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Record winner in American lottery

Already on Tuesday, a great accumulation in the American Lottery Mega Millions. A record sum of over $ 1.5 billion will be waiting for the winner, i.e. unimaginable money, this is about 5 and half a billion zlotys, i.e. absolutely unconscious sum. Of course, minus taxes and various other issues, because the winner will never receive total sum. In any case, these money is huge if they compare them to the rest of other wins. The record still lacks but one and a half billion already fell 2 years ago in the United States in the form of winning. Already on the next Tuesday, a record of winning in the history of American numerical games can be aligned.

There were a lot of big winnings, but a question mark is created when someone wins if no one will win the pool will still grow and it will also be interesting. 15 23 53 65 70 and Mega Ball - 7 - these are numbers that have failed to choose the players during the last draw.

The main win was not hit from July this year. However, the task is not too easy, and mathematics never lies. A chance for correct selection is 1 to over 302 million, i.e. extremely low. And what is particularly interesting when it comes to American lotteries, the fact that the United States is so that there is almost always that the public is the one who won, or his name and surname of the winner.

Lucky are anonymous in a few in the states. In fact, only in 8 out of 51. In a few places, the winners can enjoy anonymous and sacred calm, because in the United States people often refer to the right to access public documents

Recognizing that these are public information, because even won in state lotteries come from the state budget so citizens have the right to know how it all is organized on what this money is issued what's going on with them. For this reason, this kind of postulate and also this money that they are obtained from those who buy fate are involved in lottery goes, for example, to public expenditure such as education, such as infrastructure or such as healthcare.

This is definitely risky for those who win. There were already such cases in the United States that those who won me meet and met their various types of tragedy like a robbery, a robbery and even death.

The possible lottery winner will have no problem also with how to pick up your win. He will have to quickly decide about the way he will be paid to his win. In the case of a one-time transfer, it will not receive the entire amount, i.e. forecasted over one and a half billion dollars, and only about 901 million dollars. Of course, he also had to pay tax on this money additionally. There is also the possibility of paying the entire winnings. Money is then paid for 30 years.

Win a lottery Mega Millions, which operates in 44 American states, in the capital District of Colombia and on the Virgin Islands they can only Americans, us Poles, only Lotto remains, where sometimes there are huge accumulation, but we can only dream about comparable amounts.