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IgT casino compared and reviewed

IGT, which is an abbreviation from the International Game Technology is another supplier of casino software that we are going to you on our website. The company is very well-known and experienced, because it has been operating in the industry for many years, provides games for both on-line casinos and stationary casinos. As they write about themselves, they are one of the leading suppliers of solutions for the gaming industry. In this article, we will try to verify these announcements and check how it really looks the position and offer of IGT.

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3000+ IGT GIER.

On-line casino with IGT games

There are still a lot of online casinos that have a game of IGT. Some of them have been reviewed on our website. Examples of such casinos can be unibet whether Leo Vegas. As you can see, they are the leading casino on-line world. IGT appears only in the most prestigious places, this company does not cooperate with weak.

View exactly our list of recommended casinos, you will also find there those who support Games of IgT, including the Pula Megajackpots.

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1000 USD in bonuses
1000 USD
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  • Unibet is one of the most famous brands in the world of casinos and sports betting, it has been existing for 20 years and supports nearly 16 million customers

IGT history

The history of the longest-acting suppliers of On-Line casinos reaches the last 20 years. We have a mystery for you, think about a moment and think how long IgT can work. If you set the date from the beginning of the 90s, you're in a thick error. The INTERNATIONAL GAME TECHNOLOGY PLC company has been founded in ... 1950s of the last century. Of course, nobody then heard about online casinos or the internet at all, the origins of the company were based on the owner being built by the owner, Mr. William-A 'Si' Redd-and playing wardrails and Pinball machines. Then he moved in the early 1960s to Reno in Nevada.

Then, the still Raccoon Las Vegas recorded a period of mad development. The proximity of this Mecca gambling caused that the company's business in a natural way began to drift towards gambling. And so, in the early 1970s, SirComa was created (which is an abbreviation from Si Redds Coin Machines). It was a machine that allows you to play video poker on the screen. Today, it seems almost obvious, but in those days and at that technology, playing cards with a computer on the screen was a real revolution.

This machine was so popular that International Game Technology debuted in 1981 on the stock exchange. However, they did not intend to stop and invested in new technologies. Such technology was the microprocessors that interested very much. Thanks to them, it was possible to create in the 80s of the first electronic one-armed bandit.

Nevada Megabucks was a real revolution. Running in 1986, the first progressive jackpot in history with a pool of 1 million dollars. He acted in stationary casinos and became a big success that until today IgT is one of the largest machines suppliers to these casinos. Thanks to this and other successes, the company continued its expansion, buying smaller and promising companies along the way, such as British Barcrest. Then they were turned on as a branch to the company's structure.

In 2000, the expansion was continued, but completely rightly, the company's management considered that this internet is the future of the industry. Therefore, together with the acquisition of Wagerworks, now also their branches, the IGT company eventually got to the online casino industry. Many of their popular casino gaming machines have been adapted to online use, extending the activity to a completely new area, which was extremely rapidly developing, in those times, the Internet.

In 2014 IGT was taken over by GTech, the Italian giant gaming industry. IGT was bought for a stunning amount of 6.4 billion dollars. Interestingly, it was decided that the company will continue its activity as the International Game Technology PLC instead of being swallowed by GTECH. Currently, IgT employs about 12,000 employees around the world, with the headquarters in Nevada, London and Rome, has assets worth about $ 15 billion.


Games: 3000+
Founded: 1974
License: United Kingdom (UKGC)
Languages: English
Waluta: Euros, British pounds sterling, US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Denmark kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Australian zlotys, Czech Republic korunas, Swiss francs, Bulgarian leva, Romanian lei, Mexican Peso, Argentine peso, South African rand, Hungarian forint, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Brazilian real, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, Icelandic krónur, Japanese yen, Indian rupees, New Zealand dollars, Chinese Yuan

Portfolio gier in

As you already know the company's history, it started its activity as a manufacturer of machines that were inserted into normal casinos. Perhaps, visiting such a way you come to the vending machine. We will focus today on games that are offered by IGT on-line. An interesting fact is that from thousands of games that released as ordinary machines, a large part has been directly transferred to the network and today you can also meet them in some online casinos.

Slots - Almost impossible to imagine any company creating software for casinos and any casino without slots. Also IGT created their literally thousands, all his story, since they began to create one-armed bandits for Casino in Nevada. Thanks to the fact that they were simply the first in the industry, usually they answered most of the innovation and the rest of companies tried to imitate them.

In later times, when on-line games began to dominate, the advantage of this company was no longer so important, but also have many classics and extremely popular with title players. Some of these are, for example, games such as Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Sherlock Holmes - The Hunt for Blackwood, The Dark Knight, Star Trek, Orange Is The New Black, Fire Horse, Bridesmaids, Family Guy or Balloons.

As you can see there are a lot of games on the official license. We meet famous from Hollywood, TV series or games. The company has considerable capital, which is why the purchase of the official license does not constitute a problem for it, they try to use transferring the brand known to the entire world of casino games. Of course, this is not everything and usually try to combine it with a modern performance and graphics, some additional bonuses or an interesting gameplay. Although other developers do not do not void, Games from IGT are a favorite choice of many players for many years.

Table games - They are also in the IGT repertoire. The selection of tableware or card games in the company's offer does not perhaps perhaps dizziness, but it is sufficient for an average player who should always choose something interesting here. And yes, they belong to it such proposals as blackjack, popular roulette varieties, or favorite agent game 007 - baccarat. In addition, we have various varieties of poker and several rooms with games such as bones, Sic Bo, or Pai Gow. Interestingly, we will not find a bone in their offer.

Video poker and other games - Well, taking into account the company's history and the fact that De Facto has created this game, it is difficult to expect that the online issue there will be no video poker. Also on the web offer this game in really many varieties. Other suppliers have copied some of their solutions, which is why the IGT game look very similar to this competition, but still the company remains a leader on the NIVA video poker. They also offer other games such as Bingo or Keno.

Progressive Jackpots from IGT

As we mentioned in the History section. The company was made by launching one of the first Jackpotes, specifically Nevada Megabucks Jackpot in Las Vegas casinos. These were quite ancient times, but today, after moving their offer to the Internet, they also allow players to acquire millions of winnings.

In their games, they are still using MegajackPots, which has several of their games, including:

  • Siberian Storm
  • Cleopatra
  • Wolf Run
  • Isle of Plenty
  • Star Lanterns

The sums that fall in these games belong to very decent, because it often manages players to win after several hundred thousand dollars, there were also cases of over 1 million winnings, so as you can see, Pules here can be quite good.

A curiosity is also the fact that Megabucks continues to work in stationary casinos in Nevada. On the IGT page you can find their list and location. Currently, there are over 10 million dollars in the Jackpot Pula! If you plan to visit Las Vegas, necessarily add a Jackpot Megabucks to your list. IGT also has other jackpots such as Wheels of Fortune, which also give millions winnings, can not play casinos throughout the United States.

Cleopatra Megajackpots. €641 470 PLAY
Siberian Storm MegaJackpots €641 470 PLAY
Isle of Plenty €641 470 PLAY
MegaJackpots Isle O Plenty €564 320 PLAY
Megajackpots Cleopatra. €564 320 PLAY
MegaJackpots Siberian Storm €564 320 PLAY

Other products

Yes, we mentioned, in addition to slots and on-line card slots and games, it is very active in stationary casinos, where it has engines and how you could read higher, also jackpots with huge pools. However, this is not all, although the company is not in its offer live tables or any live casino, but it offers several other products.

First of all, the platform for poker game. It is no longer so shown as before, however, players around the world are playing in poker from IGT. The company also offers a sports betting platform that can implement various casinos.

In addition, they have various types of lotteries in their offer. And now note, because it will probably be a surprise, this American company has a rebranding and designing a system for ... a Australian sports totalizer! As we can read on their site, for several years an extremely popular Lotto system in Australia is based on their solutions and software.

IgT games on a cell

For several years, along with the development of the Mobile Mobile Mark, he is very widely investing in cells. The effect of this was first to optimize their older games for displaying on cells and now new titles are issued already in HTML 5, modern and light technology, which works just like both on a computer and a mobile device.

Of course, you have to remember that for the years which IgT was in business, they released literally thousands of games. Part is a direct game port available on automatons in casinos. Probably the development of parts from these old titles has already been abandoned and maybe we will never see them on cells. Players, however, should not complain about the lack of new impressions, because new mobile games are published regularly.

Trust and security

IGT games meet the highest standards of safety, reasons for this is a few. The company itself is licensed in the UK and on Alderney. He also has his actions on NYSE, i.e. a Stock Exchange in New York. Besides, as you already know, the company started its business in the 1950s of the last century and simply has no option for a company with such a rich tradition that was somehow dishonest.

All their games are thoroughly tested as to the randomness, both those who are in ordinary casinos and those websites. There were never the smallest complaints, many very well-known casinos have their games at home and they never created security problems. You also need to remember that IGT games are licensed and thus expensive, which is why they appear only in the most prestigious casinos, which additionally, in our opinion, raises the credibility of the company itself.

Bonuses and promotions

Very regularly you can meet promotions for IGT games in various casinos. Of course, online casinos also offer a number of bonuses and you can often find free spins on IGT machines, usually these games that are just entered into the offer. That is why you most often come across special promotions that are run every time a new IgT slot will be released, and these appear fortunately regularly.

One of the online casinos offering this kind of promotions is MR Green, described very widely on our website. Perhaps sometimes you will be able to win a quite a lot of cash in a tournament or promotion when a new game will be added to the offer.

News about IGT

Try to regularly view our News section if you want to find more information about International Game Technology and new products from this interesting company. Although it is quite a century, a giant employing a lot of people and regularly releasing new games, hence new interesting games and promotions will certainly not be missing.

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