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New, Scary Slot from Netent

Halloween is behind us, this hot period in online casinos has already come to an end with the beginning of November and we are now in a short period of chips. More or less from mid-November, "Pushing" of Santa Claus, Advent and Christmas promotions, which are always in casinos. Now, however, the promotion is much less and this creates the opportunity to look at the news publishing among slots manufacturers. Among them, Netent leads, these trends appointed by this company are often duplicated by its competition, which is why we are following their games with the greatest interest.

The Wolf's Bane and Halloween

As Halloween, of course, horrors. And nothing like that does not match the horror like vampires and of course werewolves. The Wolf's Bane Slot is a very successful and climatic attempt to transfer horror to the casino game. The Wolf's Bane took his name from the flower, his Australian name is Toyad and the scientific name is: Aconitum. It is colloquially called a muddler due to his poisonous properties.

The game campaign is embedded in a destroyed village from the 18th century. The 5-reel, 3-row and 10-line game machine contains classic wildlings, free spins and a bonus function "Select and click". The amazing atmosphere intensifies the blood-red moon visible in the background, fully illuminating drums that adorn a nightmare nurse, a terrifying clairteigant, ghostly graves or a terrifying soldiers. In the background, we hear the wolf howling, thanks to which your hair will stand on your head.

The slot is fed so perfectly into Halloween atmosphere, but as in all other horror we can play in it all the time, if of course we are not afraid. The game works according to the proven mechanics of Netent, the game more attracts to us free spins, wildlife and a bonus game with additional functions. RTP this slot is 96.74% and its variability is determined as low or medium, this means that we will be more likely to receive lower winnings, but thanks to this we have a smaller chance of resetting our account. The minimum plant is 0.1 euros and a maximum of 10 euros. In the bonus game, we choose between 4 types of wild.

Subsequent new products soon

Wilcza Zmora, because we can translate the name of this slot this undoubtedly a beautifully designed game. Her prime minister was to escape from Halloween, which succeeded but this is a game of a classic motive from horror, which will give you a long game throughout the year. This is obviously not the only novelty from the netent. On days, because on November 7, the second part of the Reel Rush slot will be released. A little later this month another potential hit - Slot devoted to Ozziem Osbourn. The latter game promises to be a real treat for Rock fans.

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