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Bonusy High Roller

Bonuses in casinos can be small and large. Some of the players will satisfy a bonus of 100 or 200 euros. For a certain percent of casino players who turn big cash, however, it will be too little. In this text, we will talk about High Roller bonuses, i.e. those intended for players with high capital. What online casinos are giving away such bonuses? Is it really paying for them? What more profits, small or large bonuses? For all these questions you will find the answer in this article. More Info

What are high roller bonuses?

In the telegraphic short, we can specify weltered bonuses for players who put big money. We are very hard to translate the High Roller shortcut, because it does not have an official translation. This is a rather weak word for a gambler who puts large amounts in the casino. It would be closest to our saying "Fat fish". In any case, for the beginning of the adventure, many online casinos offers a particularly popular offer of welcome bonuses for players who consider themselves high rollers. These bonuses are certainly not for people with weak nerves. They will often consist of significant sums, but they require large deposits from players.

For example, a standard welcome premium that usually offers online casino can consist of 100% bonuses, which can double each payment of over 20 euros, up to 200 euros. Sounds great for most of the average players. However, in the case of players turning high deposits, this is certainly sufficient. Bonus for high rates often provides a smaller percent. It is usually 50%, although the total amount they will be able to pick up can be worth even 1000 euros or 2000 euros. Minus is that you will have to pay at least 500 euros to your account to use such an offer. As we have already said, high bonuses are not for people with a thinner portfolio.

Welcome VIP bonuses

Sometimes casino bonuses with high amounts can also be called VIP bonuses. These offers usually suggest that High Rollers will get something more in addition to the bonus for a gigantic deposit, a special casino status. This addition is usually access to the casino loyalty bonuses program on one of the highest and even the highest levels to which only VIP players have access.

Being a vip member in the casino loyalty bonuses often means that you gain a lot more benefits that ordinary players would not be able to get. You can have them in a second. However, first look at the bonus conditions for high rates, because they often differ from the bonuses available as standard for players.

Let's go back to VIP programs and loyalty clubs. Each player can join the loyalty bonus program. In fact, most players are automatically saved to the loyalty bonus program when they are registered in the casino. Usually being a VIP in the Loyalty Club offers some benefits.

VIP players can often gain loyalty points. These are offered by bets on games and can then be exchanged for real money. VIP players, putting big amounts, naturally do it at a much faster pace than ordinary players. VIP players will also be able to experience shorter times and more personalized help with their own account manager, which usually have them after reaching a specific level in the program.

Being a VIP player at a high-level casino, players will often receive special, higher promotions and bonuses, faster access to new games, special tournaments not available for standard players or invitations to join exclusive events. These are very good reasons to become a VIP man in the online casino. Of course, it is not available to everyone, only for players who turn bigger money.

Remember that you do not always have to be VIP

And what if you want to put a large sum of cash, but you do not want to be a member of the VIP club or you do not want to receive VIP offers? Very often this happens, because some players, even those with high turnover, want to simply play in peace in the game and do not want problems with their gambling habits. They often do not intend to apply for a bonus, because they want to avoid requirements for betting. It is important to remember that if you do not want to be a VIP player and you do not want to benefit, you do not have to be. You can choose the best Bonus High Roller for yourself at any online casino that offers it.

In case you register in a casino as a standard player, you can always apply for a welcome bonus. If the casino s you on VIP membership or remind you that you have loyalty points for which you can apply for bonuses, you can refuse to use them. If you have this I prefer you can remain at the bonuses from a standard offer. Contact customer service so that you will be able to stop using each special offer and VIP treatment. However, before you do, we recommend looking at what the casino offers you as a VIP player and at least considering the options. Immediate rejection of promotion or VIP status can make you lose a few good opportunities to improve your earnings from online casino games.

Is the online casino a good place for big money?

In our opinion, yes, online casino is quite a good place for big money, under one condition - if it is a good and trusted online casino. The largest and most famous online casino are companies that have a huge capital and are listed on the largest stock exchanges in the world.

How to find a trusted casino? First of all, you need to pay attention to finances - we are looking for a casino offer several things:

  • Accepted payment options - Naturally the more, the better
  • If the online casino is able to accept payment options, such as PayPal, which carefully chooses who will choose to use them as a payment processor
  • Their payment limits. They should offer 2,500 euros per week as a minimum payout limit. The minimum limit should also not be too low because it can prevent players from paying higher rates
  • Online casino should be able to make a payment within a reasonable time. It is unacceptable that payments sent by Casino Online lasted longer than a few days
  • They should make a full story to make payments
  • A company listed on the stock exchange - only the largest online casino are listed on stock exchanges. Then you have a guarantee that you place your money in a trusted company

Another thing to pay attention to by choosing online casino data are conditions and regulations - we are always looking for a casino in which conditions are bright and easy to understand. This includes the way they support bonuses, game failures, inactive accounts, banking and so on. Also always look at how honest conditions are. This is obviously purely subjective, but complete exclusion of games such as blackjack from the marketing of a bonus or fee of 50 euros for accounts that were inactive for several months, are unacceptable conditions in our opinion.

Another issue is information about the company - this includes, among others, details of casino - and making sure that they work legally. We must have a set of information about the company and the way they process customer data. There are many casinos that omit the details about who they are, which should reduce our trust coefficient and thus lead to a framework of such parties for security reasons.

In summary, the largest online casino as for example Bet-at-Home, companies from the group betsson whether unibet They are huge enterprises. You should not be afraid to locate money there. They have a huge stock of cash, just like financial institutions.

Do online casinos allow you to make a really big sum?

Imagine that you play really high rates and win really a lot, but later you will find out that you can withdraw money only in installments and not at once. This is how the situation looks into many less renowned online casinos that cheat some players and avoid large, disposable payouts. Casino often have limitations regarding the amount that you can withdraw once, and for a period such as a week or month.

It is always worth making sure that the casino allows you to withdraw large cash amounts for the right game suitable for you. You should also realize that the renowned casinos will almost always ask you to verify your identity to pay large amounts of money to stop fraud. Make sure that the deposit conditions are equally advantageous in terms of how much you can withdraw simultaneously.

Do online casinos allow you to pay and pay a really big sum? Let's take an example betssonWhich is a "old reliable brand in the industry such as online casino. It was founded in 2002. They spent this time on constantly improving their offer and adding games because they now have an incredible selection of over 1,300 casino games. Their great reputation of one of the industry giants is well established by their numerous industry prizes, including the "EGR year operator". Few other casinos, even on our site, offers casino games with a similarly high limit like a company betsson. They ensure maximum plants of plants in the amount of EUR 10,000 on some of their tables for blackjack and roulette and huge 15,000 euros on high baccareth rates.

Taxes - Will they pay for won in Australia?

Putting and paying large sums to the casino raises almost an automatic question about taxes. In Australia, we have one legitimate online casino. The National Totalizator Sportowy company launched a casino online a few years ago under the name Totalcasino. Criticized for a weak selection of games enables us to play slots or other card and table games only in the form of vending machines, not with other players. Importantly, while the bets in bookmakers are covered by 12% tax so won online casino are completely released.

The game in foreign internet casinos is not for this moment in Australia legal. Even if you wanted to tax the winnings abroad Money, the standard rate of 19% tax is the tax office can take you 100% wins and put a punishment. For this reason, if your main residence is Australia, better information about the game and won in foreign casinos to keep for yourself. It is also better to avoid the state-controlled bank accounts and use foreign solutions - Skrill Wallets or Neteller will work well for this purpose. As well as cryptosal, where monetary flows are not controlled by any state.

The situation changes essentially if you live or work abroad. Different European countries have different policies to online gambling. Mostly, online casinos are allowed and playing in them will not bring you a trouble. However, it is worth taking place in advance to familiarize yourself with domestic laws and taxes charged from casinos in the network.

What are the types of bonuses for large sums

In the case of bonuses for large sums, any significance cease to have free spins, 100 or 200 free spins are not sufficient for the most demanding players. Hence, the meaning seems to have only a bonus from the deposit. Usually, at large sums exceeding 1000 euros, we meet with 100% or 50% bonus. The rule is that the greater the sum, the smaller percent. For the highest sum, the bonus is usually 50%. Do not get worse. Even for the sum of 1000 euros 50% Bonus is 500 euros. It is very difficult for such a start-up bonus in the event of any other form of investment.

A better small bonus from a large amount or a big bonus from a small one?

The answer to the question whether a small bonus from a large amount or a large percentage bonus from a small amount is variable. It depends mainly on our individual preferences on the online casino game. Some players prefer small payments to avoid freezing a large amount of cash or her possible loss. A 200% bonus from the deposit of 100 euros allows you to start a game with a sum of 300 euros. This is a great offer.

However, for a player who wants to invest a little bigger capital, he has a developed game system and is not afraid of losses, it will be a bit insufficient. Someone, more beneficial on a 50% bonus from the amount of 2000 euros. This will allow him to start with the sum of 3000 euros to invest in the casino. Everything depends on individual preferences, but above all also on the conditions offered by individual casino bonuses. Always, we should choose these, with the least possible abusive trading conditions. Even if we intend to choose a casino data for a long-term game. It's easier to meet the bonus requirement and have it from your head. The earlier it thighs, the earlier we will have funds released, eg under another reload bonuses.

How to pay big money to the casino

So we have a sum of 2, 3 or 5,000 euros, which we want to pay into the casino, how to do it? At the amounts of this order we are not in principle limited. At our disposal will practically all payment methods available at a given casino. The stairs begin to get more or less from 5,000 units of the European currency. Most online casinos assumes one-time payment of 5 to 10,000 euros through internet portfolios and payment cards. Larger sums allow us to pay only through the bank transfer.

In Australia, we also have this problem that bank transfers are controlled by the tax office automatically above the equivalent of 10,000 euros. In the light of the fact that the game in foreign casinos is punished by him - sending the sum of the equivalent of 10,000 euros from the Australian bank account to the casino is playing in the Russian roulette.

In theory, the safest form of transfer of funds to the casino is Bitcoin and other cryptolts. However, this problem is that there are online casinos that simply do not accept it. There will be foreign internet portfolios in second. Skrill whether neteller They have always been very friendly gamblers and have their headquarters in Great Britain. The data of our transfers are therefore relatively safe and not so easily accessible to the Australian tax office.

Bank transfers, we advise you to treat foreign casinos as a last resort if you live in Australia. If you already need to use them, we recommend a trustly or other service where you do not transfer directly to the casino account and you use a foreign intermediary.

Bonuses in casinos - do they work as an investment?

Almost every online casino gives you a bonus for registration. Many of them also offers a variable reload and similar offers, where you can get a bonus for subsequent deposits. Do such offers work as an investment? It all depends on your game system and of course on whether you are able to go out with your play games.

Nowadays we have very low interest rates. Through this, the interest rate on banking deposits or state bonds is on a horrendally low level. Money in banks are interested in 0.5 to 1.5%, naturally gross. With inflation of about 4%, our savings are evaporated in an amazing pace. Bond bearing bonds are a little higher, but also the percentages of them are coming not even covering the inflation feet.

A stock exchange is a matter of low phrases from cash. Here, in theory, profits may be unlimited. Unfortunately, the Australian Stock Exchange consists at most on average. WIG, or the Warsaw Stock Exchange Index, which is an averaged valuation of all companies listed on the WSE is in the same place, every 20 years ago. The market investment is diametrically different from the deposit in the bank. Here we risk our money and we must also reckon with a possible loss.

The Stock Exchange is a more secure investment than online casino. Everything because here nothing happens right away. We can wait for a refund from our investment a few years, for several years the price of action can stand in place. Sometimes, at the time of a crisis as panic from 2009 or epidemic in 2023, we can lose a huge part or even all profits within a few days.

So if we risk, we can do it in the casino, where we also turn our money and only depends on our decisions whether we will profit. The more so because we get here for a bonus start, which can double our owning state even without placing any money. In other words, our investment is growing by 100% at the moment of start - it's something that players on the stock exchange can dream.

Budget management

As for the online casino, the budget management process is simple: it is enough to divide into small parts of your budget and then play only with the exact amount of money per session. Many people think that about 10% is a good part and we could agree. So, if you have a total of 1000 euros to edit online casino, you should play one-time for only 100 euros from this money. If you lose the entire amount, you should leave the computer and come back the next day. After returning, you will remain 900 euros, so you can risk 90 euros from this money.

It is also possible to manage money while playing, adjusting the rates you play, depending on how much you have won or lost. Take 100 euros used in the previous example and say that you play blackjack. It would be ideal if you had enough money to play at least 30 hands, so you should play at a table for about 3 euros on the hand. Before you start, you should understand when you go to lower rates. For example, you can say that when your balance reaches the sum of 50 euros, you will change the table and start playing for 1.50 euros for the hand. And vice versa, you can also say that if you manage to increase your money to 150 euros, you will change the table and start playing for 5 euros for a hand.

Such an approach will allow you to minimize losses, and when you have a good pass and give you a chance to use it. Deciding on rates is an extremely important part of bankroll management, and the number of spins, games or rounds that you must have in reserve, also depends on the variant of the game you choose.

An example of a low variation game is blackjack because the winnings are regular, but not so big. Machines for playing are an example of a game with higher volatility, because large winnings do not come too often, but when they appear, they can lead to a significant increase in account balance. Basically, the higher the variability, the more additional resources will need. So you can play at a rate of about 3 euros, playing blackjack with a bankroll equal to 100 euros, but for machines, the optimal rate will be about 1 euro for turnover.

The latest information about the management of your budget is probably the most important thing: you should never play the money on which you can not afford a loss. This is part of the bankroll management. In part, care for your personal finances. Gambling is ok, but it's not as cool when you can not pay bills because you have lost money, playing blackjack, roulette or other casino game. If you turn out that you spend all the money to play, you definitely have a gambling problem.

A few useful advice on bankroll management

If you have read the above advice, this is another thing to implement these advice to your daily game strategy. Here are some short advice and tips on capital management, which should facilitate the implementation of this strategy:

  • Accept the risk of loss - regardless of whether you play professionally if you accidentally play online. The ability to manage emotions, when this is happening, is the key to continue using the online gambling.
  • Do not worry about this victory - on the other hand, the above point, while some excitement is understandable after winning, watch out to control emotions so that they do not affect the next plant.
  • Fast profits rarely happen - effective practicing gambling requires your budget to build your budget at a fixed pace. This means, among others Taking into account wins and losses, and considering that the casino is a difficult place to earn money, the process of building your bankroll can take quite a long time. Do not discourage the slow collection of capital or prepared for a long game for great winnings.
  • Set the losite limit - while the careful stating should be your main way to manage the bankroll, setting the bet limit will ensure that you will not lose the entire deposit, if you start to lose more than you win. Specialists usually set a limit of betting equal to about 10% of their total capital.
  • Keep a register of your game - daily tracking of all wins and loss will allow you to make smarter decisions. In addition to maintaining control on how much you can afford to lose, in the event of a loser, keep records will also help you in many other ways, such as checking which games lead to the best phrases.
  • Secure your deposit - one of the most important Bankroll principles is to protect your deposit. When you already have a little money on your account, you can tempt yourself to bet larger, more risky plants. To avoid potential loss of all hard-earned profits, withdraw some of your winnings. In this way you will never lose your full money.

High Roller bonuses - Sample offers

Therefore, we follow the review of Example bonuses for players with a greater deposit. We have collected a few offers available for Australian players from casinos tested on our website. To maximize you to help you describe not only bonuses themselves, but also the marketing conditions needed to pay money:

Bonus up to USD 5,000 at Bet-at-Home

Establishment of an account on the site Bet-at-Home Qualifying all new customers to take advantage of the welcome offer. It has two variants that activate depending on the amount of the first deposit on a given account:

  • Deposit height: 1 - 1000 USD gives an additional 100% amounts
  • Deposit height: 2500 - 5000 USD gives 50% of the amount

To be able to receive a bonus, simply create an account on the page. Once you are able to activate them, you must top up your player's account on your choice. Then everything will happen automatically. The promotion includes only the first deposit and only in one of its two forms. Bonus after a few minutes should be on the account. Its minimum height is USD 1, but we can get up to USD 2,500 additional. The bonus is covered by trading conditions, which are not difficult to fulfill.

Returns of the Bonus Bonus in Bet-AT-HOME

The offer is addressed only to those who pay the account on the page immediately before activating the bonus. Everyone can use only one variant. When the amount is already allocated, the player must rotate 30 times within 28 days. Otherwise, the bonus will unfortunately be picked up and its payment will no longer be possible. For a bonus amount, we can play a casino in a stationary or mobile version, while the promotion has been excluded from a live casino and other products.

Bonus do 3000 Euro w Casino Superlines

Welcome Casino Superlines It covers the first three deposits. The promotion is called Welcome Package and allows you to earn up to 3000 euros. All you have to do is put a new account on the casino website. After payment of funds, each player can participate in the promotion using a special bonus code that should be entered at the right moment of submitting a deposit. Anyone who fulfills the conditions set out in the regulations will win the right part of the amount paid:

  • The first deposit: 400% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros
  • Second deposit: 100% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros
  • Third deposit: 200% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros

The minimum deposit height is 20 euros in this case. The amount awarded waits for use in as many as 350 different slots. The money collected in this way is also covered by the VIP program along with special Cash Points points. Each casino client takes part in it and climbs around four levels. Each sum released gives special points that can then be replaced for money.

Conditions of marketing Bonus in Casino Superlines

To receive a bonus, when the funds are allowed, enter the appropriate bonus code, i.e. Bonus1, Bonus2 and Bonus3. The minimum deposit amount is 20 euros, and we can get up to 3000 euros to maximally. The bonus amount for each of the first three payments will be on an additional balance in a time not longer than a few minutes. Once we receive it, it will be necessary to meet the trading conditions in the form of a 45x rotation.

Bonus in La Fiesta Casino, get up to 3000 euros

The casino party It offers a special welcome package that is waiting for all modern holders on the account page. The first three payments will be covered by a promotion that multiply them even several times. First, create an account using the page on the page. The bonus will be awarded automatically for each of the three payments provided that the code should be given on the promotion page. The bonus will be presented as follows:

  • The first deposit: 400% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros
  • Second deposit: 100% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros
  • Third deposit: 200% deposit to a maximum of 1000 euros

To get each of the three bonuses described, specific requirements must be met. First of all, the payment must be at least 20 euros. For each deposit, an additional amount will be granted, which after multiplication, however, can not exceed 1000 euros.

Turnover conditions of the bonus in La Fiesta Casino

Only people who will create a new account on the casino page are eligible to participate in the promotion. It must be their first account in La Fiesta Casino. In this case, each new customer will have the right to take part in a welcome promotion covering the first three payments. Each time we pay at least 20 euros, the amount will be added. The bonus should be turned 45 times so that its payment became possible.

W Nordi Casino bonus

Nordi Casino It also has a very similar welcome bonus. As part of the promotion, each new player can get up to 500 euros and free turnover Zero Wager Spins to use in three slots, or Fruit Zen, Boomjji, 88 Dragons. The promotion includes the first three deposits made if each one exceeds 20 euros. The bonuses can automatically receive anyone who uses special bonus codes when paying the measures. At that time, the payment will be exposed to a specific way. In addition, we will get gaming turnover:

  • The first deposit: 200% deposit to a maximum of 200 euros + 20 zero wager Spins
  • Second Deposit: 50% Deposit to A maximum of 100 Euro + 50 Zero Wager Spins
  • Third deposit: 100% deposit to a maximum of 200 euros + 30 zero wager spins
  • Every month, you can also receive a 120% bonus up to 100 euros

The sum that will be granted, qualifies for the VIP program. Depending on the level scored in the program, each 8-10 Euro used translates into 1 Cash Point. Each 100 points gives 1 euros that can then be paid.

Turnover conditions

The triple Nordi Casino welcome bonus is entitled to anyone who is before or during the creation of a new account on the site. After registration and verification of the account, one must submit the first and two consecutive deposits to which the right amount and free spins are automatically added in FRUIT ZEN, Boomji and 88 dragons. Before the payment of additional resources, the bonus should be rotated 45 times.


Welcome promotion in Nomino Casino It has seven different forms and is available to all new customers. Some of them add the right amount to deposit, other free turns in games, yet other - a refund. One of the bonuses is a lemon bonus. Thanks to it, anyone who will pay for an amount from 10 to 1000 euros will also receive 50%. The promotion is activated automatically after setting up an account. If we already decide to pay for payment, after a short time the balance of the bonus account should increase with the right sum.

Nomini Casino has a lot of attractive promotions in its offer. A weekend Reload Bonus can serve a completely different bonus. Thanks to him, everyone who fulfills the requirements given by the creators has a chance to gain up to USD 2,500 + 50 free games for a week. The minimum amount to be filed is 10 euros. However, we can pay 1000 euros or exactly USD 4,000, which we will get 50% additionally.

Turnover conditions in Nomini Casino

The promotion is addressed to all new customers who decide to choose a lemon welcome bonus. Anyone who registers on the site for the first time qualifies to obtain a 50% bonus. When a amount of at least USD 20 will be paid, the bonus balance will increase for its half. Additional sum should be rotated 35 times before it is possible to pay for the main account.


As you had the opportunity to see thanks to reading this text, bonuses for large sums are not something special in online casinos. Ba, they are quite common, even in casinos available for Australian players. Our curved summary of several high bonuses gave up to nearly 40,000 zlotys. You can draw so much from the bonuses assuming that after turning them out, you will go to zero. If you manage to record at least 10% profit from your plants your profits can be even greater. Remember to make large deposits only to check online casinos, you only find on our site.

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