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Athletic Totalizator will have an internet casino

This is an extremely important and interesting information, for all game lovers in online casinos who live in Australia. Athletic Totalizator, a company owned by a state that has a monopoly to organize lottery lottery and euro jackpot launches the first 100% legal Internet casino in Australia.

Thanks to the liberalization of the law regarding gambling, it has become possible to offer gambling broadcasters through the Internet. For now, this Sporty Totaliser who is DE FACTO to the State Company will achieve the first such project, a partner to do not know what, because the execution of the order will take care of PlayTech Services and playtech Software.

As you can learn from the description of this company on our site, PlayTech is a world-leading software, system and services and casino games. The operator operating for nearly 20 years is one of the best possible choices when it comes to creating the first "National" on-line casino.

Changes in law

We think that choosing such an experienced partner will offer customers the future casino entertainment at the highest level, we also hope that soon the law will be even more liberalized and the course of time, also other Australian entities will be able to run their online casinos, where players will be able to play Fully legally and pay taxes on their winnings.

A large curiosity is also that the government has stopped fighting the industry of slot machines or so-called "one-armed bandits". This fight was doomed to failure, because people simply like to play on this type of machines, hence you can not surprise that despite the ban, new points were created where players could play on machines.

Instead of fighting for strength with this industry, it was decided to go to mind and legalize it. Here also take over a sports totalizator, a company will soon launch a network of dozens of game salons in about 50 Australian cities, for starters! There will be a steady game vending machines offering slots or other types of games, which we have so far could only play in casinos, which in Australia is relatively little because their opening is covered with many shares. It is said that even 35,000 slot machines can be launched throughout Australia in the perspective of the next few years.

Once you are planned to launch the first Australian online casino?

In the tender for e-casino, the date of the turn of the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2018 is recorded. Hence, we can expect it around September if there are no additional delays. For sure, the project is very complex and comprehensive, so you can not surprise that the launch of such a system must take a while, but we believe that we will also see a refined and interesting product to expect us all.

We believe that such an experienced company like Playtech, which has many successful execution simply, simply can not spoil this. We can assure you that we will monitor the situation and describe you all progress, leaks and speculations. The first Australian e-casino is an incredibly interesting matter and certainly on our site you will see his reviews as soon as you can register there.

If you have additional questions, we strongly encourage you to us.