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Berryburst Max - New Netent Slot

Summer is certainly a season for various types of fruit like berries or raspberries. Juicy Leśbe fruits are also ready for consumption in the latest Berryburst machine from Netent. Berryburst is also a debut of a new game line in Netent products. As Netent is the most influential company that produces casino games, all their new products are following special attention, because often the competition replicates their solutions.

More about the game

Berryburst is a classic "fruit" slot full floating and variable fruity fragments in a 5-reel, a 3-row video machine. Contains a repeatedly award-winning Cluster Pays mechanics, which is the original NET ENT technology. Thanks to it, players can see great winnings not only in lines, but simply clusters that make data symbols. Together with her, there is also a very extensive RE-spin mechanism on all 5 drums.

The game itself as most fruit slots do not tell us any story and there is no story. The symbols make fruits like raspberries, mandarins, grapes or lime. Overall, classic. As we mentioned, there is no winning line here, they are clusters, there are also expanding wilders that give us re-spins.

Berryburst Max, which is a sister title expanding the attractiveness of a new game, offering a much larger win potential using the same mechanics of Netent as a standard version.

New Netent Max series

The latest Berryburst Max slot is also interesting, because it is a precursor of the new NET ENTA product line, or max. What is this? Well, from the recently, they seem their slots in two versions at the same time, i.e. normal and max.

As we mentioned Berryburst will be the first game from the Max series, which will be released as a "double" game. The idea of the Max Game Series is to offer great impressions with both accidental players, so-called casualows and those who are looking for greater volatility but also larger wins in their games.

Both versions of games have a similar percentage return to the RTP player and the game mechanic, but the MAX version offers a chance to higher winnings. This usually means that the MAX winnings will be rarer, but the chance for large winnings will be appropriately higher. The new Max series is therefore directed to more professional casino players that do not take a series of defeats, but they are waiting for one big win.

This is the first premiere of Games from the Max A Netent series, it is certainly very interesting how things will now take. However, the goal is to provide casin and players what they want. In recent years, vending machines are generally towards the higher RTP and higher payments, but not everyone wants high volatility. Especially ordinary, normal players can simply want a free casual game, but not everyone goes to the casino after very high high winnings.

As the Netent Representative says, Henrik Fagerlund cited on their site: "We are sure that the issues issued by us will add a new dimension of our and so popular offer and we are pleased to increase the level of the game for players."

We also hope that our Berryburster review where we looked at him closer and also a new line of Max products, found recognition in your eyes. Remember that you can always play Berryburst Max and great Netent games in many casinos described on our website.

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