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Baccarat has always been belonging to the group of best-known gambling games, both those played in online casinos, and the most popular in stationary casinos. This is one of the favorite Asian games, she was also presented in many films with James Bond, as a favorite agent game 007. Thanks to this article, you'll find out what is so special and how to play Bakarata.

More about Baccarat game

The beginnings of the Baccarat game, or otherwise Baccarat, because this is the English-speaking name, they are a significant discussion. It is not known exactly where she came from and who came up with her. It is only known that the game was created around 1400, from that period we meet the first mention of it. Some indicate Italy as a homeland Bakarata, others in turn France. This is related to its names that comes from Italian. However, this is not certain. The exact fate of the beginning of this game remains unknown. In the Middle Ages, this game was popular especially among the French nobility. Already at that time there were a lot of varieties. To this day, some varieties have survived, called from the French "Baccarat en Banque" or "Chemin de Fer", and the third of the most popular is "Punto Banco".

It was these versions in the 19th century first to South America, and then to the United States, where also popularity began to gain in a crazy pace. This is the last variety, or Punto Banco gained the greatest popularity there. As you know, at the beginning of the 20-century, Gambling in the US was illegal, hence the bacarat reigned in basements and other types of murmons.

However, the real jump of its popularity is associated with the development of the city of Las Vegas after the Second World War. That they started to download thousands of players of greedy unlimited entertainment and there most casuals were located there on the territory of the US. Just like years ago in France, the Baccarat was especially popular among High Rollers, or players betting large or very large amounts.

Of course, this game has spread around the world, it is also very popular in Asian casinos, also reigns in the Asian version of American Vegas or Macau, often plays in Europe and also, which is not a surprise, in online casinos.

As a curiosity, it is also worth quoting that the bacarat is called "Bondowski Game" because this is a favorite game of agent 007, the hero of the Bond series, and so we could see it, among others, in Goldeney or Dr. Well. This is a relationship, with the fact that as we mentioned earlier, the bacarat is a popular game among the so-called High Rollers.

Different versions of the game

As we mentioned above, this game has a long and extensive history. Thanks to which various versions have developed until today. Below we exchange several most popular but naturally there are many more, so in various casinos you will also meet other.

Punto Banco. - This is the most popular version of Bakarata, which you can find almost in every online casino and not only. She won popularity, because you can play for smaller rates. There is 4 to 6 rows of cards here, the player does not touch practically cards here, deals with the dealer, but the only role of the player is here is to bet on betting.

Big Table Baccarat - This is a standard version, very similar to Punto Banco, but the difference, as it results from the naming, is that the player sits on a large table, where he can be up to 14 players at the same time, here also the dealer gives away cards.

Railway - This is one of the oldest varieties, a player here can show a greater activity, each of them has options for mixing and handing out cards. The hand also looks different from Punto Banco, because the given cards are not a mountain, just a bottom. The player who bets the most can see the cards and the others have to wait. This is the only variety in which the player decides whether he wants an additional card. However, as Chemin de Fer mentioned is the oldest variety and today a relatively rarely scored.

Baccarat - This is a favorite variety of so-called high rollers, or thick fish. Popular mainly in casinos in Europe, from Monaco to Moscow, where limits on individual tables can be very high. In this version, the player is a banker throughout the game.

How to play Baccarat

Baccarat is a fabulously simple game. You can meet a circulating opinion that it is simply comparing the value of the card, just like Blackjack. However, do not say it, because here the values of the cards and the way they are counted.

In this goal, it is to achieve a value as close as possible to 9. The game in the Bacarata is used as many as 6 or 8 tale of cards, with all cards above dozens and figures such as walet, lady or king do not conquer values in the game, their scoring count It is as 0. ASTS for this one point, and the cards from 2 to 9 give their point value nominally. In the course of the game, the colors of the cards do not have any significance.


In the game in Bakarata, it can participate at the same time between 12 and 14 players, but only one hand for a banker and player is played. There is a croupier at the table, called a banker. He gives on one hand to the player and himself. Cards are turned up. Each player must now determine, whisperes in his opinion the card after adding the corresponding points, they will have a value more similar to the number 9.

In this way, the player has three possibilities to conclude a bet: and in his opinion he will win the hand of a banker, player or maybe a tie, that is, the situation in which the player's card and banker will have exactly the same value. Therefore, those who guessed the correct result. Card values can not exceed 9. The best situation is when we have a number of 8 or 9, this is the so-called Natural, which is the best possible layout in the game.

Sometimes a situation happens when it takes place to choose another card. This happens automatically. He does this croupier who knows it. So you do not have to worry about mistake. It can be quite complicated for new players, although certainly a few pair in Baccarata should make it get used to it.

Card values

The values of the cards differ a little from those known to us from poker or blackjack. They are also added to each other in a different way. Here are the values of individual cards from the waist:

  • from 2 to 9 - point value corresponding to the number
  • 10th, Walet, Lady and King - all counted as 0
  • AS - counted as 1 point

Now, when we know which card suits what number of points, we have to be able to add them to each other. Let's also remember that the best arrangement occurs when we get a nine, or 9 points. When the number exceeds 9, our points are the second digit from the result, for example:

  • 2 + 9 = 11 - one is a second digit, i.e. we have 1 point
  • 3 + King (0 Points) + AS (1 point) + 5 = 9 - The final result is 9
  • 6 + AS + 8 = 15 - result is 5


Sometimes there is a situation in which immediately after dealing with the cards turns out that the player or the dealer have 8 or 9 points. Such a system is called "Natural", and Australian-speaking players often use a natural concept. Then the game is also completed, the points converted and the rates paid in accordance with the earlier plant.

Often, however, it happens that the situation so beneficial as Natural has no place in a given hand. In the further part of the article you will find out what will happen thoroughly.

Chances and withdrawals

It would seem that the chances are exactly the same for the banker and the player, but it is different. This should not be surprising, but this game works in this way, provides a delicate advantage for the casino page. This is a kind of margin and also works with regard to various types of games, not only in relation to the Bakarata. Below are you how it looks exactly in this case:

  • Banker - 1.06% casino advantage
  • Player - 1.24% casino advantage
  • Draw - 14.36% casino advantage

Payments for Bakier and Player Wins are in a 1: 1 ratio, and for the correct betting draw we get a payment in a ratio of 8: 1. Sometimes it is 9: 1, which makes this plant quite a good opportunity, but very difficult to shoot.

Rules of draw

While there is no need to choose a third card, the situation seems comfortable and easy. However, when it turns out that there is a need to choose one more, you can start a small staircase for new players. Most often, the banker will stick to strictly defined rules and rules saying him if he should give more cards or not. Player in this situation, most often there is nothing to say.

Sometimes it will also happen that you will have to determine if we want to get it or stay with the current result. The rules look similar to those known to us from Blackjack when we also have to choose between the next card and its lack. Below we have a simplified table for you, when the dealer chases you another card itself and when you have to determine it yourself:

Player's hand

1/2/3/4/5/10 You choose a card (Deal)
6/7 You do not choose a card (stand)
8/9 Natural - you do not choose a card (stand)

Banker's hand

2 First cards in total: Selects if the third player card is: Does not choose if the third player card is:
3 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10 8
4 2/3/4/5/6/7 1/8/9/10
5 4/5/6/7 1/2/3/8/9/10
6 6/7 1/2/3/4/5/8/9/10
7 Does not choose cards
8/10 Natural - they do not choose
0/1/2 Always chooses a card

At the very beginning, there is no such need to know all these principles. Finally, when it comes to handing out cards, a trained professional does it for you. However, if the game pulls you so much, it's always better to know them. There can always be a mistake from the banker, and then one of the players should pay attention to him.


There really does not exist one good strategy that will bring a player with a win. Although on each side we are covered with information, rules and backups regarding this game, we should be treated with a pinch of the eye. Many pages that advertise themselves as the only and righteous "buzzard systems" from $ 99 are ordinary scams.

As it turns out, the chances of winning both the player and the banker are the same or very similar. There is a assumption that the dealer's site can have a little better chance of winning, although theoretically choice and one and the other part can bring us victory, and it is hardly difficult to "calculate". We also have to remember that after all it is a form of gambling, so the counting skills do not have too much meaning or in the case of a baccarat or any other.

When it comes to a draw, the ratio of the amount paid is the largest here. You can win a lot, but also a lot to lose, so you have to be careful. In this case, in this case, the largest possible risk. If you do not worry about a vision of lost money, or if you're sure yours, you'll go a tie. No risk no fun. And that's what's going on in games.

The best possible tactic we can recommend is to get to know the game and its rules and the exact observation of several games before you start playing yourself. You can do it in almost every casino, it's best playing on the Demo's account in the "Free to Play" system. Remember that in this game, lucky and a mathematical probability account is the greatest importance, and not the ability to clairture. However, some experience and otherwise are invaluable.

Finally, it's worth saying clearly that it's just fun - once wins, once loses. So you should not worry about one loser bet and try further. Good luck.

Playing in Baccarat online vs. Playing a real casino

Like most casino games, in Baccarat you can play a real casino, but also online on the internet. This is obviously a matter of personal preferences, but in our humble opinion, however, the online game is slightly better than traditional.

As often, it happens in places full of people, such as casinos, there is often a piston and confusion here. Sometimes noise and ubiquitous conversations. These factors often interfere with full focus. There may also happen a situation where you can find yourself in a casino building, you will not know which tables are free, and if you find this one, you also have to look around for those who fit your budget.

If you choose a online gameplay, you are always in the comfort of your own home or any other, comfortable place for you. So you can sit peacefully in the chair, with a cup of your favorite tea and give yourself to the game. In addition, websites or mobile applications are constructed in such a way that graphics and bases are always presented in a clear and clear way. So there is no need to walk from the table to the table to find the right, because we all have shown at first glance.

There is also no need to speak to anyone, all you need to do is click with the mouse button. Besides, we have the opportunity to get to know the game here, watching several games without taking part in them, getting to know the principles in demo mode, not for real money, or obtaining various kinds of bonuses that we will not get during live.

Playing in a live baccarat or on a cell

Baccarat certainly belongs to games, in which we can easily play through the web browser. Almost every online casino offers us the opportunity to play at least one variety, but there is also a large number of live tables.

While in traditional casinos we do not always have too much opportunity to choose a variety of game, the online situation looks a little better. Playing online, we often imagine that we are in a real casino, do not even go to his building. There is no scattering atmosphere that would not let us focus.

The phone game is equally comfortable as a game on a desktop computer. We can play practically just from anywhere on Earth, just have a connection to the Internet. You will definitely find a baccarat game in your favorite phone casino. The only thing now has to do is pull the app on your smartphone and then play and have fun.

Best online casino to play in Baccarat

Unfortunately, you will not find an online casino that would only specialize in Baccarat. You should choose here that offer a larger range of products, which is, for example, they have poker or roulette in a computer version and live, usually, in 99% of cases there will also be a baccarat there.

An example of such a casino can be Codewhich focuses on card games and those played live. It is a company that very cares for security considerations has a lot of options or a phone application. Of course, there are also a lot of other casinos, where you will find this game. Below we present you a list of us who are proven by us, certain and safe casinos offering a baccarat card, but also many other games.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, you can us.

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