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Six in lotto fell. Almost USD 30 million winnings

For a long time in Lotto, the main Australian numeric lottery collected a cumulation. For a long time, no player managed to set up 6 numbers correctly and the more and more pulla passed on the next draw. In the end, however, fortune added to someone and on Thursday evening one happy player selected lotto in the last lottery correctly all six digits. His win is not record, but the greatest that fell in Lotto recently, she was exactly USD 29 million. Due to the protection of personal data, there is obviously disclosed, or even the city, where a great win fell.

Happy numbers

Throughout the last week at Lotto points and other places where the plants could be observed. Increased activity was observed. It was obvious that the main win finally falls because the growing accumulation along with advertisements on TV and radio attracted more and more people. Happy numbers that felt last Thursday are: four, fourteen, twenty-eight, forty, forty-five and forty-nine. Sometimes, such a large pot is divided, this time, however, happiness had only one person.

In Thursday's draw, there was only one first-cycle win (ie, as it used to call her six). The payment for the player was exactly USD 29,007,416. There were also 105 second-cycle win (popular five). They were payable after 5570 zlotys. There were also 4837 third degree wins (Four), payable after USD 252.40. The smallest winnings, or Trójek was 95353, they gave the owners of coupons, however, only after 24 zlotys.

The most popular Australian lottery

Lotto is the most popular numeric lottery in Australia. The game consists in selecting 6 out of 49 digits which done on a special basis by deleting them, you can also do it online. Like other popular Lotto lottery in the world, it is a cumulative game.

So if the first-cycle win does not fall in the draw, the cumulative pool of rates goes to another draw. The more people will play, the larger the pool for winning, which must finally fall. This works exactly in the same way as progressive jackpot in online casinos.

Lotto game draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If so large winnings stimulate your imagination, this unwanted sign that you should try happiness.