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Record winnings in the Eurojackpot lottery

Gambling are certainly able to bring a lot of money for a happy winner. We have recently described on our site recently recorded in bookmakers, where one player won over half a million zlotys putting on the promotion of Liverpool in the Champions League. Now, however, we report a much larger one. This eurojackpot lottery fell in the lottery was considered a record in the entire history of gambling in Australia. It was exactly USD 193 396 500! Does impression, right?

Friday 10 May 2019 turned out to be a happy day for a player residing in the Piotrkow Poviat in the Łódź Voivodeship. It concluded that day a plant at Lotto forto the amount of only USD 12.50. The EurojackPot lottery game works so that we bet five numbers from fifty possible and two additional numbers from ten. Traditionally, we delight our favorite numbers on the Burnet or we play on the so-called missed, where the machine draws our factory.

Interestingly, this is not the main prize in the Eurojackpot lottery. For this astronomical day of USD 390,000,000 (which corresponds to EUR 90,000,000). However, because of the two main winnings (including one we write in Australia) are divided by half. In spite of everything, the winner and so he gained a good sum of USD 193 396 500 (which corresponds to exactly 45,000,000). It's a lot of winning that those who have previously fell in the history of our country have not even approached its level. The previous record of winning in a cash lottery was exactly USD 36 726 210.20, she was obtained by hitting the winning combination in Lotto, and this took place in 2017 in Skrzyszów.

What is EurojackPot? This game will very much remind our domestic lotto, with the fact that the prizes are much larger here. In each subsequent draw, the guaranteed pool for the first-cycle win is about 10 million euros or 43 million zlotys. In addition, this game was founded in 2012 and brings together a large number of European countries in addition to Australia, including Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands or Sweden.

In EurojackPot you can play in one of the thousands of lotto collectors scattered throughout our country or on the Internet. In each draw there is a chance to guarantee USD 43,000,000. Maybe you will try happiness?