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Divine Lotus


The game we have a pleasure to present you today, moves us into a different, much more interesting and more pleasant reality. The discussed slot is called Divine Lotus and is a slightly less known business market, thunderkick. Divine Lotus game was published in 2019. It consists of four rows and six drums. We will not find here any specified payment lines. They were replaced with a slightly different system that gives a total of 4096 winning combinations.

The machine is equipped with several additions such as Wild and Scatter symbols, but also a completely separate game mode, based on free revolutions. RTP Slot is exactly 96.14%. The game is of course its portable version and is available in many online casinos, such as betsson, betsafe i Casino Euro.

Basic information and topics of the game

The theme of the game can arouse many different associations. It is certain that the whole was created based on the Asian atmosphere. The dragons are an inseparable element, which, as we know, are associated with Chinese culture and mythology. This in China dragons was given to divine features, which were the denial of our European image of these creatures presented as infernal creatures carrying death and destruction.

Dragons, however, are not the only fantastic particle of the plot of the game. This was embedded in the surreal world, full of dragon eggs and suspended in the air of idyllic islands. Covered with lush vegetation and flowers, covered with numerous waterfalls, rock formations form a unique atmosphere, thanks to which it is very easy to calm down, calm down, and sometimes even lose.

The control of the game was placed at its bottom. It has a form of a single bar with a few options. On the right side there are buttons for a single rotation, automatic game (allowing 5 to 5,000 automatic spins) and selecting the rate of our future plants (where the lowest is 0.10, and the highest - 100.00 coins). On the left side of the screen there are buttons containing any useful options and settings (for example, volume of sound effects) and information on the principles of individual bonuses.

Symbols and rules of the game

The most important principle regarding Divine Lotus is that instead of classic winning lines, we have special configurations here. According to them, identical symbols must arrange each other in neighboring drums. This generally gives a lot more opportunities for victory, in this case there are more than four thousand. There are 11 ordinary symbols presenting dragons and letters. In addition, you can hit the Wild, Scatter symbols or flower symbols.

Below we present you the height of winning for each symbol. Each of them can be found from two to six times. These numbers are also changing depending on the stakes chosen by us, which is why we quote the exact values corresponding to the highest possible to choose the bet:

  • Symbol of the Golden Dragon: Win - 1,000, 650, 450, 240 and 100
  • Symbol of red pacifier - 500, 400, 260 and 120
  • Symbol of Yellow Pacuzzle - Win: 470, 360, 230 and 110
  • Symbol of Green Pacifier - Win: 450, 340, 180 and 100
  • Symbol of blue Pacuzzle - Win: 420, 300, 160 and 100
  • Literka A - Win: 340, 230, 110 and 40
  • Literka K - Win: 320, 210, 90 and 40
  • Literka Q - Win: 290, 180, 70 and 30
  • Literka J - Win: 270, 170, 70 and 30
  • Symbol 10 - Winning: 240, 160, 50 and 30
  • Symbol 9 - Win: 210, 150, 50 and 30

Divine Lotus distinguishing features

In the Divine Lotus game there are both Wild and Scatter symbols. The first of them have a standard function and replace all ordinary symbols by creating paid systems with them. Scatter, however, is responsible for a bonus game. If we find it on at least three different rows on it, a mode with free spins will be launched. The mode activation itself gives two turnover, but their number increases by 1 together with each subsequent symbol. In additional spin mode, you can also earn more.

Special symbol is called Mystery Lotus Symbol and appears in random moments of the game. It transforms into other symbols, except for poorly paid. If you appear in a bonus game, the symbol in which turned on, will be removed until its end. On the left side of the screen, a special scoop will show, filled with flowers symbols. At its end there are colored dragons that we need to unlock. With each filling of the scoop, another pacifier is removed, and we get one extra spin.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

In terms of look, the game is simply beautiful. A quite new world was created here. In the background of the game we see a few flying islets. In addition to vegetation, we can see buildings, resembling the specific architecture of Chinese temples or other traditional buildings. If you look good, below we will notice clouds, which may indicate that the whole was to be presented as a paradise. Indeed, the game is maintained in an extremely peaceful climate that works on us in a soothing way.

The music used in the game is very well affecting our senses. He is quiet, non-aggressive and gives the impression as if someone actually played for us on some Asian wooden instrument. In addition, it is worth mentioning animations that have been thought out in such a way as to maintain the whole being built.

Our opinion about Divine Lotus

In our opinion, Slot Divine Lotus is a great choice for those who do not treat games as something that is to provide them with a typical competition. We will therefore recommend this part of you who prefer to give up a peaceful game. Such an atmosphere will accompany us from turning on the game until late at night, when we break off from her. Some of you are probably fans of Chinese culture, which also include mythology, ideally presented in the game.

In addition, the slot can also delight in terms of Gameplayu. This is not another, boring game in which nothing is happening. It was tried to introduce an additional game mode, which successfully colored it.


Mobile Free spiny
So So
line Bonus
4096 No
Rollers Progressive
6 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.14% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.10 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
100 No
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
Tall No
- -

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