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Poker is undoubtedly one of the best known and evoking the most emotions gambling throughout the history of mankind. This is a zero sum game, players play mainly against themselves (however there are also versions where they play against the dealer). Thanks to the fact that the loss of one player is profitable for the other, the game is very exciting and often there is a topic of films or series. Even a lot of proverbs and terms in colloquial language as "poker play", which refer to this game obvious. In this article, we will tell you more about poker and will teach you his basics.

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Today there is naturally more than one variation of poker, all rely on roughly the same terms, but the details and method of playing game is sometimes completely different.

The history of poker as a game is a bit confused and ambiguous. The first written mention of this game are dated on 1834. About whether the game could have been known before 1830, we do not know, but we can assume that it was. Some poker sources look at the German Game oforal, popular already in the fifteenth century. In subsequent years, she went to France, where she was known as Poque, then according to various sources, went to America and took the name known today.

As it was really, we will never know. One thing is certain, the game has evolved all the time. A more and more tali was played, new card layouts were introduced, as well as new types of poker, as selected or open. Today, the most popular variety, or Texas Hold'em, first appeared in 1880 in the United States.

Nowadays, this variety is best known all over the world, but others are also very popular. Most teenagers know and played in ordinary poker, where the basic rules and layout of the cards are the same. Perhaps it explains this popularity of this game that has grown to incredible sizes. And yes, today, Poker is one of the most popular gambling games. Even TV transmits the most important poker tournaments, and on the internet is real shake companies that offer the opportunity to play online poker. During the largest poker event world, or the World Series of Poker in 2007 more than 6,000 players participated, while the winner left the win 10 million dollars. Perhaps these numbers will help you illustrate the power of this discipline.

How to play

Between various versions of poker are, as you can guess, some differences. On the other hand, the game core itself is roughly the same everywhere. We in our article, as Texas Hold'em is the most popular variation of poker, we will focus mainly on it. However, many rules applicable to Texas Hold'em are also used in other variants of the game, from here you should easily find yourself in other versions.

Basics - start hand

As you know, each professional variant of poker is played at a table. In the most popular version of poker, or Texas Hold'em, it is called Full Ring from English and it usually houses up to 9 or 10 players. It is obviously possible to play a smaller circle, for example 2 or 3 people and dealer.

Well, Dealer. There must always be a dealer in this variant, or someone who gives away cards. In many "civilian" varieties of poker dealer is just one of the players, this role can simply move, so that each subsequent player gives away the cards in the next hand.

However, in poker played in a casino or tournaments, such a kind of obvious reasons can not take place. Here, in the Role of Dealer, a trained dealer occurs professionally for this purpose. Its task is to shuffle and of course handing the cards according to the given game. Of course, it also deals for whether all players adhere to the rules.

In the Texas Hold'em Dealer variety, he gives away two cards to each player, the cards are given to pleckamy up so that other players do not see them. They are called English Pocket Cards or Hole Cards, unfortunately we did not find the Australian version of this name. Of course, players are carefully watching any other to see their cards, which is why they are very exquisite them.

Then, after handing out cards, two players sitting down the most on the left side of the dealer inserts the stake in the dark, i.e. so-called dark. They are forced and at least two players must bet on a given round. The first player on the left hand puts into the pool of the so-called Small Blind (Small Blind), while the second player, big Blind).

In most cases, a large rate is twice as large as small, although sometimes, but rarely, they are equal. Then, according to the clockwise traffic, the cards are distributed in the number of two for each player, as we mentioned below, or invisible to others.

In this phase, which is called pre-flop, players can decide on commitment, i.e. check (online from English rooms will be Bet or Call), that is, align the rate, the equivalent of a large dark, if no other player has been conquered before. You can also conquer the rate (Raise) if we think we have a particularly strong hand. There is also an option to fold the cards (Fold), if we believe that the cards we have received will not allow you to get anything interesting in this party.

In any case, most of the game varieties, not only Texas Hold'em it takes place similarly. After the round with auctioning, when the players were eager to play the same amount of money to the pool and they were reluctant to fold, the pitching takes place, that is, a flop is put on the table.

Define (flop)

In poker texas hold'em and related sizes, a hand, or flop takes place in such a way that in addition to two private cards for each player, they are also lined 3 that everyone can see. They are shared for all players and they match combinations along with two they have.

Thus, the flop takes place when the dealer lines the first two general cards on the table. Then players have the following options to choose from:

  • Waiting - you do not do anything, do not contain a bet, you just watch what other players will do
  • Plant - You can put some sum to increase the rate
  • Checking - you will raise the rate of previous players and put the same sum
  • Conquer - you raise the previous player's bet, if you have great cards
  • Belt - if you have an outstanding weak hand, you can also fold

Fourth and fifth card (Turn and River)

Of course, the party does not yet end, even though you do not have a good result, the game is open all the time. If all players decide whether they participate in the game or not, the dealer joins the fourth, penultimate card, which is called Turn. As you noticed 2 cards that the player got with him to the end of the hand. After handing out the fourth card, a re-round follows, where players must decide whether they fit or are in the game. Of course, the decision may differ.

Then follow the fifth, last card, in the Texas Hold'em variant called River. And again, all other players decide what activities they want to take. If more than one player is still playing at the end of this round, the final gameplay will take place, or lining cards.


Of course there is also a option that all players except one decide to fold. Then there must be no liner, because the winner is obvious. Other players can, but they do not have to show the cards they had.

However, if at least two players are still in the game, after the end of the auction, it was the presentation of the cards to be the moment when the winner is emerged, which will collect the entire pool. Self liner is very simple, simply players lect their cards on the table and turns out to be a stronger combination.

Ranking of the card layout

An interesting fact is that despite many different variations of poker games, where it changes practically everything from the chatting of cards, the laying cards remains almost everywhere. Perhaps this decides about the popularity of this game, players in each subsequent version of poker can easily find, because they always know whether they have a good or bad combination.

We present these traditional and most popular winning systems, in order from the strongest:

Royal poker - This is the highest possible layout of cards in Poker, it gets naturally rarely and provides you with a victory from the place. Royal poker is the highest strit or AS, king, lady, walet, dozens, additionally in one color.

poker - so-called plain poker, i.e. strit in one color, just five consecutive cards in one color. In a situation where two players have a poker, he wins the one whose combination begins with a higher card.

Caret - That's the so-called four to get it, you must have four cards with the same value. Again wins the hand with a higher value if two players have four. The highest will be four aces here. If two players have the same cards, which can happen in the case of more than one waist, it wins the one who has a higher fifth card.

Ful - It's another on the Karecie layout, but a bit easier to get, because here is three and a couple. The highest three same cards win, if two players have Fula is a combination of 99966 beats 88877. In a poker-based poker poker, such as Texas Hold'em, in which three matching cards can be generally available to everyone, two matching deck cards Player define the winner. Therefore, a combination of 88866 would beat 88855.

Colour - How easy to guess Color is a combination of 5 cards in one color. There is no need to be in any specified order. The tallest ranking card determines the winner if two people have color. As as a card with the highest ranking, he would define the king of another player in this way.

Straight - simply cards arranged in order, or for example 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, 10, walet, lady, king - naturally in a situation where two players have a strita wins the one whose strat starts with a higher card . If the cards in the order are additionally the same color is no longer a strit, but a much stronger poker.

Troika - This is another obvious that means simply 3 the same cards. Of course, the higher the better, because in the case of two or more Trójek from players, the one who has it on higher cards.

Two couples - This situation in which players have two pairs of cards with the same value. A pair of the highest value will win the hand if two players have two pairs that are identical, the value of the fifth card will determine the winner. Whoever has a higher wins.

In order to - It's just two cards with the same value, one of the most common combinations in the game, often occurring. If two players have one steaming it wins the pair on higher cards.

High card - It is used extremely rarely, because it is not particularly happens that none of the players have no more interesting layout then wins the higher card. In the event that both have the same tall card, for example ASA decides another highest card

Types of poker games

Of course, in addition to the basic poker and Texas Hold'em there are a lot of different other variants of this game. Basically, we can divide them into three main categories: selected, Stud and with shared cards.

Poker choice

The difference between the poker selected and for example Texas Hold'em, where part of the card is common, is that all cards are dealt with pleckami up. From here, the whole game takes confidential and players only show what they have in the waist. There are several major types of chosen poker

A five-hour choice poker - This is the most popular variant of poker in which even children at school. It consists in the fact that players receive five cards from a full range of 52 cards, and in the case of a smaller amount of players from the waist consisting of 32 cards, i.e. from 7, or from 24 cards, or starting from 9. Next, leave Unwanted cards from your five (if you will also leave all 5 cards) to then choose from the waist so many cards so that their number agree. The traditional strength ranking of individual hands applies here.

Badugi - A variety with four cards and very different hands rankings in which all cards have different meanings. This is a choice poker, including up to 3 card exchange. You get 4 cards and you have two goals in front of you: having any card in a different color and about the lowest possible value.

BADUC - another quite niche variety of poker chosen with the fact that they are not four, but five cards.

California hi / lo - Playing this variety as in Baduci, but Joker remains in the waist as an additional card with a special importance.

Stud poker

In Poker Stud, who does not have the right Australian name, players receive cards or covered, or visible to everyone, depends on his specific version.

Sedphone stud - Traditional card ranking applies in this version. Although this variety is extremely similar to Texas Hold'em, it is characterized by a slightly different principles. Namely, one of the most important differences is the number of bidding in the game, here are five. Here, do not lecture on the table of common cards for players. Each player receives them separately, while their number does not reach seven.

Five or six-card stud - The game takes place roughly as in the above version, but it is a bit simplified and players receives only 5 or 6 cards and the last two bidding are omitted.

Hi / lo stup - HERE, COMBLEMENTS. Everything as in the case of the Seven Stud Cards, but the Pula is shared between the player with the highest and lowest card. The result is known after folding the cards and no additional qualification for the low system is required.

Poker for shared cards

Here, all players share some of the cards that lie down in the middle of the table and are visible to everyone. Usually, a part of the player has a player in his hand, they are a mystery for other participants of the game and in this way, it adds the best possible combination.

Texas Hold’em - Well, in this article, as this is the most popular variety of poker, we describe it very broadly. In the variant of this players, they will receive two cards privately, then a rudna betting place and on the table are taught three open cards that all players see. After two consecutive rounding rounds, where players can raise the rate, fold or raise 2 consecutive open cards. Finally, this is the combination with them with two, which have players who remained in a given hand.

Omaha Hold’em - This is another variety that has a gigantic popularity, only a little less than Texas Hold'em and plays in casinos and rooster poker around the world. There are quite twin, but there are several elements that differ. In this player, the player receives 4 own cards, but he must only use 2 of them, as well as 3 cards that are common. Conversely than in Texas Hold'em, it does not choose here the best 5 of all cards. He wins the best layout of 5 cards out of 2 own and 3 shared. These numbers are rigid and can not be modified in favor of the player.

We presented you only a few most popular poker versions that know players practically all over the world. This does not mean, of course, that all this, because these are much, much more. For example, there is still a trifle poker, Caribbean Stud Poker or for example Red Dog. In all these versions, you really play against the dealer instead of other players. Therefore, you will often find these poker versions in various online casinos.

Poker strategies

On the subject of strategy in poker, you could write almost all of the books. However, these are probably probably if not hundreds are at least tens. In this section, we will try to briefly describe the main strategies that will help you increase your capital in Poker. Therefore, if you are a novice, try not to avoid the following chapter.

Managing your bankroll

Well, before we go to the heart of the matter, you have to write what a bankroll is, because it is a foreign sounding concept that can be foreign to some players. Well, Bankroll is simply your capital that you have a poker game at a given casino or poker-room. As you know, you need to take care of capital, so that you do not lose it and multiply it. A very general principle is that on a given table you should not expose more than 5% of your capital at a time.

Therefore, if you have dedicated 500 zlotys on the game, do not spend more than 25 zlotys. Even if you decide to enter all in. Never agree to take a chance to risk all your bankroll even when you have the best in your imaging of the card layout, because someone at the table can always have even better. Entering the whole money owned is a very risky idea and can lead to very fast bankruptcy instead of enriching. On the other hand, 5% loss can be painful, but this is not the end of the world.

In real money games, you always get to the game. When choosing a table on which you can sit with your bankroll, it is recommended to choose one that allows from 20 to 40 buy-ins, before all your cash will be used (in case you lose the hand).


  • Buy in in the amount of USD 5 for Bankroll between 100 and 200 zlotys
  • Buy in in the amount of USD 10 for Bankroll between 200 and 400 zlotys
  • Buy in a 20-zloty for Bankroll between 400 and 800 zlotys


Your position at the poker table and more precisely the distance from the dealer also has a significant meaning and should be included in its strategy. Generally, as you can guess, they sit closer to the dealer, whether it will be a casino dealer, or a virtual dealer on the internet, the worse for you. This happens for several reasons, first always you take the first decisions and you can not watch other players first, in other words, you decide and others can wait for your decision and make or modify your decision.

In the Texas Hold'em variety, that is the one on which we focus here this usually a player sitting at the dealer must first put the so-called Dark, or the first stake before he gets his cards. Other players make decisions about entering or not, after receiving them.

All this you have to take into account in your game, being the first or second in the queue you are always on a worse position than a player who sees your decision and playing after you. Therefore, a good idea is to fit early, if you have weak cards, so as not to engage large measures in the game you have less chance to win.

Fortunately, because the position of the dealer turns around the table, your position is also changing towards him. Therefore, you will not have an inconvenience resulting from the early position.

TAG - aggressive strategy without limit in Texas Hold'em

English name Tag, or Tight Aggressive No Limit Strategy, we can translate as an aggressive strategy without limit. It applies to Texas Hold'em poker poker and is one of the easier to acquire. You can often fit in it if you do not hit your good hand, but if you get it, you can play much more aggressively. Here are the basic principles that govern this strategy.

Fit when you have a weak hand - Do not be afraid press the Fold button, it's not a shame or umpire. When you have a weaker hand, you do not want to wait long and lose money for subsequent checks. An earlier decision to fulfill you will save you a lot of money and will allow a more aggressive game when you hit a good card.

Risk - If you have a good card there is nothing to come on, lift your stake and check what other players will do. If they are raised or checked, they can also have a solid hand or bluff.

Pay your attention to your position at the table - If you're on the early position at the table, right after or near Dealer, play more carefully. You can risk more on the middle or late position after all players have taken their decision.

Do not be passive - Being passive means you only check. Sometimes it can be OK if you have a weaker hand or you suspect that your companions bluff. However, usually, when you have good cards in this strategy, you should aggressively raise a rate to give tonnes and raise the pot available to win.

The height of the plant

That's how much money you spend on the plant should also be a strictly defined element of your strategy. In order not to extend the most important things in points:

  • Regardless of whether you have a strong hand or not, if you decide to bluff, do not change the bet rate under any circumstances. If you do this, depending on your hand strength, you will disclose your uncertainty and other players will take this into account after a few hands and learn when you bluff.
  • Seat depending on how much is in the pot. There are many different recommendations on this issue, but the most common is to put a maximum of ¾ pool, or minimally less.
  • Do not bet not enough. You have a patch of novices and other players will ignore you. If you play aggressively, others can also do it and then, in the case of a good card, you will increase the pot and pull out more money from them.

Estimating opportunities in poker

This is another quite complicated topic, hence we will only depart in the base. You will hear about it almost on any side associated with Poker, maybe if you already have the first experience, these concepts, are you known in some way. Below we will present you the three most important concepts, i.e. the expected value, chances of pool, assumed chances.

Expected value

Simply put, this is an average amount that the player expects to win depending on the way he plays. You calculate the expected value, adding the likelihood of any possible result and then multiplying it by paying it. Well, you have to have a head for mathematics to quickly count.

We will not wander here for too complicated examples, because as it turns out, it is very difficult to calculate the expected value properly. For a novice in poker, which has no idea about opportunities, it is basically impossible.


The chances of pool are calculated separating the size of the total pool by the size of the minimum plant, which is required to check. Therefore, if you have a 300 zloty pot in the game and the amount required to check the amount is 100 zlotys, then the chances are 3 to 1, or ¼ or 25%. To decide whether it's worth playing, you have to compare the chances of drawing the card you desired with the overall sum of the pool.

Assumed chances

There is no hundred percent method to calculate the assumed chances. Here you just have to guess if it can be pulled out more money from the opponent. Only the strength of the cards that currently have in their hand and your respect is determined here, how much strong can be your opponent's hand.

Poker tournaments

In the same time poker tournaments engage thousands of players, millions of viewers from televisions and the Internet as well as millions of dollars to win. Yes, not only the most important poker tournaments are broadcast on television, even TV stations, which are entirely devoted to poker. This can give you a concept how much poker has become a casino game, a sports discipline that people around the world are tracking.

The most important and well-known poker tournaments are World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour or World Poker Tour. In Australia, this is Australian Poker Series and tournaments played near Australia, in which our native players participate. Basically, everyone can take part in them, is usually quite low entry fee. Naturally, to win you have to be a poker player from blood and bones and only the best are willing to win Million Pules

For a regular player, it is a bit easier to win a tournament organized by the casino, whether it will be stationary or online. Typically, this tournament requires a certain entry fee for which you will receive a certain number of chips. You play as long as you have tokens, and that means you will remain in the game as long as you win, at least for a while. The tournament ends when the last player falls out, so he can last a lot of hours, but the prize can be satisfying.

What is a live poker dealer

In many casinos on-line you can play on video poker automatons, casino poker and various varieties. Sometimes a live poker dealer is also available. Perhaps, if the casino data belongs to the largest it offers access to your poker network, or an external network network. In the latter case, you can play against other players and also take part in different tournaments.

There is a big difference between playing with a real live casino dealer and playing in a room of a poker network.

The live poker dealer is, as you suspect, the version of casino poker. When playing poker, or video poker, in the casino, you play against the computer. In a live variant you will play against a real dealer who sits at a real table, gives away real cards and all this is transmitted by a live camera.

Usually you will be the only person who does it because you play alone with a dealer. One talid of cards used for this purpose. Withdrawals are based on a table of payment, which is widely available, the only one as to you as a player, this should be performed and decisions on the plant, waist, checking or raising the rate. Otherwise, as in the case of poker, you do not compete with other players but only with the dealer. This is a unique experience, because you can also talk to him by chat on the page.

Playing poker on a mobile phone

As you can guess, today a rich selection of poker games is available on the cell. So you can play a cell phone both in video poker, casino poker, live game with a dealer or in a poker network with other players. In a word, you have full freedom.

The first three options are available mostly online casinos that offer a little wider than the minimum selection of games. However, you can not always play live poker, because the maintenance of live infrastructure is expensive and depends on whether the data casino live actually can afford it. Of course, there are solutions from third parties like Evolution Gaming or Net ENT, which allow some cost reduction. Of course, finding video poker and casino poker in mobile games is not a problem.

With customer poker on mobile devices, it is a bit worse. Everything because he plays with other live players in a professional way a little problems on the phone because of her big pace. That's why part of the best poker and casinos offers separate applications for download players in the Play and Apple Store store. In this way, you can log in as usual and join the table or tournament from your mobile phone. In our review online reviews, we usually write whether this option is available or not.

The best poker networks

Finding a place on the internet, where you can play poker is not difficult. It is banal easy, because you can do it literally in thousands of places. In addition to casinos, also some companies that are known for delivering online casino games offer their own client applications for poker. Microgaming or Playtech do it. Their products are really well developed and are used by a series of large online casinos that also offer a wide selection of their various products from the live roulette. Some of the casinos follow another way and decided to offer their own small poker client. You can find less players there, but the atmosphere is more intimate. It is so interesting that often in such small networks you can hit less professional players and win really specific amounts.

In our reviews, casinos always try to analyze this issue. If you had the opportunity to get acquainted with them, you probably already know that we look very detail on the products available there and if it is possible to play poker, we always write about it. And so, for example, a number of casinos such as Unibet, Bet 365, Betsson, 888 Casino or Red Bet also offers access to the poker network, where you can compete at tables with other players, take part in big tournaments and their satellites and also win real money .

For this reason, if you are a poker amateur, it's really worth reading our reviews, and then check the casino to find out which one also gives you the opportunity to play poker. Choose the one that suits you best, remember that companies offer additional, separate poker bonuses by their client, which can be a very nice option for players starting their adventure with this sport. Some casinos, although this is a minority also offer some free capital without a deposit.

Be sure to know for additional questions or doubts.

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