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Casino Jackpots

In online casinos, we meet various types of slots, but one of the most popular types are progressive jackpots that are also called Jackpotes or Cumulations. In Pract ...More Info

In online casinos, we meet various types of slots, but one of the most popular types are progressive jackpots that are also called Jackpotes or Cumulations. In practice, we can find them on offer 99% on-line casinos, it is very different from each other. The height of wins in these games can be very small, it can also be record and be millions of euros. In this article, you will learn everything that the self-respecting casino player should know about Jackpotes, their types, the way they work and, which probably the most important ones that are won there.

What are progressive jackpots?

At the beginning of this article it would be explained to explain what progressive jackpots are and that's what we will try to do. Many developers headed by companies such as Microgaming, NET ENT, Playtech, IGT or Yggdrasil Gaming has a progressive Jackpota in its wide range.

Speaking in a big briefly progressive jackpots are ordinary slots that simply add a part of betting money to the overall pool. This pool, with time grows, hence the progressive name, usually every game in a given slot may add from 1% to 3% of the money youth in a given game for the general Jackpot pool. This pot, it will sooner or later a happy player who will achieve a suitable combination in the game.

In addition, progressive jackpots are slots, practically the same as other one-armed bandits, have the same win lines and you can regularly win smaller and medium amounts. However, the real reason why most players take here to the game are incredibly high winnings that light up the imagination of players. Naturally, it works in this way that the bigger Jackpot, the harder it is to release it, which is natural, because in the game there must be some grading of the difficulty that the winnings can reach a large level.

Types of progressive jackpots

Although progressive jackpots are promptly similar to each other, we can distinguish several different types of these games. Usually, most of them can be qualified for one of 3 categories, these are:

Single jackpots - Thanks to these slot machines, you have one individual game that has one or more progressive thresholds that are slowly increasing thanks to the contributions from individual plants. What's very important, these jackpots are not associated with others in the same or other online casino. Therefore, it usually means that these jackpots tend to grow rather slowly and dryly. Depending on the casino in which you play, the amount of the chief jackpot pool you can win will be different every time. An example of such individual jackpots are Divine Fortune or Cosmic Fortune from the Swedish stable of NET ENT, many less popular casinos and those that have a weakly developed Jackpot offer puts on individual jackpots.

Combined / Inside-Casino Jackpots - here generally it is about a few games in a given casino or a casino network, for example, the same company that are combined, it is one pot on which players consist of playing in different games in the same or different casinos, all of them consist On a combined, large win, typically much larger than a single jackpot, where there is only one game. Therefore, the pool is growing here quite quickly. An example of such connected jackpots is Jackpot Mega Wonders. It occurs in three games, namely Icy Wonders, Geisha Wonders and Tiki Wonders, which we can find in various popular casinos. Although the subject of these games is out of goals, others are players in them consist of one big pot, which someone takes every few weeks.

Network Jackpots - The last kind of jackpots, the most popular, because with the biggest winnings are network progressive jackpots. Examples of such games are known to all Mega Moolah players, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods or Arabian Nights, all of them created the most well-known company in the industry, or Swedish Net Entertainment. What are they connected? For these progressive jackpots consist of players playing around the world in hundreds, if not thousands of casinos. This makes winnings come here to millions of euros! The record winnings fell to a slave of a player from Finland, who in the game Mega Fortune won in 2013 16.9 million euros! We hope that these sums will allow you to illustrate the true power of network jackpots.

How it's working?

We have already discussed how different types of jackpots work, but not all games with Jackpot act in the same way. Basically, all progressive jackpots are slots that require a decision on the rate first, and then simply rotates and you have a chance to win if you hit a rare combination. In some of these slot machines, the chance to win the main Jackpot pool increases with the rate, but sometimes it is constant. In most games only the highest possible bet will win a full pool of a given jackpot. Lower rates cause a lower percentage only part of the available jackpot.

And so, for example, popular jackpots as Mega Fortune or Mega Fortune Dreams after reaching the required slot combination allow you to play in a special bonus game. This is the famous wheel of Fortuna. You will kill it a few or a dozen times and you have a chance for the main win.

Other games to grab a full progressive jackpot usually require a single-headed bandit drums to lay down one, rare and difficult to achieve a combination. The more rare symbols you hit the greater part of the jackpot you can win. If you hit them all, the full million-way pool lands on your casino account, and you become a very rich man.

Most popular titles

It is not difficult to guess that the most popular progressive Jackpots are those that offer the players the biggest winnings. There is probably no casino that has at least a few games with Jackpot. We will now look at the most popular titles available in casinos around the world with division into developers.

Share and rule the popular NET ENT company, which has progressive jackpots such as: Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, Divine Fortune, Cosmic Fortune, Super Lucky Frog or Mega Wonder Jackpots. These are absolute classics, the pools reach here several or a dozen million euros.

No less popular jackpots also have a British Microgaming on his account. They are responsible for games such as Mega Moolah or Mega Moolah Isis, Major Millions, King Cashalot, Tunzamunni and Fruit Fiesta. Mega Moolah gave a record winner who was recorded in the World Book of Guinness Records. One of the players won as many as 17 million euros, for now, it was the highest recorded on-line casino winnings in the world.

Also, other less popular producers do not have enough with their production. IGT has a Jackpot game in its offer such as: MegajackPots (Siberian Storm, Cleopatra and others).

Yggdrasil Gaming posiada jackpoty takie Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Empire Fortune, Joker Millions.

Playtech's offers Jackpot Giant, Spamalot, Gladiator or Beach Life. Of course, these are just some examples. Almost any of the respective developers have some progressive jackpots in their portfolio and exchanging all of them would take too much time.

How to win?

This is obviously a question that everyone probably affects themselves. As we have already mentioned more than once and not two, sometimes the higher rate will increase your chance to win a full jackpot. But besides, you must admit that there is no other prescription to win a progressive jackpot. Usually it is simply a matter of only happiness or a bit of a large number of attempts.

As the Jackpot's pool increases, the naturally increases the chance that it will eventually win earlier or later for some happier. Many progressive jackpots, sometimes there are seven-digit amounts before someone wins between 2 and 10 million euros. This is the average and must be admitted that these amounts are really impressive. Just think about how much the winner could change your life - a holiday in an exotic country every week? Nothing easier. Houses, cars - whatever you dream would be to pull your hand.

This is obviously associated with some speculation. However, it usually means that sometimes start the game when Jackpot is still quite small is less profitable from entering when the pool is several hundred thousand or even millions of euros. Of course, you should count on the fact that many players can think in a rather similar way, that is, enter only when a high progressive pool is reached. For those largest wins, counted in millions of Euro, the tendency is that someone wins them every few weeks, but this is not a rule and sometimes the main win does not rain for a very long time, elevating a pot to very high levels. It stimulates the imagination of players and play a given game particularly often.

Hence, these highest winnings can be difficult to hit, but nothing is impossible. Happiness comes in the least suitable moment and maybe you will become a happy winner. We cheer you with all my heart, perhaps you can hit a full pot in one of the casinos we recommend on our website.

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