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Video poker

Video poker is a game that is an electronic version of ordinary poker, only that they played in the form of a machine. He can have a machine with a large screen, which stands somewhere in a casino or a salon on slot machines, very often we also see it electronically as a slot in online casinos. In this article, we told you how the video poker works, we will discuss its most popular varieties as Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better and we will give some proven game strategies.


The origins of video poker are up to the end of the 19th century and are associated with single-armed bandits created in that time. These appeared in 1891. Pitt and Sittman were responsible for the first machine of this type. Video poker video in its first version appeared in stationary casinos in the second half of the twentieth century, about 50's or 60s. The exact date is difficult to recall.

In assumptions it was supposed to be a great alternative to those kingy amateurs who were looking for new impressions and greater diversity among the available games. It must be admitted that thanks to the combination of the latest technique with a traditional poker game it was an interesting alternative to traditional table games. Nothing is strange that the video poker quickly gained a group of new fans.

The first poker video machines have 50 cards, and their teases were discarded unceremoniously all the walets and tens. All because these two cards are most often found in the system in the strite and poker. What obvious, so it had to make it difficult to hit these two, well-paid systems.

At the beginning, prizes for hitting the Poker video machine was some little significant phances of a cigar or beer in the bar. Only then these games have developed enough that the casino began to treat them seriously and offer the opportunity to play for real money. Video poker, which we know today appeared only when technological development allowed for a combination of colored screen and a sufficiently efficient, and at the same time having a small computer size. It is worth noticing that the earliest models of such machines were created practically at the same time as the first personal computers. These began to be produced on a massive scale in the mid-1970s.

Video poker has obtained a stable position on a gaming market in 1979. At that time, SiRcoma, which is an abbreviation from Si Redd's Coin Machines, her creator was William "Si" Redd - a famous American businessman. Currently, not only the company has survived, but it is known as International Game Technology (ITG) is one of the leading companies on the Egaming market.

In the same year, 1979 Sircoma presented an electronic version of Poker video game called "Draw Poker". Then, in the 1980s, Poker video almost every day gained popularity among Casino clients not only in Las Vegas, but all over the world. One of the reasons a constantly growing interest in this game was the fact that people felt that this is a modern technique. Never before, the game on the machine was not replaced by this played at the casino table.

Together with the advent of Internet Era video poker, which obviously appeared also in the first online casinos. Unfortunately, over the years his popularity weakened. This is related to the development of poker games via the Internet and in casinos live. Popularity began to win a game of Texas Hold'em and the new poker-rooms began to arise like mushrooms after rain. Then the technique enabled the functioning of a live casino and a good quality video transmission. Players could see how the dealer tasks cards or arranging them on the table and thus almost participate in the game. For this reason, Poker video stopped being so attractive to players. Today he has a trivia status, a kind of retro game, where many players plays not with the willingness of profit, but rather sentiment.

Game rules

The video poker is very similar to the slot machines, with the fact that we do not turn around and we do not build a symbol layout, and we play a machine in poker. By playing video poker, you must know the hierarchy of layouts in Poker to understand the arrangements that you will have. This is a virtually the only thing you need to know. You start the game simply inserting money to the machine, and then press "Deal" to get five cards.

Then you will be able to click on any cards you do not want to have "in your hands" and choose on the "Deal" machine or "Draw" (choosing). The cards that have previously been marked will be replaced with new cards, and then it turns out whether you won something. If you win, you will get a certain number of loans that will be added to your number of loans in the machine. To play again, you must press "Deal" again (bet).

Every time you get five cards from the hand, it costs you five credits. With this in mind, below we posted the number of loans that brings every won layout. As you will notice, the arrangement consisting of a pair does not win any loans, but only allows you to leave zero. Therefore, do not expect any win if you only have a pair. If you get a pair in the hand, it's worth stopping it, because in the worst case you will leave clean. Couples do not pay off if you can choose, because you have a chance for royal poker, poker, strita or color.

Hierarchy of layouts

In video poker, just as in the stationary version of the game there are the same payable systems. We describe them all together with the number of loans that guarantee:

  • Poker królewski (Royal Flush) - 2000 credits. Royal poker is a-Q-Q-J-10 card layout in the same color. This is the least frequent arrangement in poker.
  • Poker (Straight Flush) - 250 credits. Poker is five consecutive cards in the same color, for example 10-9-8-7-6 all in Trefl color.
  • Kareta (Four of a Kind) - 125 credits. The carriage is just four of the same cards, for example if you have four kings, this is a king carriage.
  • Full (Full House) - 40 credits. Full is also a three and a pair, an example of Fulla can be: 9-9-9-8-8.
  • Kolor (Flush) - 25 credits. Color is just five any cards in the same color.
  • Strit (Straight) - 20 credits. Strit is five consecutive cards that are not the same color, an example of STRITA may be: 10-9-8-7-6.
  • Trójka (Three of a Kind) - 15 credits. The three is a set of three cards with the same value, for example K-K-Q-Q-5 to threesome kings.
  • Two pairs (two pair) - 10 credits. Two pairs are a layout of two pairs of cards with the same value, for example 9-9-8-8-3, are two pairs: nine and eights.
  • For (pair) - 5 credits. Couple is simply two cards with the same value, for example 9-9-5-3-2, it's a pair of nine.
  • Nic (Nothing) - 0 credits. If you do not have a pair in your hands, you lose all credits put in the plant.

Types and video varieties

There are many varieties of poker video. This is because the electronic poker has evolved many years and each company had a different concept for him. Here are the few most important ones:

  • Deuces Wild - This is one of the two most popular, in this kind of video poker, each two functions as well as the "Wild" symbol, known for its slots. Therefore, it can replace any other waist card and create a winning combination with it.
  • Jacks or Better - This is the second two of the most popular varieties. Sometimes this game variant is also called "Draw Poker". In its case, the withdrawals start with a pair of ponds (Jacks). Lower cards do not form paid couples, but give withdrawals in other stronger systems, for example, strit or poker.
  • Tens or Better. This is another variety of "Jacks or Better". Here, the smallest payouts start from a pair of tens. It is technically simpler, because we have more paid combinations, but the prizes for Fulle and colors can be lower.
  • Multi-hand poker. In this case, the player has a layout to which other cards are drawn. The goal of the game, as everywhere, is to arrange the most powerful layout of 5 cards. However, we can simultaneously play up to several dozen hands, in some varieties of this game it can be up to 50 layouts.
  • Bally’s All American. This poker video variation is mostly based on "Jacks or Better". However, in its case, the height of winning colors, strirts and pokers have been increased, and Fulle and two pairs bring smaller prizes than in other varieties.
  • Bonus Poker. It is an example of another variation of a well-known version of "Jacks or Better", but in this case you can count on a higher percentage of winning a carriage (4 the same cards).
  • Double Bonus. In this version, you can expect an additional bonus for the four ASS system. This is another variation of "Jacks or Better". In addition, higher, bonus withdrawals are used in Double Bonus for various types of caret.

These are just a few of a lot of many varieties of video poker game. For years, every producer who made her tried to change her and improve her. This made us a lot of different versions and although they differ, for example, the amount of withdrawals for specific card layouts are virtually all of them work on roughly the same principles. By mastering the game in one version without difficulty, we will find ourselves in another.

For this reason, after mastering the basic principles, you can start your adventure with video poker. Lots of online casinos helps in this customers, because you can without any obstacles or even without registration for free to try your hand on a given machine. Playing for virtual money does not have many advantages, but allows you to learn how to play and avoid losing real money.

Microgaming provides a very interesting statistics, namely RTP, or a percentage of payment to the player from individual varieties of poker. The highest, because 99.54% offers Jacks or Better, sequentially Tens or Better with a score of 99.14%, Joker Poker 98.60% or Deuces Wild paying 96.77%. As you see these games they have a good RTP often higher than slots, which creates a chance for interesting winnings.


As we mentioned, Poker video was created in 1979. Then it was created SIRCOMA, after many years it changed its name to the International Game Technology under which it is known today.

Currently, Poker video is still one of the most important products for IgT. It is nice that the company refers to its heritage in the industry. In many respects, video poker has evolved and became more modernized, but the creature of the game remains the same. IgT creates both on-line machines and machines that stand in casinos around the world, also in Las Vegas. As the company boasts on your website is profitability in the poker video determines their success. They are proud to offer games that constantly bring 2-3 times more income than average from the competition.

Also, other manufacturers do not remain behind and have their poker video slots. In the Microgaming offer you will find an impressive variety of video poker games - over 50 slots, if you take into account all multiplayer games such as Power Poker, 10 Hand Aces or Jacks or Better 100 Hand, which allow players to play simultaneously up to 100 hands. It is the vending companies that are most often played by Poker video. Another large slot manufacturer, or netent now has only one such game in the variation of Jacks or Better which is rather a modest result considering that each month releases several new slots. In addition, the video poker offers such software developers like Betsoft Gaming, Pragmatic Play or our domestic Wazan.

Game strategies

As you could notice there is a pretty good chance to come out at every hand. If you do not risk much at sters and poker, there is a pretty good chance that you can slowly recover a quite a substantial sum in video poker. This is not really the fastest road to large sums, but if you want to play without engaging too much money, it's a bit of poker for it.

To exit the casino after a poker video as a winner, you must demonstrate a lot of patience and durability. You can leave every day with a minimal win, and in this way a large amount will be collected over time. Risk should only be taken when one card for strita, color, poker or royal poker is missing. I do not recommend counting on the selection of two missing cards. If you do not have good cards that you only need to choose one card, then you should focus on collecting at least one pair, which will allow you to leave zero. Sometimes, however, a big win, for example Poker, can change your bankroll for a long time and make it significantly increasing. Everything is therefore in yours and hands and you should demonstrate big spry and intuition to earn on a video poker game.

Best online casino to play on video poker

Most online casinos, in addition to a rich offer for machines, or so-called slots, also has the opportunity to play card or table games. Video Poker is not the most popular type of games available in casinos, but most companies with a rich offer also have machines. They have their faithful users and would be stupid to skip them.

As we mentioned above, the best selection of Poker video machines offers Microgaming. They have a tens of good machines in various varieties of this game. For this reason, video poker fans prefere the best and the fastest casino that have a good offer of games of this category by searching for those that have a lot of games from Microgaming. The British manufacturer is a very popular company and should not be trouble because they provide their products to a lot of casino, including the leading ones. In our online casinos reviews, we strive to emphasize whether the company offers other games than slots, therefore, reading them, should also find out about whether there are some slots on video poker.

Poker video bonuses

As the video poker is a bit of a niche game very hard to hit the bonuses in the casinos devoted to him. Usually, these offers relate to slots, sometimes also live casinos. Those that include video poker we can search almost with a candle. Good news, however, is that video vending machines are usually not excluded from welcome bonuses.

In other words, if we get a 100% bonus on the casino start, we can also play in it also in the video poker video. Alternatively than in slots, not everything here depends on happiness, our decisions also affect the result. For this reason, sometimes calculating rotations from video poker is smaller and is, for example, 50% or 25%. This makes us a little longer to play to rotate the whole bonus, but we have a better chance of higher winnings.


In this article, we tried to bring you closer to those in all possible aspects of video poker. You know what are the most popular varieties of this game and how to play it to increase your chances of winning. As you could read above Microgaming, it offers very high RTP brands in your slots, or a percentage of payment to the player. The highest, because 99.54% offers Jacks or Better, sequentially Tens or Better with a score of 99.14%. This great results and such RTP often exceeds some slots. Immediately posing in front of the player a chance for interesting winnings, which, if you add to us, they can repeatedly exceed our contribution.

Video poker, even though his concept is already a bit steadily still can be addictive. We hope that if you have not previously played in video poker, after reading this article you will be ready to play your first parties. On our website can we find a wide range of casinos, where you can play this kind of machines.

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