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A record jackpot fell in the Australian Casino

Fortuna is a circle, both in public and private life. Just like society does not have good days, so for the unit happiness can smile. A few days ago this player from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship experienced this. On April 8, 2022 it concluded a bet, which increased the state of his accounts by over USD 900 thousand! The plant was included in the rate of only four zlotys. Such a big win allowed Jakcpot in Age of the Gods.

The biggest winnings from Jackpots of Australian players

Age of the Gods is the title of the winning slot, which brought happily to the resident of Mazovia. In principle, this is one of the eleven games from a series of slots devoted to Greek gods. The title described is a staff slot equipped with twenty payment lines. Any record winnings come here from Jackpot.

It is worth mentioning that the win fell through Total Casino, whose clients can boast other legendary prizes. The case described is the highest winning, but the remaining are not low. Less than a year earlier a win with a height of over 750 thousand zlotys fell. The casino reports that its clients have already paid over 2.5 million zlotys. Considering that these sums take most often from the plants of a few zlotys, this is a really nice penetration.

Inne Jackpots

Age of the Gods is not the only slot that can bring us a million wins. It is also worth trying happiness in other games. On this occasion, we can not mention the already described on our website Mega Moolah, Arabian nights or Mega Fortune, which is probably the most paid game. These machines have long passed to legend thanks to their jackpots. It was already much higher amounts, some of the attaining almost 30 million! Games are equipped with progressive jackpots, thanks to which all sums can be even higher.

World panic and quarantine are not a good time for us. The sales period of spring combines very often for many people with depressive episodes. The uninteresting well-being is additionally compounded by the lack of opportunities to leave the house and view of one big emptiness outside the window. However, let's get crazy, finally staying at home does not have to be boring and depressing. The network gives us an infinite possibility, so let's try to use it in the best way. We can count on the casino game. As you can see, many people have already been good. Maybe now it's time for someone from you?