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How did the income from gambling in Australia changed this year?

2022 was very turbulent. Epidemic, which overturned our lives upside down, also had a significant impact on gambling companies. It was completely closed for a few months almost all sports gameplay and millions of people in homes were closed for a few weeks. What influence did all this for revenues from various gambling branches in Australia? We will tell you about it in this article.

New gambling products helped to relieve the drop

For anyone, it is probably not a surprise that the income from gambling in our country dropped this year in relation to the same period of the previous year. What worth emphasizing, in the era of the ongoing crisis, in Australia, new products were introduced to the market and these, certainly helped to relieve this decline.

Thanks to H2 Gambling Capital, we have a certain view into the situation on our market. Forecasts for gross profits from games, provided by H2 Gambling Capital revealed that their height for 2022 (until 11 June) will fall by 9.5% compared to revenues from 2019. In all EU markets, a drop in the order of 19.6% was forecasted, I must admit that mentioned 9.5% is much less.

Lower than forecasted decline in our country caused a significantly less development of newly regulated industries. These were primarily online casinos or terrestrial salons where players can play on machines. Revenues from the online casino sector increased by 96.7% to 11 June this year. This was possible thanks to the increase from Total Casino belonging to a Totalizator Sportowy company, which is also the only legal casino in Australia.

Total Casino was a total new year last year. As the only legal side of the online casino in Australia, the site was convicted to success. The Website was launched in December 2018. According to the ministry data, the number of new players increased significantly in last, but also this year. The growth of a legal market, in turn, pulled revenues from foreign websites. There Online casino income fell by 25.0% in the period from the beginning of the year to 11 June.

Sports betting passed a significant drop

A bit worse, the situation looks when it comes to sports betting, which resulted in a significant drop due to suspension of almost all sports games. In a situation where the total online gambling revenues increased by 0.3%, we had a 14.2% drop on the sports betting market. This happened, of course, during the period in which sports events were suspended during the crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemia. This was partially compensated by the increase in the online casino sector and web lottery, which resulted in an increase of 26.2%.

In the terrestrial sector, the situation also looked quite unknown. Bookmakers and casinos were closed nearly two months. As you would expect, revenues in all industries dropped by 13.1%, this has a large extent due to the decline in the value of casino profits by 27.3% and bookmaking points by 25.4%. A smaller number of games such as Lotto lotteries caused a drop in gross profit by 8.6%. However, it is worth emphasizing that in stationary games, their participation increased by 41.4% during this period.

It must be admitted that Australian bookmakers managed to survive the worst crisis in their history. Some from companies temporarily suspended their pages, which aroused fears for solvency. Many bookmakers also reduced the bonuses offered to players. However, there were no spectacular bankruptcies.