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Royal Gems


The title of Royal Gems sounds extremely proudly, which is why we decided to devote this game to a short moment. Slot is the production of Red Tiger, which belongs to the Swedish giant netent And it was created in June 2019. The game board consists of 64 elements placed in a grid with dimensions of 8 x 8 fields. Symbols do not arrange here in lines, only groups, allowing to multiply the rate up to 3000 times and the game for a rate of 0.20 to 20 euros. The game is available almost in every online casino (for example betsafe, betsson or Casino Euro). We will play it on all possible types of portable and stationary devices. It has also been specially optimized for mobile devices and also allows the game in a vertical screen.

Basic information and topics of the game

When starting a game at the Royal Gems, every time we have an impression that we have seen this slot anymore. This is probably due to the fact that its subject matter does not belong to exceptional. There are a lot of other slot machines, in which diamonds, gold or just, like here, the title jewels are celebrated. It is impossible to hide that the slot theme perfectly suits games of this kind, where it is primarily about winning money. The game's action is therefore in the Great Hall, after which immediately can be seen that the jewels are royal jewels. Behind the window we see the sky that changes its color depending on the time of day. However, the slot does not say any story and there are no story, equally well on the drums of the game could be classic casino fruits and players would not feel too much difference.

The game takes place on an unusual and large field, we have a grid 8 out of 8, which means that one-time on the game board there are as many as 64 symbols. The control of the game was arranged after two opposite sides of the screen. On the left, there is a button for single rotation to drums. On the left are the rate height settings (minimally 0.20 euro, maximum - 20 euros) and automatic gameplay (up to 100 spins or other, exactly a specific moment). At the top of the screen, there is a remaining number of coins, sound volume options and information on the rules of individual game bonuses.

Symbols and rules of the game

The basic game is based on special arrangements that are not clearly defined in advance. Combinations are based on the direct presence of identical symbols that connect to special groups. In addition to the usual mode, there are also two other, enlarged and changing symbols. Symbols are divided into stones with a higher win and card symbols with a lower win. Each of nine symbols can be found from 5 to 64 times. This depends on this is the height of our prize. Below are you the values of multipliers for each symbol. These numbers should be multiplied by the height of the selected rate to receive the exact height of the win:

Stone symbols:

  • Golden Stone - Numbers: 2x - 1500x
  • Red stone - multipliers: 0.5x - 500x
  • Purple Stone - Numbers: 0.4x - 300x
  • Blue stone - multipliers: 0.3x - 200x
  • Green stone - multipliers: 0.2x - 100x
  • Card symbols - Multiplier: 0.1x - 50x

Distinguishing features of Royal Gems

The first additional mode in the Royal GEMS game is called Super Gems. In practice, it's about enlarged symbols, whose sizes reach 2 × 2, 3 × 3 and even 6 × 6 fields. Each enlarged symbol breaks into individual symbols of standard sizes, located next to each other and arranging into configuration data.

The second addition to Locked Clusters. This bonus takes place every time a winning group of symbols will appear on the screen. These symbols are then blocked in their place, while the rest performs Re-Spin. This happens every time you have more symbols to existing combinations.

Another addition is the so-called Full Screen. It has a place when the screen is entirely covered with winning groups. The entire win, originating from each group, is multiplied twice. The last mode is Crown Upgrade. Activates in a random moment. The Gold Crown appears then, which changes a random group of symbols in better paid. Add-ons are interesting and allow for a real increase in wins.

Appearance, sound and audiovisual impressions

Royal Gems is a colorful, positive-looking slot. The game campaign takes place in a certain hall on which the end there is a great, open balcony overlooking the sky. From behind the barriers there are roofs of other buildings with typically cast iron architecture. The room is decorated with expensive fabrics, but the most important element is on the gold floor in very large quantities. Coins probably have the task to emphasize the fact that the gameplay is associated with a considerable win. In the background, we hear music, stylized on a medieval, but not very distinctive and definitely too quiet to bring anything to the game. The game animations are rather ordinary and give the impression, as if sometimes stitched, but it is possible to accelerate them with a single button.

Our opinion about Royal Gems

Royal Gems is a difficult title to submit a clear opinion. On the one hand, it is interesting in terms of the appearance of the game, which makes pleasure. Interestingly, mechanics are also used in it, at least for additives. These modes are four, of which they are dynamic and despite the apparent complexity, everything is still just sympathetic. On the other hand, its topics are unfortunately so much trapped that the first response to it may be to turn off the game. We do not have any motif here, plot or something that would attract us to the game. However, it is worth looking at Royal Gems as a good opportunity to multiply your resources. The game has quite high solvency, which is a great proposal both to start adventures with slots and its continuation.


Mobile Free spiny
So No
line Bonus
Cluster pays No
Rollers Progressive
8 No
RTP Symbole Wild
96.00% So
Min. Rate Autogra
0.20 So
Max. Rate Multiplier
20 So
Variability / Frequency of hits Symbole Scatter
- No
- -

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