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Cuda Egyptu - New Betsafe Promotion

Many of you probably love ancient Egypt. Today is also a very common and extremely attractive location that millions of people around the world peel to the direction of their holiday travel. This is an interesting country that combines both beautiful typical recreation areas and above all unique architecture. As for the second, in Egypt there is really what to admire - I do not have such majestic buildings in any other corner of the Earth, which are the Egyptian pyramids. The most important of them are Cheops and Chefren's pyramid. Condensing multicolet corridors are cured by a mystery whose solutions as humanity are not even close. Some believe that extraterrestrial forces have contributed to their construction.

Of course, many people fascinated with rich culture, art and probably, most importantly, the mythology of Egypt. Thanks to this, thousands of works based on this theme are created. Beginning with books, through movies and ending with games. Today, however, we are going to focus on this last group. Betsafe, or a very well-known casino and bookmaker recently introduced a promotion to Egyptian slots. She wears the name of the Egyptian miracle and is based on the game in three slots about the outstanding epic theme. With its framework, we collect points playing Book of Immortals, Eye of the Amulet, Scrolls of Ra. These points directly translate into our place in a special ranking. From a place in this table, cash prizes, whose total pool is as much as USD 40,000!

Each time during the game in the previously given titles, for each rotated 4 USD, we get 1 point. The first 50 people, which up to April 3, 2019 will gain the most points, will be awarded a certain sum. The main win will amount to USD 6,000, while lower places will turn 5000, 4000, 3000, 2500, 600, 400 and 300 USD. The ranking of 100 best players will be given. The promotion includes people who have an active account registered in Australia. They will be in the ranking that will be automatically completed and displayed, also available from each of each of the three games. Interesting in the promotion is that the cash won paid will be transferred directly to the player's account, and will not be subject to any turning conditions. This means that when only the desire to pay the winners, it will be possible immediately, without the need for further play.

Some of us will definitely dream about leaving Sunny Egypt, especially in this early Russian and still a bit cool period of year. Such a trip, however, does not belong to the cheapest and probably not everyone can just afford it. Instead of consisting of heavy thousands to foreign and maybe a bit dangerous journey, maybe better to play casino slots? Who knows, maybe we'll take a high place in the Betsafe ranking and no money for Egyptian holidays will stop being a problem anymore?

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