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Game salons on automates with a spectacular flap

In Australia, since 2017, the legislator has committed the so-called Game salons on automatons or popular one-armed bandits. State salons for the slot machines were supposed to be a BAN response to foreign online casino to the game. They were supposed to bring billions of the state budget. It came out as usual in the case of something that the state-owned companies take place - hundreds of millions in one-armed bandits and profits can be dreamed, at least for now. More about the details of the activities of the Salons to play on machines from the Sports Totalizer you can read this article.

A machinery business comes out of the underground

The State Sports company was to exterminate illegal premises, or even a melina, where gambling were made available on shabby machines. Such places often led people from a criminal semicar and this proceedings from 2009 had been prohibited when placing slot machines in stores, bars and gas stations. Legal and illegal place was replaced by modern Thessaloniki. The game on one-armed bandits would always be transparent and honest and the additional taxes from taxes flowing to the state budget would be the benefit.

The plans were extremely ambitious: in the salons, up to 35,000 one-armed bandits and billions were to flow to state money. Reality, unfortunately, turned out to be brutal. Machines in 2022 are 10 times less and the budget proceeds rather marginal, which we can read in the latest magazine "Puls Biznesu".

This newspaper reports that Totalizator Sportowy is very economically granting any information on its activities in the field of development of a network of salons with legal automatons for the game. The reason may be a deep division of extremely ambitious assumptions with a brutal reality. Totalizator Sportowy in 2017 became de facto with a total monopolist on the market of slots or one-armed bandits. This company estimated that in only in 2019, such machines will bring its huge profits and as much as 1.5 billion zlotys to the state budget, brought in the form of a game tax.

Reality Brutally verifies the plans of athletic Totalizator

Unfortunately, according to estimates gathered by the "Puls Biznesu" daily, so far the sports totalizator purchased only about 3,500 slot machines. And yet they were supposed to be up to 10 times more, or 35 thousand. This purchase absorbed about USD 150 million and the company's revenues from the slot machines reached only USD 16.5 million. The second as many money went to the budget in the form of a game tax.

This year, a sports totalizator plans to spend on new salons with automatons as much as USD 200 million. They were already created in most major Australian cities and towns. In the first half of the year of 2022, the vending machines have brought about USD 11.2 million to income.

Unfortunately, the National Company has already hit the plaid at the very beginning of the project. Cooperation with military communication plants turned out to be considerable. These assumption had to provide cheap machines for a new branch of the State Industry. As it happens in state companies, this ended with a huge flap and their devices have never come out of the test phase.

Therefore, the company must have had German equipment and software from Canadian suppliers. What, as you can guess, it was more expensive. To be more interesting, also these machines are struggling with serious technical mistakes that discourage players to use salons. These places are currently shining emptiness and constitute a sad certificate of how poorly managed companies are.

Game Salons A Foreign Online Casino

Perhaps weak profits of the game salons result from the average offer of machines. Comparing this with what they have to offer foreign online casinos their offer looks particularly pale. Finally, when some casino on the network has several thousand machines, a game salon, where there are a dozen or so machines looks quite pale. The government must escape to blocking foreign online casino websites to support state entities. In addition, certainly a pandemic that has significantly changed our lives in 2022 had a huge impact on the activities of stationary facilities that operate in a strongly limited scope in the sanitary regime.

It is worth reminding one more thing. For possession and sharing others to play illegal slot machines threaten raw cash penalties, up to 100,000. zlotys from a single machine. This penalty is subject to both decorating illegal gambling games, but also the owner of the premises in which this procedure takes place. In addition, for harvesting gambling, contrary to the provisions of the gambling law or terms of the granted concessions, companies and private persons are threatened by criminal responsibility. It can be a very high fine, up to 3 years in prison, or even both of these penalties. If in such conditions and with such raw penalties, players after all prefer to choose illegal entities, this may mean that the offer of these legitimate leaves a lot to be desired.