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A competition in Betsson with a prize pool of USD 60,000

Already quite recently, we could enjoy great weather and enjoy blissful holidays. It's hard to believe that for the next we will have to wait about 10 months. Although the duties of everyday life, school or work returned to us, there is another positive site. In his spare times, when the rain does not allow any sensible entertainment, we can try our strength in casinos. And these do not slow down the pace with various promotions. Today, for example, in Betsson, you can win a part of a huge pool as much as USD 60,000.

Wild Chase in Betsson

In the promotion called Wild Chase, four games from ISOFTBET are involved: Wild Ape, Jumbo Stampede, Fortune Pig and Dragon Stone, which is a novelty in the world of online slots. The game in these slots will bring us special points on the basis of which a special ranking is created. The winner's ladder will be updated on a regular basis, thanks to which you will be able to check your current location at any time. Each rotated 4 USD brings one point. You have to hurry because the promotion ends on September 10 at 1:59. Fortunately, we participate in it automatically playing, without having to write earlier.

Prizes in the promotion

The general sum of prizes that will be granted to the best hundred players are up to 60,000. The first five places will be received by 8000, 6000, 4000, 3000 and 2000. Places from 6. to 20. They will win 1000 USD, from 21 to 35. - 500 USD, from 36. to 50. - USD 300, while the others - after USD 200. Each prize will be granted on 10 September 2019. The best is in this promotion is that when you manage to get cash, there will be no obligation to continue to play. If only we want to pay the prize, we will be able to do it without any trading conditions. Of course, the organizer reserves the right to stop promoting or changing its principles. For more information, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the regulations on the page.

Thanks to the promotion of a wild chase, each of you can get some money for partying with friends. Can you be hard to leave somewhere, but who said that you can not have fun on the spot? Traditionally, we encourage you to participate in the promotion and we advise you to hurry because you only have two days. We wish you a pleasant fun and good luck in games.