% confidence that the game is fully safe.

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) - UK is undoubtedly a second in terms of popularity online casino location. All this took from the liberal law, which practically without embarrassing allows companies operating on the British Isles to provide services in the field of plants, poker or on-line casinos. However, it must be noted that UKGC is a very demanding market regulator and casino registered there must offer full transparency and honesty for players from Great Britain. Naturally, the Casino with the UK license can accept players from around the world and that they do.

Gibraltar Gambling Commission and Authority (GBCA) - Organization located on Gibraltar is the third most popular jurisdiction for online casinos. No less secure than the other two, but definitely less popular from Malta or UK. Many of the largest operators have a license on Gibraltar, many also also have a parallel license in other countries, which significantly affects their credibility.

Curacao - Curacao, or tiny state located in the Dutch Antilles archipelago is one of the most popular places where the casino is registered that want to accept players from the entire globe. This is due to very liberal law and of course low taxes. Curacao does not have such a good reputation in the field of casino audit and protecting players as UK or Malta, but now more and more casinos are decided on this jurisdiction. In connection with the objects that the European Union introduces one thing is certainly Curacao will be more and more popular among leading online casinos.

Naturally, the more license has the casino, the better. Very many online casinos have more than one licenses, sometimes two or three, depending on what locations focuses and from which countries players want to attract. The reasons for this state of affairs are much, most often they are complicated legal accounting issues.

In addition to state-owned online casino licenses, they also often have other certificates of independent organizations that check the integrity of organized games and the fact whether they are fully random. An example of such organizations are, for example, Ecogra, iTechlabs or TST, which very specifically audited the casino in terms of the above-mentioned cases and also grant their certificates. If you find a certificate stick on the Casino website, this is, of course, an additional confirmation of its credibility.

Security and protection

In addition to legal matters, which include a license and certificates of private companies, a very important issue that we often move in our reviews is the security of a combination of a casino itself and how it tries to protect its clients and whether it provides the right solutions to secure them privacy.

Not once and not two casino devotes this issue a separate subpage on their website, where they describe whether and how they use security, SSL encryption, as they verify the players 'accounts and apply a sufficiently high measure to take only legal deposits and save any cheats' ointments and hackers.

Nowadays, when digital threats is an extremely important issue. Usually, in 90% casinos we have at their disposal a combination of 128-bit SSL encryption, which means that no one can "overhear" the data that you send to and from the casino, and these are, among others, your personal data, logins, passwords and data to Payments such as credit card numbers. Therefore, in our review of the casinos we always try to check this issue and inform you about it.

Another extremely important thing is transparency. A fair casino has nothing to hide and can not disclose information about yourself and a company that is his owner. Lack of this data can be suspected, so we always check them. Another thing that is potentially dangerous is the regulations and various rudes that unfair casinos may try to hide there. We check the conditions and conditions offered by the casino data so that you do not expose you to cooperate with the company that cares only for your interests and not your players.

Bonuses and special offers

Once all points from the Safety section are disgusted, we start to look at the casino for available bonuses. It's always one of the most important points of our reviews, because welcome offers, large bonuses or Reload offers are what is tempted by the most players.

Of course, it is not important, but how much and how much casino data gives. It is even more important under which conditions, which is why we analyze for you in detail in every article as you can best turn the received bonus so as to draw as much as possible. Typically, the average casino requires to rotate your contribution at least a few dozen times in games before it is possible to pay. Specially for you, we view the regulations in detail and check if there are any rancakes associated with the initial bonus in it.

Also, each of our e-casinine reviews contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to register and how to receive the initial bonus on the most favorable conditions. For example, the administration of the bonus code is often required, we always place it in our instructions, because nothing so frustrates how the need to look for information on different pages - with us, you always have everything in one place.

We also emphasize here that the bonus offer for starters is just a part of what average casino has to offer. They usually offer further attractions in the form of bonuses, for players who pay another deposit to the casino, or make a deposit in some specific day. A lot of companies also have VIP programs, where you can collect loyalty points. Then exchange them on various types of bonuses, benefits or material prizes. This inconspicuous element may in the final analysis bring you a lot of cash, often some casinos organize tournaments, for players in a particular game.

Selection and variety of games

As you can see the reviews on our site, Games in the E-Casino offer is a shake, so in almost every case, every player will find something interesting here. At the same time, this is an extremely important factor that affects the assessment of the entire casino.

The number of titles is sometimes 200 or 300, otherwise exceeds 800 or even 1000, usually the service constantly develops the casino data and their number continuously increases. Each casino offers access to genuine multitude of known and less known titles. We must remember that their kind is very diverse, because it is necessary to satisfy appetites for diametrically different players who have different interests - one, for example, usually likes video slots, where you simply turn the one-armed bandits different in turn likes the game in bone or video poker.

Do not forget about the variety of games. Sometimes traditional slots can get bored and then we have, for example, want to play live or hit a different game like roulette, card games or other table games such as poker or bones. Hence, the casinos have a very different selection of games, from different suppliers.

Who are suppliers? These are companies such as the famous Swedish Net Ent, Evolution Gaming Studio or Microgaming, which are leaders in the industry. This Net Ent is responsible for the most famous titles of casino games such as Mega Fortune, Gonzo's Quest, Planet of the Apes, Starburst, Jack Hammer 2. Probably all of you, even with minimal experience in casinos, know and played one of them. But in addition to let it also be a lot of smaller, no less promising companies, for example NYX, Elk Studios, Playtech, IGT, Amatic, Betsoft, Gameart, Habanero or Push Gaming - Each of them, perhaps do not produce commonly known titles, but it has His account of interesting and addictive production.

Many of the online casinos cooperates with all these suppliers, making it easier for you or enabling a casino decision based on other criteria. A small number of casinos is still based only on one supplier, however, it is today, in the era of growing competition, marginal percentage of the market, because it is very rare that this would be your favorite company. Therefore, casino cases that have more than 10 and sometimes even 20 suppliers are more often happen, so, for example, LeoVegas, Malina Casino or Cadoola and many, many more good casinos. Generally, we believe that the bigger the selection, the better. However, the growing number of games also carries another challenge to which the casino must meet.

It is known, the more games, the more difficult navigation between them and for more titles must dig a player to find this one. Here, the search engines come with help, which facilitate it. In most cases, we can also view games according to the division on their producers, which facilitates a lot, because we can choose, for example, games only from NET ENT or Microgaming.

Payment methods and their speed

A very important aspect of the casino game is to pay and pay money from it - no player can be emerging unless we want to rely on modest promotions without a deposit. In 99% of cases, wanting to play seriously, however, we must make a deposit. Typically, the selection of payment methods in casinos is quite rich, it includes various payment instruments from credit and debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro), through internet portfolios like Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller up to ordinary slow transfers.

Paypal Although this is the most popular internet portfolio, we can only find it in some online casinos, usually you must confirm this on the casino site or in their regulations. If they accept payments using PayPal, the casino probably offers the highest level, because this company works with such.

Some casinos are going even further and offer for us, the Poles, a conventional amenities, that is, a local transfeive system24. It is a fast payment system from the most popular banks in Australia. We can transfer money from our bank account to the casino in a few minutes, enjoying the lack of commission. The problem is only such that we receive withdrawal with an ordinary transfer that can go up to a few days. However, we treat the presence of the transfeive24 as an additional .

An interesting fact is Bitcoin, always if the casino accepts him we try to mention it. This inflammatory mind of many virtual currency players provides not only great anonymity but also allows you to earn even when you do not play - thanks to a large increase in values. We notice that the popularity and acceptability of Bitcoin in casinos are constantly growing.

The last issue we look at is a pay rate. It would ideal if the money reaches our accounts within 24 hours. However, additional account verification and this process are often necessary. Many casinos require additional verification and ask us to send our personal evidence, which is why the first payout usually takes much longer than another. Nevertheless, this is another factor that we check in our casino descriptions.

Customer service

Customer service in the casino is our only possibility to communicate with it. That is why it is very important to test it. Virtually every online casino applies extremely much importance to improving the use of its part by improving customer service. Very often in foreign casinos, we also find service that speaks Australian, which is a gigantic .

We also very impressed for the refined FAQ department, in which it is usually explanations for every possible topic, related to a given casino game. This alone allows you to settle many of our problems. However, the man alone is alive. Sometimes there is a need to settle some issues with handling and then a live chat enters the game.

His presence significantly reduces the time of settling all matters, today it goes away from e-mails and has most casinos, which significantly increases the quality of customer service provided there. Therefore, instead of waiting for hours for a response, as it was formerly before the live chat disseminated, our problem is usually solved within a few minutes. The issue of customer service significantly affects our overall casino assessment.

Appearance and service

The casino appearance can be a secondary question for many players, but it is not worth ignoring it. Some casinos have a page template that is modern, responsive, well-designed, along with an interesting color palette. Thanks to this, you can easily navigate on the page. This, of course, does not mean that thanks to this casino is good. The very beautiful appearance should not say you because it is equally important what is under its surface, i.e. technical aspects that make the parties use well or wrong. There are a lot of nice-looking casinos that have quite average functions.

On the other hand, there are many extremely extensive pages whose appearance is outdated or at most average. Therefore, you can not focus on the appearance. An example can be Unibet Casino or casino from Bet At Home, which we have described on our website. These are a great platform, but they have been designed a few years ago and visually look worse than the latest production. You can see in their appearance a stagnation that at first glance maybe a little discourage, but he would be wrong to say that this is a weak casino, because on the contrary, it's one of the best platforms throughout the industry.

There are also several companies that combine an excellent look with great functionality, an example here can be Leo Vegas or Malina Casino. Such websites are usually distinguished in our reviews, because it usually deserve. However, each time we look at these issues very detail and we try not to focus on the first impression or rather on the combination of good appearance and utility value. Contrary to appearances, creating a good casino is not so simple and you need a lot of test hours to make navigation on the site be convenient but also useful.

Mobile solutions

We live in a modern world, which is extremely quickly changing, also very well-habits and habits. Currently, mobile devices are getting more and now, now most of the internet traffic does not take place on desktop computers, the priority palm took over various types of mobile devices as cells, tablets and laptops. Therefore, there is probably no casino that would not have a good mobile page. So it can not be surprised that at this point we focus on our reviews.

But even those that optimize their websites for mobile devices do not necessarily do it. Therefore, we ensure that we will check our preferred online casino and offered by mobile products. This includes page design, usability and functionality. Not all mobile sites offer full functionality, which allows you to use all casino functions, but in many cases modern websites written in HTML5 allow you to get almost the same appearance on your mobile device and in a computer version.

This is a huge technological progress that allowed us to overcome the difference between the computer and the phone. Devices with iOS or Android are so strong enough that they can easily give us the same performance in games like a computer. Manufacturers, such as NET ENT, YGGDrasil Gaming, Thunderkick or Elk Studios have a very rich portfolio of games optimized under cells. Fortunately, games that were based on free Flash technology are already moving to Lamus, HTML5 is fast and does not require installation of any additional software.

In addition to usability and the final point in our reviews, it is to explore whether the casino provides a dedicated application for iOS or Android and how well it works. This happens, unfortunately, less frequently, because of the above-mentioned responsive pages that imitate 1: 1 version from the computer, but no less a cluster of casinos constantly puts on dedicated applications and their presence is definitely a .

How to choose your best casino

The choice of the appropriate casino will certainly be a very large extent depended on the individual preferences of the user. There is no one universal pattern or method, we try to outline certain issues, such as security, certainty, quality or reputation, which data of the casino has on the web, but the decision to attach or not to his community will always be the issue of your taste. We only help you take the right decision and explain all the intricate issues in the most accessible way.

It is obvious that when it comes to payment methods, available types of games or page design or special offers each of you will have their personal preferences through which he will look at the casino offer. We try to look a little more than this and recommend on our website only those online casinos that are safe, operate in a transparent way, are fully licensed and give the possibility of independent organizations to perform the audit of the legality of their games. Only such casinos are recommended on our website. The transparency of which does not arouse our suspicion is extremely important.

Finally, it is worth reminding the most important criteria to help you choose to choose the perfect casino:

  • Number of licenses and what they are in
  • Transparency (responsible game, fair games, certificates of independent organizations, withdrawal evidence)
  • Quality and variety of games from many suppliers
  • Customer service quality and number of available forms of payment
  • Good design and navigation on the side, both on your computer and on your mobile phone
  • Welcome offer, Other special bonuses on the site, Loyalty program or VIP

Remember them well and in turn, analyze how in this respect the casino looks like that you choose. Choose wisely, no hurry and without focusing on a candy look or good promotion, take some time to familiarize yourself with our review of a given casino, so that you will avoid losses and misunderstandings at a later time. We believe that thanks to our site you will choose great and multiply the maximum capital.

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