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Free spiny

Free spins are what they love almost all players in online casinos around the world, invariably whether you are just starting the game or playing for a long time with a greater bonus capital in the form of free spins will always be welcome and desirable. In this text, we will say what are free spins, and where to get them and what online casino requirements set players who want to withdraw winnings from free spins. More Info

What are free spins

Let's start with the most simple and prosaic thing, that is, what they are and how they work free spins. Of course, as the name suggests, they are a free screwing machine or a popular one-armed bandit, that is, for which you do not have to pay anything. What is given usually distributed in the form of a bonus, for registration or a deposit, or are obtained as a bonus in a given game after hitting a specific combination of symbols.

Usually after entering a given game, we get information that we have to use x free rounds. Then we know that spins we will do now will not take money from our account balance (these may not even be, if we use free spins without deposit). Besides, they are free such spins completely do not differ from those for which we pay, the game works the same and all won lines are preserved, they are usually won vary from those when we play a paid version of the game. For the first time, Netent introduced them and she just popularized this name in her slots.

In summary, free spins is the most common form of bonuses, which is found in contemporary online casinos, it is simply the opportunity to turn on a given online machine for free, without incurring the fee. Of course, we meet various types of free spins due to the circumstance in which we receive them, below we will discuss them all.

Free spins for registration without deposit

Password Free SPINA for registration without making any deposit works for most players like a bed on a bull. All this is related to the fact that people are usually afraid of risk and loss of money. In case we do not make any deposit, the risk falls to zero. In other words, when we do not pay anything, we can not lose more than a little time, which we often have in excess.

This explains the popularity phenomenon that free spins without a deposit. When the losses are limited and we can only gain nothing preventing us to register an account at a given casino and started the game. Over time, the casino saw the chance that was opened before them and the popularity of this solution. There was a moment when almost all companies offered some free spins without a deposit.

Unfortunately, players very often abused these bonuses and assumed many accounts for various data only to get free spins winning and never return to the casino page. Of course, as you can imagine, it exposes a casino to huge losses, why it contemporary quite a small percentage of casinos offers free spins only for vending machines only for account registration.

They usually resort to this young and not very popular companies that are trying to attract new users at all costs. Although there are also positive exceptions and also larger and more well-known casinos offer online games engines along with a package of free spins for starters. Usually, however, these are quite small quantities, for example 10 or 20. Sometimes, however, it happens that some companies have an offer, where the player gets up to 50 or 100 free spun by them. In such cases, we usually have to be prepared that the exchange requirements of winning from such a package will be a little higher.

Free spins after payment

Much more casinos offers free spins on vending machines only after making a deposit, this is because they are sure that you will be good, from their point of view, a customer who brings a cash deposit for the casino and can also be able to verify your identity thanks to the payment . Usually, you get a 100% bonus or even 200% in some companies and free spins for online game vending machines as an addition to this bonus.

Typically, this number varies depending on the payment made, often 100 and even 200 free spots gets, although there are even companies that give 1000, usually these are less popular on-line casinos. For example, in a popular Totalcasino in our country, at the time of his start, you could receive up to 240 free spins for the first deposit. However, this number was entitled to only a deposit player in a maximum amount of USD 1,200, in the case of a deposit of 100 zlotys, the bonus was 20 free spins and grew 20 for every 100 zlotys more. It looks very similar to most casinos when it comes to welcome bonuses.

First of all, it is worth noting that the marketing requirements for free spins after payment are much smaller and more player-friendly. We do not have to rotate our winnings 100 or 100 times, but only 20, 30 or 40, some companies go further and offer, for example, only 1-fold turnover of such winnings, which is a bow to the player.

In summary, free spins for games gambling machines can be more common as part of the bonus after payment, then we get them in a larger quantity, on a lot of better conditions and the casino treats us less "suspiciously", usually there is no limit of winning, as it has A place for free means.

Free spiny as a prize in the tournament

Free spins are also very often a prize for participation not only in the promotion, where we get a bonus for the first or another deposit but also a tournament. Here the requirements are usually different and we do not have to do one of the first deposits or have a fresh player account. Tournaments are usually available to everyone and for example one of the goals in front of the player may be to make a specific trading in a given game, or obtaining the largest winning day.

Requirements placed by online casinos are very diverse and differ in each particular tournament. Very often, tours are trips (for example, Casino Euro often organizes a tournament where the prize is a trip around Europe) material prizes like the latest phones or laptops. While these prizes are intended for the winner, so among people who took further places are giving away bonuses in cash or just free spins. It can get them even a few dozen people who are at the forefront of the classification of a given tournament. Very often won from free spins obtained in this way are released from the obligation to turnover, all winnings wander on your account and very often, they can be higher than the equivalent of the main prizes if you add you happiness.

Free spiny and re-spins in games

Free spins started their career in netent games, this company was first decided to introduce such a solution, i.e. bonus, free rounds granted as a prize for obtaining a specific combination of symbols. It was a dozen or so years ago and only then someone came up with the idea that free spins can also be used in the role of a bonus, which goes to the player's account, for example, after a deposit and can be used in more than one slot.

In other words, free spins for games, machinery or popular machines are completely different. An example can be an extremely popular Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming. Here, after obtaining at least 3 symbols "wizardy" we get 10 free spots that are used to use immediately in a given game. This game also has a function that if these symbols appear again during free spins, we get a multiplier for example 2x or 3x. Winning in the game immediately goes to our account and do not need to rotate them, on the contrary than bonuses.

In turn, quite a different thing are re-spin frequently confused with free spins. Here, after getting a combination, for example three rare symbols "stick" themselves to the board and from the machine we get one free turnover or spin. This, of course, increases the chance for our winnings. An example of playing with re-Spiny is popular with us Phoenix Sun from QuickSpin.

Both of the above functions only meet in selected slots and are completely independent of the free spins obtained under various promotions, they are not subject to a marketing requirement, so do not be confused with bonuses for registration or deposit.

How to pay won from free spins

We have already discussed all kinds of free spins, as we mentioned above, all of them except those that we get as a bonus in the game are subject to a marketing requirement before paying. Usually you have to play 30, 50 or even 100 times for the amount of winning from free spins obtained without deposit payment to be able to pay them from the casino.

Internet casinos are protected in this way to cheats and various types of extrudations, where one person presupposes hundreds of accounts to get a free bonus. It is not necessary to deposit so it is very difficult to verify the identity of such a person and it is very easy to set up many different email addresses. Sometimes the bonus without a deposit is actually such, because you have to pay a certain deposit to withdraw the winnings obtained from free spins when registration.

An extremely frequent case is a certain maximum sum that we can withdraw from free spins obtained without a deposit. Depending on the casino, the offer may vary, but very often we meet something like the casino offers, for example, 100 free spins without a deposit, later in the Promotion Regulations, we can read that the maximum winning we can withdraw from free games is 100 or 200 euros. Some players can enjoy that they will pick cash without payment, but imagine that you won a big jackpot ... well. In free spinners we receive in welcome bonuses usually there is no such unpleasant surprise.

In the case of free spins, which we obtain as a prize of various types of reload or welcome bonuses, first of all, we obtain a lot more free spins, because even 200, although there are even companies that give 1000, above all, however, the marketing requirements are much smaller.

Casino can then verify our identity thanks to the fact that we make a payment and above all, it is sure that we will not be lost to the client's view. We deposit a deposit from real money and turn them. In this case, free spins obtained as a welcome bonus have a lot of smaller marketing requirements, usually about 30 or 40 times the amount of winning. In theory, it may seem a lot, but believe that during a normal game, we bet 100 times an hour, most slots have an autoplay option, so we do not even have to click too much.

Why online casino gives free spins for machines?

It's a simple, the main goal is to attract a player. Online casinos operate in conditions of very sharp competition, because there are literally thousands on the market. We, players can only be satisfied, thanks to this we get free spins for registration without deposit or in the form of various welcome bonuses.

All casinos offer a comparable level of their offer. Each of them offers slots, video poker, almost any live casino. Mostly, we meet the same games from the same producers. In other words, companies very hard to compete with the offer of products must therefore compete with a bonus offer. As free spins are the most popular type of casino bonus, especially young casinos literally outdo themselves in offering more and more numbers.

Very often, although this is not a rule, companies that only want to exist on the market offer free spins without a deposit, a custom also available after setting up an account and confirmation of the email address. Of course, this is a big risk for the casino, because often the players after winning can never come back not to pay a deposit. Naturally free spins for registrations are also offered through a more developed casino that want to enlarge your player base.

Free spiny on the phone

In the era of the growing popularity of mobile phones, casino games have also adapted and usually playing on the smartphone we get exactly the same game as when firing it on your computer. Also, the casino offer in this case does not change, which more often happens that the casino gives free spins on mobile games or for users using the application. In other words, free gambling on the phone and free spins on mobile games are no longer an exception and they are widely found.

Summary - Is this actually paying?

In summary, you can say that free spins is a great opportunity to play for free, test the casino data or slot and perhaps also enlarge your balance on your account. In this article, we discussed all kinds of free spins with which you will meet in online casinos.

You know that players who choose free spins for registrations or free spins without a deposit must apply the most about winnings. In the case of various welcome and other bonuses, free spins on online games have a lot of lower marketing requirements, it's easier for larger winnings and we do not have to invest so much time.

The best of course are free spins obtained as a bonus for participation in competitions or tournaments organized by the casino, here we usually do not have any marketing requirements and all wins are right away. We hope that thanks to this text you know everything you need about free spin and use this knowledge in maximizing your profits.

Check the list below and see how many free spins have individual casinos on offer. We wish you high winnings!

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200 free spins after registration without a deposit.