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Totalizator Sports launches a new Ilotto service

Changes on the Australian market gambling continued. This time, a sports totalizator intends to enter the market with a new service and run the sale of lotto games over the Internet and a completely new mobile application in November this year. For now, the press office of the Sports Totalizer is very economical in words and unfortunately does not reveal a large number of details, but it provides that soon it will present relevant information on the functioning of their new platform called ilotto.

This is certainly great information for users who are lottery fans of Lotto, Euro Jackpot and scratchback, all of them, thanks to Ilotto they will be able to play their favorite games without leaving home. What's more, the new application will certainly allow a sports totalizer to reach a larger number of potential customers who either do not use the services offered by the company, because nearby do not have a point from which you can play, or who simply do not have time to visit In a collect. The release of a coupon from a smartphone will definitely be easier than a trip to the totalizator's outlet. We are waiting impatiently for more information about the new Ilotto platform, especially since technological solutions allowing its functioning available for a long time and for our western border it has been operating for many years.

Subsequent new products soon

The Ilotto platform will move in November present year. The iLotto application and platform, however, are not the only amenities for which a sports totalizator is working. Another novelty that will be introduced to the Lotto offer will be non-cash payments in the collectors of this company. It is still expanded to be able to make non-cash payments in points.

"So if it comes to payment with payment cards, from February this year our clients have the option of payment by cards and through applications in all (a total of over 870) of own Lotto sales points. It can also be paid in more than 400 points of such commercial networks as: INMEDO, LTR, Relay, Szorti or Totolotek and at the CARREFOUR Super and Hypermarkets. Implementation in subsequent networks is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018. " - Explains in one of the interviews Aida Bella, a spokeswoman for a sports totalizer.

Then Aida Bella acknowledges that: "There are also works on the integration of the payment terminal with the Lotto sales system - thanks to this, it will also be possible to pay in individual sports totalizator partners. It's about entrepreneurs who run their own retail and service outlets. There are over 10,000 such points in Australia, and yet the only option of payment for lotto games in such facilities remains cash. Since 2019, the successive implementation of integrated payment terminals for this type of collect is planned.

Due to the very extensive sales network (over 17,000 points), which is distracted, the completion of non-cash payments in all Lotto points is planned by the end of 2022. "

Another novelty is announced by Totalizator Sporty online casino to move at the end of this year. Work on this system is a little dragging and it is not known whether it will be introduced about time, but this is a very serious undertaking and it is not known to the end whether we will not see further delays here.