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Even 405,000 000 USD to be won in EurojackPot

In Australia, the most popular and well-known numeric lottery is Lotto, in previous years known as a large ailine. Pules can be won with it to do not reach several dozen million zlotys. For a few years, the Sport Totalizator also offers plants on the European Eurojackpot lottery. Here, the Pula has just reached a record level. Regarding our currency, there are currently over 405 million zlotys. Next Friday, the EurojackPot draw will take place, in which we will play this record amount.

Another draw without winning

This is the seventh in a row the draw of Eurojackpot, which did not bring the main win. Thanks to the growing accumulation on next Friday, we will be able to play a record high amount. The highest in the history of numerical games in Australia. The first-cycle win will be worth USD 405,000,000, or USD 405 million. Here are the numbers drawn on March 27 in Eurojackpot: 13, 19, 23, 34, 41 and 3, 8.

Due to the constantly growing accumulation, the maximum pool of pool height for winning and grades was achieved, i.e. 90 million euros, which translates into approximately USD 405 million after the present, quite high, euro exchange rate.

Record potential win in Australia

Here, you must notice that in the history of Australian figures there was no chance so far to such a significant major win in any numeric game. In Australian Lotto, the largest win was over 36 million zlotys, it fell on March 16, 2017 in the city of Skrzyszów in Małopolska. The second largest win is 35 Milin Gold, which fell on August 22, 2015 in Ziębice. As you can see, winning in Australia is just a fraction of a possible win in Eurojackpot.

This is not the end of great messages for fans of huge accumulation. According to the EuroJackPot principles, the pool for winning the second degree is also increasing. This can already emerge USD 80,000,000, which is also a huge amount. Therefore, great emotions await us next Friday. Let us add that in the last draw in Australia there were a lot of lower levels.

Play with a record pot and a noble goal

If you are interested in playing in Eurojackpot this coupon can be purchased at Lotto or stores and on gas stations, which of course is not recommended in the current situation. It is safest to play online on the Lotto website.

In addition, the message literally from a few hours is that the athletic totalizator, like many Australian companies, did another step in supporting the fight against coronavirus. The Management Board of the Company decided today with an indefinite transfer of a 10 percent for this purpose from the sale of all plants and fates concluded by his The project has started today. So you play not only a big win for yourself, but you support hospitals and local governments in combating the effects of the epidemic.