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Penguin City, nowy slot od Yggdrasil Gaming

A few days ago, we had the premiere of a new machine from Yggdrasil Gaming, it is called Penguin City and is very interesting, for this reason we decided to present him here. Penguin City, or literally explaining the city of penguins is a story about these small animals that are kept in captivity at a powerful emperor who ... it processes them on dishes in boxes.

The game is maintained on Chinese climates. It starts with a great animated intrep like all games from Yggdrasil, where one of the penguins is not happiness and goes to the machine that packs it into the box. Slot is placed in something on the shape of a market stall, from which the roof hangs Chinese lanterns, the penguins themselves also sometimes stroll in the background. Its execution stands at a high level in terms of graphics and sound. In the game itself, we have symbols of dishes, ramen or soy sauce and everything is accompanied by a nice Asian music. However, when we hit the Wild symbol on the other or fourth column, we will include a special bonus game.

This is the so-called penguin escape mode - you get free re-spins here thanks to which you save penguins from destruction and get them as long as you win something on the drums when you stop coming back to the normal game mode. This is a great variety of the game. There are also "Emperor Stacked Wild", which after drawing is on drums in subsequent rounds and allows you to get greater winnings.

Technically, it is worth mentioning that RTP new JGGDrasil Gaming slot is 96.2% and the maximum winning 164700 units. The game is available on all platforms, both Apple, Android and Windows. We strongly encourage you to test it and wish you have fun in rescuing nice penguins and of course high winnings.

More about Yggdrasil Gaming

If you are a fan of games from Yggdrasil Gaming or you are simply interested in their offer necessary to read our Description of the company YGGDrasil Gaming. There you will be briefly described by the story of this company, you will read about their other known and less well-known productions and familiarize yourself with the company's vision that allows them to create such a unique game.

Ygddrasil Gaming is a Swedish studio that was created in July 2013, this company very strongly puts on innovation because their games are very modern and advanced graphically. For its innovative approach, the company will collect a year after a year a number of industry prizes.

Where to play in Penguin City?

Although the slot from Yggdrasil is completely fresh, it has already hit many popular on-line casinos, including several, which for various reasons, especially recommend on our site. And for example, Penguin City already have such brands as:

Good Good - relatively young, but well advise on the market

betsafe - Real veterans with a well-known brand, but as you can see quickly adaptable news

Cadoola - another relatively new, but a great dealing brand, have a very high bonus, where you can get over 2,000 zlotys

These are, of course, only some of the casinos that have a new game of Penguin City, there are naturally a lot of them, much more. It is worth checking if your favorite casino also did not add it, perhaps due to the new title you will get some free spins on it?

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