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Rise of Olympus, nowy slot od Play’n GO

Rise of Olympus is the latest slot from Play'n Go. The whole was created based on Greek mythology. It must be admitted that this subject is quite interesting and it would be hard to find other games with a similar motif.

The game takes place on a 5 × 5 grid, and the game itself consists in matching individual symbols to each other. On the panel below the game, select the height of the plant for which we want to play. This can be from 0.2 to up to 100 coins. On the right, we have the opportunity to play a single spin and spins automatically performed by the computer. When it comes to the latter, we can determine their number in settings.

Now, when we turn the drum, identical symbols must arrange not in paid lines and in groups. This will give us a win, after which the winning symbols will be removed. The ones that were over them are falling down, thanks to which subsequent symbols can arrange in groups. These groups may consist of three, four or five corresponding symbols, and these can arrange vertically or horizontally.

Here are accurate prizes:

  • Wild - Win: 100, 6 or 2
  • Zeus, Poseidon and Hades - Win: 20, 2 or 0.60
  • Different symbols of Gods - Win: 10, 1 or 0.40
  • Yellow and Red Symbol - Win: 6, 0.60 or 0.30
  • Green and Blue Symbol - Win: 4, 0.40 or 0.20

Of course, the Rise of Olympus game has not been devoid of bonuses. One of them is the hand of God. This is an option generated randomly in spins in which there are no wound systems. On the right side of the game, we see the active God. Each of them has a different power, so gives us different bonuses. Hades transforms the entire set of symbols in a different symbol. Poseidon adds one or two Wild symbols to the grid. Zeus destroys two groups of symbols and removes them, which gives you a chance to appear on the emergence of new combinations.

Another bonus is Wrath of Olympus. He gives free spins. On the left side of the game grid there is a special round counter. This meter has three sections that must be filled to get free spin. If the divine symbols arrange in winning configurations, the counter will start to fill. Five layouts will fill all three sections, four - two sections, and three - one.

If you manage to remove the entire grid from symbols, free spins will be started. You now have to choose from one of three options. Hades gives four free spins, Poseidon gives five, and Zeus eight. The active hand of God function connects to the selected option. That is, for example, Poseidon will be chosen, you will get one or two Wild symbols to any non-zooming spin. Each subsequent win increases the multiplier, which in effect can bring a winner increased by as much as 20x.

Rise of Olympus is a work Swedish Play'n Go. Established In 1997, the software supplier in 2004 began to create its own casino games. Unfortunately, this company does not have a wide range of games for a moment to be able to fill the offer of any casino. However, its success consists in creating professional tools giving the opportunity to completely modify the contents of the game. Therefore, games from Play'n go on the lists of many popular and high-rated casinos.