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New Netent jackpot

Today, we will look at the plans and news publishing from Netent. This Swedish producer invariably grows on the most popular developer of casino games, every few weeks releasing a new, interesting game. Netent year 2019 closed with such games on account like Ozzy Osbourne or Narcos, which became hits from the place. 2022 decided to start from expanding their games directed to the growing Asian market. Gold Money Frog - because this is what their last title will certainly appeal to all Chinese enthusiasts. A special feature of this title is Jackpot, which will allow you to win.

Record 2019 year

The year 2019 was very intense in their performance. Such titles as:

  • Ozzy Osbourne - Slot on license popular rock music is one of the Hits last year. Mandatory position for every faster of heavy sounds
  • Narcos. - Slot under the license of the popular NetFlix series presents Pablo Escobara and his companions. This is a very successful adaptation of the Gangster Saga to the world of online casinos
  • Vikings - It is also an adaptation of the popular series this time regarding the Vikings. Ragnar-A Fans Lekbrok-A and all the rest of the article from the series should be delighted
  • Grand spin superpot - This is another Jackpot from Netent, a game referring to Retro slots has an extremely simple board and simple rules
  • Twin Happiness - this is another range of Netent slots, which has stylized on Asian symbols and is directed to players from the Far East

Gold Money Frog - First Jackpot in 2022

Netent decided to broaden his Jackpotes offer in 2022. Grand Spinn Superpot has been very well received and found a place at the top of the list of popular games in very many online casinos. Gold Money Frog is not a progressive jackpot, the amounts of the pool are fixed here, namely their 3 of them are 50, 500 and 5000 euros or dollars, respectively, depending on what currency we play.

In addition, it is a classic slot, 5 × 3 pain, no floating or enlarged symbols. Wildlife and Scattery, Free Spiny - this is rather standard functions that we find in almost every authent. What distinguishes Gold Money Frog is a climatic Chinese music and symbols stylized for a Far Eastern prayer. The latest netent slot provides exceptional usual experience thanks to relatively low variability and high frequency wins. The frequency of hits is 1 win on every 2 screwing, which along with the frequency of hit 1 on 38 for a bonus game provides long hours of fun.

Preferred RTP amounting to 92.8% was intended for Jackpot awards. Because these jackpots often fall, the game is also great for those players who expect big winnings.

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