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As you probably realize, roulette and various varieties belong to the most famous and spectacular games played in casinos from Macau to Las Vegas. There is probably no person in the world, not even associated with gambling, which would not associate a characteristic table and roulette wheel. This game, she penetrated people to consciousness. For this reason, we decided to describe it exactly on our site, so that you would have a comprehensive guide about the roulette game in one place.

History and information about Roulette

As with most gambling games, it is not exactly sure where the game has been invented and when you played in it. It is said about ancient Greece, but this is not information verified for 100%, as the sources are unofficial. What we know for sure is that the modern roulette invented the French in 1645. They were chaired by the surname Blaise Pascal, yes, the same genius mathematics, which we owe the right Pascal and the unit in which atmospheric pressure is given.

Thanks to his interest, he gave us another thing that survived to this day, or a game that has become a precursor of today's roulette. The game invented by Pascal functioned until the 19th century, the wheel had 36 numbers. In 1842, I was decided to adapt I in Germany, which was the idea of Louis Blanca, a French policy, which together with his brother Francis, added numbers 0 and 00 to Roulette Pascal, so as to increase the chances of winning the casino.

At that time, the game hit not only to Germany but also to Monaco. Already then, some roulette began to call the Queen of the Casin, for the sake of how much popularity in the then gambling homes won this game. The brothers opened their first casino in Bad Homburg, then they also decided to abandon the number 00, so that minimally though increase the chances of winning players. This is this version of Roulette from the 19th century, survived in the form unchanged to this day and became officially well-known European roulette.

Game, like many similar, such as Poker or Baccarat, went for the ocean along with the emigrants from Europe. At a time when she conquered the United States, again decided to add a number 00 so that a little more to increase the chances of home (casinos) on winning. This permanent version settled in the USA and therefore we call it today with American roulette.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a certain curiosity. Roulette can be called "Satan's Game". This term has come from here that the sum of all numbers in Ruleta gives 666, or is this case or the deliberate treatment of her creators? We will probably never know.

Roulette wheel and table

Alternatively than almost all other casino games, do not use cards or bones to play here. The game is playing with a specially equipped table, which has a circle and a second part with numbers for betting. Wheel, as mentioned above, has 37 to 38 fields also known as pockets or compartments. Depending on whether this European or American version of the roulette number is from 0 and 1 to 36 or, in the American version, a little less player-friendly from 0, 00 and 1 to 36.

On what field will land the ball is what the winner of a given party specifies. All of them are constructed in such a way that only one number can be drawn.

As you probably can guess, the betting table simply contains all of the numbers that are on the roulette wheel. Here players put their chips in anticipation that this number will win. After the circle will finally stop swirling and the ball will stop on this only win number, the players who had lucky to put their chips on this issue, take their winnings. Of course, if you play an online casino roulette, the table is replaced by an electronic interface, which, however, looks the same as the playing table in a normal casino. The chips are also virtual, only money at the end of the game is real.

How to play

Despite the initial impression that accompanies many players that this is an extremely complicated and demanding game, however, the truth is slightly different. Roulette, after we will get to know the game table and its principles, turns out to be a very simple and pleasant game, full of emotions and fun.

As we know, the game does not require any cards or casting ankle. The only thing you need to do in it is to bet on your forecast numbers. In the further part of the article, we will present you what exactly the options you have to choose. However, remember that both playing the real table and the Internet, it is limited time. Playing with a computer, most often this time can be unlimited, although the real dealer and other players will not be waiting for you the whole day.

When time ends, the dealer clearly will give players to know about this by saying the words 'Rien ne va ' who are a traditional wording used in roulette, or simply informs us about the end of the plants.

The bets will be closed, and the dealer pushes a special cart to the center of the spinning, characteristic of roulette, a circle divided into black and red zones. The circle always spins into one, the same page, while the ball should be thrown in the opposite. Of course, now, thanks to the Internet, everything takes place automatically. Then the wheel turns several times, then stop in one solid position, and the ball will finally jump into one of the separated pockets.

At the end, the number and color of the zone on which the ball stopped. The dealer placed a small marker on the table on the issue that he won on the occasion informing players also about won-colored.

Then it is also known who the player won, the winnings will be paid immediately according to the previously established table. Betting erroneous bets will be counted, their rates will collect the casino and then moments later, the next round will start.

What plants can be bet

When you look from the top on a table to bet on your eyes, all numbers will be released on the wheel, but also separate zones for which you can bet - from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and also from 25 to 36. In addition to the dozens you can Also bet on even and odd, black and red numbers and halves - from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36.

You can bet practically every opportunity that falls out, while this is obviously associated with various chances and quite other payouts. More details on payments can be found in the next chapter, including what you can bet. The table is naturally divided into an external and internal page. We will briefly discuss each of them.

Interior "He's called, because he lies on the inside of the table, there are no surprises here. Here are all numbers in two colors, i.e. black and red. Putting on this site makes you bet any numbers on the wheel that include bets on many numbers, vertical lines or horizontal lines.

We can distinguish the following inside bets:

  • Straight Up, Single number - you simply put yourself for a specific number that will come out
  • Zakład Split - You put on a line between two numbers, which makes you bet on both of them
  • Street Bet, Linear Department - You Put a bet on the line of three numbers
  • Corner Bet, corner or square plant - here you put a bet on the corner where four numbers meet, so you bet all these four numbers
  • Line or Six-line - the dealer puts our chips on a horizontal line consisting of two rows of numbers, so this is essentially a bet on 2 lines after 3 numbers, i.e. wins them 6
  • Basket Bet - here you will bet on a line between 0 and 00, it divides space from 1, 2 or 3, of course, this option is available only in the American version of Roulette

External party - Of course, this segment is referred to as "outside" because you put a bet on external sections of the auction table. However, external plants pay significantly lower returns, because they are usually much safer and include more numbers and other options on the table.

We have the following game options here:

  • First and second eighteen, 1-18 and 19-36 - Another thing that is quite obvious, you bet on one of the halves, because numbers are 36. If the number from 1 to 18 falls out, the first half wins if from 19 to 36 They win those who bet on the second half
  • Black / red - the most famous and easiest to choose options. Chances are almost 50 at 50 and you simply put on the color of the number that will win
  • Even / odd - here you decide whether the number that the ball goes is even or odd. Another easy and little paid bet, options here are also 50 for 50
  • A bet on Tuzin - As you noticed on the table 36 numbers are divided into 3 dozens. So you can bet whether the number from 1 Australian will fall out or 3go dozen's payout is slightly higher than for a half board
  • A bet on a column - once again you put a bet on dozen numbers at once, but the group you bet are actually determined by columns on the table

As you have noticed, practically every combination that we can imagine is possible to bet on the table to be bid. You can choose to put a bet on the corner, as well as the plant for the color and the evening / odd bet - all this during one turn.

If you have a strategy, thanks to which such bets have sense for you, it's very good, because it shows you are organized. Pointing these plants will accidentally show you in a non-favorable light as a total novice. In addition, try to avoid placing betting on opposite combinations, because in this way you will never leave roulette on a .

Chances and withdrawals

Of course, the chances of obtaining a specific result and the payment is related to it depends strictly on what you put. However, they can be easily grouped and divided into specific categories, thanks to which betting types are easy to embrace.

The only difference is whether you play European / French or American roulette. At this point, it should be remembered that the overall advantage of the casino from both the European and French version is 2.7%, while the American version gives almost twice the advantage of the casino, it is then 5.26%. In other words, try to avoid the American version, because it is much less beneficial to the player.

Plant type Payment Chances of winning (America.) Chances of winning (Europ./French)
Straight 35 do 1 37 do 1 36 do 1
Double 17 do 1 18 do 1 17.5 do 1
Street 11 do 1 11.667 do 1 11.334 do 1
Corner 8 do 1 8.5 do 1 8.25 do 1
The line 5 do 1 5.33 do 1 5.167 do 1
Column 2 do 1 2.167 do 1 2.083 do 1
Dozen 2 do 1 2.167 do 1 2.083 do 1
Parchy / odd. 1 do 1 1.111 do 1 1.055 do 1
Higher / lower 1 do 1 1.111 do 1 1.055 do 1
Red / black 1 do 1 1.111 do 1 1.055 do 1

As you probably notice each perceptive person, the payout rate is a bit lower than the truth of obtaining a given result. This is the advantage of the casino and their margin, it earns a casino.

Types of roulette

As we have mentioned a dozen or so times, thanks to the rich history of roulette and the fact that she came to America from Europe, there are several of its versions in parallel. Do not worry, however, differences are not very much and above all overly complicated. They are really simple to not say trivial. Of course, there are different versions of roulette, like multi, double ball, accelerated and other, less popular variations. However, they are quite rarely encountered, hence we focus on three of its most popular types that are available De Facto everywhere.

European - derived from French roulette. This version has 36 drawing numbers (pocket) and one "0". The casino advantage here is only 2.7%. Unfortunately, you can not bet on "0". If the ball lands there, the house, or the casino automatically wins the given party.

French - this is not the end of what was, but it is extremely similar to the European. The difference is the behavior of the dealer, which allows you to accept betting at the last minute. Here, the casino advantage is only 2.7%. Another minor difference is that if the result falls to 0, players lose only half of their funds if they bet on the outer side of the table.

American - the main difference is here that numbers are 37, or one more. This additional number is another zero, or "00", which gives a casino much better advantage, this is 5.26%. The reason for a higher advantage is that the casino has two fields on which the ball can land and the casino automatically wins. For this reason, we think that it is better to stay away from this kind if you have a choice between European and American roulette.


Well, this topic is inevitable in all inflated roulette players. Are there any strategies that guarantee success and high winnings? We will answer that there is no one universal strategy that you will guarantee you. Mostly, instructions that you can find on the Internet concern how you have to put your plants and how much to bet.

At once you have to explain this, there is no strategy that guarantees success. You should never believe anyone who claims that thanks to his strategy you will have more than 95% of the chance of winning. This is simply impossible and the seller is most likely looking naive. Never believe in similar assurance.

Roulette is a random game and there is simply no way to predict the place where the ball can stop. Although statistically speaking, each number will be finally hit, and there are some likelihood for certain results (just look at the courses above), luck is still a dominant factor. Nevertheless, there are some things that you can take care so that your plants have not been divided largely.

So what can you do before other players?

  • Stay at a constant rate - there is no reason to raise the amount of the plant, roulette, as we mentioned, is a random game. The fact that x times red will not increase the probability that the next time the black ones will fall. Hence, remember to constantly stick to your budget and do not raise rates, even if you have a reliable feeling that this time it will be different.
  • Do not hug into the most risky options - even though the winner of 35 to 1 may seem very tempting, it is very difficult to get it. Opportunities that the ball will fall on the field chosen by us, no less than more and 36 to 1. Very rarely manage to hit the Straight bet and do not count that one soothes the fate of all your day. Do not be afraid to put up safer.
  • Remove sober - you can spend a strange one, but many casinos offers drinks for players and there is almost always a bar. A combination of alcohol and playing real money is very dangerous. It's better to keep a cool head and simply enjoy the game. If you need an additional thrill of emotions, alcohol keep your alcohol and play a game that does not require making important decisions, for example, screw on a one-armed bandit.
  • Have fun!

You must remember that every form of gambling must be a game in the first row. This is in a sense a question of happiness and self-depiction. Do not play only to get money, because it kills the joy of the game, that is, what this game was created. With time, happiness smiles and using the right strategy you should go on a , but do not count on millions right away and what is important, do not try to make up your losses immediately to play for even bigger sums you can not lose. This leads to a very dangerous gambling spiral.

Roulette playing in a real casino vs playing on the web

Once again, the question arises: What's better? Playing on the web or a real casino?

Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous and easy answer. If you are a total novice and you have never played roulette before, perhaps, a good idea will try to play online. You can learn the rules of the game and try some strategies, if you only decide, you can simply play against the computer for low amounts. You can even do it for free, which is definitely not possible in a real casino.

For sure, you will not be laughing on the internet for lack of knowledge of the game rules or for some slip. You can also try all versions of roulette and check what is best - European or American, you do not have to travel to America for this purpose.

Is it possible to play information and cons? Such they will probably find. You can talk everything about casinos, but people who accompany them atmosphere and thrill are unbeatable and can not be lit on the internet, even in the best-made live casino. That's why it's worth going to a casino on your neighborhood in your area to feel this unique atmosphere.

Roulette tables can start a bit terrifying initially, especially when a crowd of people screaming and exciting game. You can always choose a table where there are few players or you will only be. The dealer should always be friendly and put you in the game if you do not know well. Remember to get to know the basic rules, have some chips in stock, and above all to have fun.

Playing on live roulette and on mobile devices

Today, most of the traffic in some casinos generate players displaying casino sites on portable devices - iPhone-Ah, iPad and phones and tablets with Android. Stationary computers slowly go to the defensive. Seeing this, the casino has long adapted their offers and now there is no more problem to play a roulette on the cell.

This greatly facilitates HTML 5 technology, which makes the games look the same on mobile devices and on your computer. Of course, not all roulette games in which you play on your computer can also be available on mobile devices. But you should usually have at least a few roulette games available for an immediate game.

It looks even better when it comes to a live offer. Practically 90% casinos today has a live games section. Usually 8 main types, the most traditional casino games are available. Among, poker, blackjack and baccarata reigns, of course, roulette, whose tables accumulate the enormous even the number of players. Hence, there are no problems to find a casino that offers live roulette, most do it in a really great level thanks to solutions for such companies such as Evolution Gaming or Netent for live games.

Also and playing a roulette in a live casino is available for playing with mobile devices. This is, of course, at the expense of a bit of a simplified interface in a computer version, or a weaker quality of video transmission. No less, players from mobile devices can also be easily played with a roulette dealer at the Live casino.

The best online roulette casino

There are many of the online casinos that are known for their excellent roulette offer. We can mention Betvictor casino here, which has many types of this game at home, also MR. Green has a great deal. You can not forget about a slightly younger, but no less ambitious Codeta casino that was created for players who prefer live playing with a real dealer. Here you will find a very large number of live rooms with roulette with dealers speaking in different languages.

In some casinos, the bonuses and bonuses from the deposit are in addition, which can be played, among other things and on roulette, this is certainly an interesting option for several times to multiply your capital. On our site, we describe a number of online casinos that have a wide range of roulette. Be sure to check out our review each of them if you want to learn more about Roulette and other table games offered by them. We devote a lot of attention to this section in any tested casino. We hope that our reviews will prove to be helpful and choose a great casino in which you will spend amazing moments playing roulette.

If you have additional suggestions or questions, write to us boldly.

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