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4 New games from Wazna

At recently completed Casinobeats Summit Firmit, Wazan presented its latest productions, or Slots Power of GodS ™: The Pantheon, Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith ™, Butterfly Lovers ™ and Neon City. This year's Casinobeats SUMMIT trade fair took place on 17-20 September in the Olympia London hall. This event focuses on all aspects of online casinos. At the fair, the greatest creators of games and other software, people associated with companies allowing payments, operators and even government representatives meet. Game providers can praise here with their latest works. That's how he just did a wazan, which we like to describe so much on our site because of the Australian roots of this company.

More about Wazan

Wazan is one of many suppliers of all kinds of online casino games. This company stands out on the background of the residue a great quality almost every slot that creates. The company team belongs to people with passion for games, which of course you can see at every step. Their mission is to constantly bring joy and sun to life players who treat games really seriously. Probably it was mainly that the approach provided them with such a great popularity.

Power of Gods™: The Pantheon


Power of GodS ™: The Pantheon is the first of four newly presented games. Its themes are devoted to ancient Greece. Slot has the size of five drums, while the winnings defines the presence of 20 payment lines. Three quite modern options were introduced here, each of which is associated with acquiring free spins. In addition, the Wild symbol also occurs. The game is characterized by a really nice graphic, symbols have the figure of four Greek gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Aphrodite.

Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith™

Relic Hunters is another latest proposition. This time, however, we move to more Egyptian climates, where as Sara and Will have the opportunity to explore the pyramids. The game has a dimension of six drums and 20 specified in the top of the line. In terms of technical, it is much more interesting, because apart from ordinary free spins, as we progress the game we collect special symbols of cats and maps that bring us additional benefits. The graphics of the game also deserves praise. The mysterious sarcophagi, crypts, ancient vases, and even mums are ubiquitous.

Butterfly Lovers™

As the third one, the Butterfly Lovers ™ game was presented. This slot for a variety is very romantic, because he talks about love two lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. Unfortunately, their relationship was convicted to failure. A woman and a man despite the great feeling were forced to live and die separately. They met only after death after transformation in butterflies. This moving story in Asian climates was shown in the form of a slot with five drums and 20 paylines. An interesting addition of the game is 7,000 coins jackpot.

Neon City


The last presented game is Neon City. As you can guess, this is another slot modeled on casino machines. There are exactly the same fruits, sevens or symbols of the bar we will meet in a 1/3 game. The game has a size of 5 × 3 fields. As additional options, multipliers can be exchanged for winnings or additional spins. The graphic of the game is an ideal reflection of its names, so everything is bright, glowing, neon.


After the last fair, you can no longer doubts. There have been many new, interesting games on the market, some even can wipe new trails on slots. Looking at the company Wazan, immediately visible that 2019 brought many new products. So we only have to enjoy that the next evenings will not be rather belonging to boring.