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Elk Studios casinos. Compared and reviewed
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Elk Studios is a little less famous game supplier on the market. However, this does not necessarily mean that the titles coming from them will significantly remove the quality from those that have been produced by popular creators. Games are characterized by great graphics and very good operation. Modern solutions are widely implemented by the company in its productions.

The company has been operating since 2012 and has been able to gain several significant prizes since then. The works of Elk Studios are available in many casinos, including those better. We will play in all kinds of portable and stationary devices. Elk Studios is a modern company that primarily puts on creativity and constantly improving each of its games.


Games: 15+
Founded: 2012
Licencja: Malta (MGA), United Kingdom (UKGC)
Languages: English, Svenska, Nederlands, Norsk, Australian, Italiano, Magyar, Suomi, Čeština, Россию, Español, Deutsch, Português, Slovenčina, Dansk, România
Waluta: Euros, British pounds sterling, US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Denmark kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Australian zlotys, Russian rubles, Czech Republic korunas, Swiss francs, Bulgarian leva, Romanian lei, Mexican Peso, Argentine peso, South African rand, Hungarian forint, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Brazilian real, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, Icelandic krónur, Japanese yen, Croatian kunas, Indian rupees, New Zealand dollars, Georgian laris, Peruvian nuevos soles, South Korean won, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian hryvnias, Lithuanian litas, Chinese Yuan, Indonesian rupiahs

Elek Studios and history

The producer of Elk Studios is a Swedish company created in 2012. He deals with the online casings of all kinds of games. Each of them has a great graphic that attracts players from the first minutes of fun. Their technical site looks very good for programmers. Their most important features are passion, art and mathematics, which in combination gives amazing slots. A large part of the games has been designed for a long time, but in the thoughts of DIZAJNAWÓW are still all thousands of ideas that only waiting for implementation.

Elk Studios began with his portfolio only three games and ten employees. The beginnings, as it often happens, so they were extremely modest. However, the company did not decide to stop, because the next months showed its gradual development and expansion of the offer of more and more new titles. The entire ELK Studios team consists of people from various corners of the world. The crew was repeatedly sent to various types of training, including London. It gave them a unique chance to gain valuable experience or learning new trends prevailing on the market.

The creators of Elk Studios had a chance several times present their productions on various prestigious events related to online games. One of them is Ice London, which is a powerful event that focuses all the best gaming suppliers. On planned in February 2022 of another edition of this event, there are over 35 thousand experts from around the world. The company currently has its own headquarters in the center of Stockholm.

Most popular slots from Elk Studios

Elk offers all tens of various games, each of which has an interesting, absorbing the story. An example of such a slot is Bloopers. The game campaign takes place in Hollywood, and more specifically on the film. The main characters of the film is a woman and a man, a gully similar to Barbie and Ken, at least looking at the face features or an impeccable figure. The most important game motif, however, are colorful hairy creatures working on production. They are dealing here with camera operation, making makeup or directing. I must admit that this is a pretty original idea for the plot of the game. The game has a standard for a slot size and offers several interesting additional options.

Another Wild Toro is the next told. His name can suggest much about her themes. Slot was created in the Spanish style. The main theme of the game is a battle of a man with a bull. The climate created in the game is also very interesting. Its campaign takes place on the market of a small town in Spain, which we can deduce after charming buildings in the background. We also see gentlemenes in hats and beautiful women in long dresses, which can in turn indicate a flourishing social life. The whole graphics was created in a fairytale, pleasant style. Slot won the EGR Operators Awards for the best game of 2017.

Respin Circus is another, worth story to the work of Elk Studios. The game will definitely delight everyone in terms of your color graphics, in which sweet animals dominate, balloons and variegated illuminating lights falling slowly. In the background we see a large, closed tent. A warm light beats from his center. The game symbol is hare in a clothing that invites us to enter the circus. Slot has several interesting additions diversifying the gameplay. These can be, among other things, free spins, re-spins or various types of multipliers. The game gives an exceptionally interesting impression and probably there is no person who could not convince her.

The next recommendation game is wine wines. The situation of 'Win' is one that always ends with winning, regardless of how we will. This is also the game, which this time is preserved in the known us from many other titles, casino climates. The mechanic and appearance of the game were inspired by casino automatons. The game has only three rows, while its symbols present a characteristic seven, bar symbols, diamonds and fruits, such as lemons, cherries or plums. In the background of the game we see fabulous, shiny background, which constantly changes its color. Topics and graphics do not belong to complex, but many more important than them are bonus games, thanks to which we can get even ten-fold multipliers to win or a few more spins.

We would like to tell you about the last game, it's Voodoo Gold. The slot should appeal in particular to those who above all appreciate in grows leading to goose skins at the climate of horror and horror. It definitely does not lack in Voodoo Gold, whose action takes place somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana. By playing, we take part in the mysterious Voodoo ritual, in which we can get a little precious gold. Characteristic elements of the game are ubiquitous skulls, cubes, crosses and even poison. In the game, special bombs are activated, the symbols are also enlarged, symbols Wild and a special avalan system that allows re-spins with every winning turn. There is Naturally a lot more additional modes, but you have to spend the game a moment to discover and try them all.

What distinguishes Elk Studios slots

The Games of Elk Studios are famous for its modern solutions and have a number of game control functions that are unique for their vending machines. The most important of them is probably the Betting Strategy menu. It gives players many different options and helps them get better control over the game. This can be turned on or off at any time, depending on the player's preferences. These strategies rely on a diverse rate. Instead of using a flat strategy, you can set if our rates are to automatically increase after losing or not. Increased rates reset while winning. We advise the players carefully use this option and monitor their bankroll. However, it is impossible, however, that the winnings often come across a series of losers, which is why automatic increase in the rate can have some sense.

The second feature is called Game ON. This is a small loyalty program that is automatically started when the player turns the machine drums 25 times using real money. The game then immediately pay us free spins. Whether this feature is used, of course, it depends on the operator, and not from Elk Studios. Perhaps players will only find it in selected casinos. In most cases, Elk Studios machines are extremely playable and provide a high level of entertainment. Even if players are not able to win a big money every time.

In addition, or recently, Elk Studios introduced a very exciting competition mode. A special table was created, in which every player is located. During the game in each of the games, we collect special points that determine the place in the ranking. Maybe for the individual place, however, most in this case, our position and superiority over players with fewer points should be counted for us. Some casinos rely on their tournaments on this function.

In addition to the aforementioned functions of the fans will certainly be able to recognize Games from Elk Studios thanks to graphics. All slots are extremely modern and graphics and animations made with extraordinary attention to detail. The slots of this company belong to the prettiest designed games on the market. Certainly, it can not be passed by indifferently.

Elk Studios games for mobile devices

Elk Studios, as a modern producer following the fashion, could not pass indifferently next to the competition, which has long optimized its games for portable devices. So Elk Studios also made each slot is also available on smartphones. It must be admitted that this art went to their programmers perfectly. Each slot is perfectly reduced to the necessary sizes, but it does not lose anything in terms of graphics, actions or any functionality.

Regardless of whether we will want a desktop computer to change to the phone, a tablet or a laptop, it will be possible every time. ELK Studios game are compatible with each operating system and browser. It gives a lot more opportunities, because we do not have to limit ourselves to playing at home. Instead, we can tire up at school, at the university, at work or in public transport, which in itself is a powerful force.

Bonuses and promotions for Games Elk Studios

As a producer cooperating with lots of casinos, his games often take part in many casino promotions. Some of them are very interesting and, most importantly, favorable welcome offers from which new players of a given platform may benefit. There may also be temporary promotions for games from Elk Studios. Currently, we have no information about the fact that one of the casino would decide to create a special, separate bonus for the games of this creator, but their games were also not excluded from any promotion.

This means that if a given promotion allows you to play selected slots, you can truly try your luck with Games Elk Studios. The same applies to a situation in which before the payment of possible, won funds, we will have to meet the trading terms specified by the manufacturer. The specified number of revolutions can be performed in any available Elk Studios slot.

In which casinos are Elk Studios games

Unfortunately, Elk Studios has a considerable competition on the market. Therefore, they currently have their games in a smaller number of casinos comparing this with industry giants like netten or microgaming. This is definitely understandable, because as you can guess, it is not easy to break through the Great World Casino. In spite of the unfavorable conditions, however, it is on a very good path to the game to be noticed, which will certainly result in the fact that its titles can be found in almost every casino.

For examples of these casinos, we can mention, among others, Betsafe, Betsson, Bob Casino or Zet Casino. Each of them is a very popular company, part belong to the better ones. In their offers there are all thousands of games from different companies. Among them are Elk Studios games, in which we can play stress. All these games are available not only on the regular, regular game, but also in the aforementioned bonuses. The availability of Elk Studios slots in casinos increases, industry awards and a great level of execution of their games makes an increasing number of casinos want to have their slots at home.

News from Elk Studios

On our site, we regularly report you about any casino new products. It is no different for interesting news of game creators, which we all love so much. Therefore, we recommend you to view their section in search of News from Elk Studios. Slots of this manufacturer are included in numerous promotions. Therefore, we are sure that they will also be regularly appearing and on our website in news.

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