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Inexhand, holidays are approaching. Some are very acquisitions and others slightly less. Some have an indifferent attitude towards them, and others take on Christmas cleaning, dressing a Christmas tree, planning Christmas delicacies.

Regardless of the views, probably everyone is a lesser or more embarrassed. Christmas brings a unique magic home and a family atmosphere. The smell of food, carols, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree make an unprecedented climate that can not be found in any other period of year, which is why some are waiting for the holidays for months.

A little bit of this essence is trying to take out the creators of Slots from Christmas each year, who in the pre-Christmas period always present us novelties, which are just the holidays.

Today, which happened to us a beautiful tradition for us, we would like to present you a few in our opinion the best video machines whose subject matters around holidays. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the content of today's article, in which we will describe the most interesting Christmas games that have come out in November and December 2023.

  1. Aloha! Christmas

This is another game from the Aloha series developed since 2016! Its creator is a well-known and adored Netent company. The machine was created on the occasion of Christmas, at the very beginning of December. The main characters of the games are exotic statues living a island located on Hawaii. This time we accompany them during Christmas celebration.

At first, it may seem that the game does not have much to do with the holidays. The longer we look at her, the more we can see. Statues are dressed in Santa Caps, and on the neck instead of flowers they have a mistletoe. In the background, right next to the beach, there are lighted with colorful palm lamps and wooden houses in which drinks are sold. In the foreground, we can see numerous gifts, which additionally emphasizes the topics presented in the slot.

It must be admitted that such holidays are original, at least in the eyes of European residents, where in December there is winter, rather with snow than with lounging on the beach.

Aloha! Christmas is a game of medium / high variation, a Return to Player ratio of 96%. Slot was built from a 6 × 6 symbol grid. Among the icons are flowers, fruits, shells, but also wooden sculptures resembling people and dressed in festive bonnets.

The machine allows you to play for a rate of 0.10 to 200 coins. Considering all the additional features in which it was equipped, we can win up to 10,000 coins here, 3,000 times the selected rate.

Bonus functions of games are:

  • Stacked Symbols - Single or double symbols of masks
  • Mystery Symbols - change into random game symbols creating paid combinations
  • Multiplents - Wild symbols with multiplier up to 7x
  • Sticky Win Re-Spins - Random Re-Spin After winning
  • Free spins - activated by 3 scatter symbols, with multiplier up to 50x
  • Starfish Symbol - adds 2 consecutive turns in free spinach
  1. Holiday Spirits

Our next proposal that we would like to point to you is Holiday Spirits. This time it is a work of Play'n Go. From the exotic island we are moving more into our climates, where we will celebrate Christmas Eve, in a style that is already known to us. The vending machine was already created in November this year, although the stylistics, mechanics, appearance and above all the subject, perfectly fit into the idea of a Christmas slot.

Some of you must associate a book by Christmas Eve tale. The book is a fairly short story in which the process of human transformation of the main hero was described. When we get to know him, on Christmas Eve, we learn that he is a jumper and a loner who does not like people.

During the Christmas Eve night, the Hero of the story visits his died, a former friend who shows him how his life looked in the past, how he looks now and how badly treats others and how he can end if he does not change. Of course, a happy completion follows, because the transformation is made.

Although the novel describes the visit of the Spirit, the slot itself is not in any extent. In the background we see fireplace, fire, rocking chair, Christmas tree and other decorations. The only spirit we can feel here is the title Christmas Spirit.

Holiday Spirits is a medium variation game that RTP is exactly 96.29%. The machine is built from a small board, 3 × 3 icons. There are only five predetermined payouts here. Symbols show Christmas decorations and frightening phenomena.

We will play here a rate of 0.05 to 100 coins. You can maximize up to 160,000 coins, or 1.600x rates. The functions of the slot are:

  • Wild symbol - replaces all other symbols, gives a win from the payout table
  • Ebenezer's Clock - a multiplier from 2 to 10x in a random spin
  • Double Stacks - combined symbols, occur in lost spinach activating other bonus functions
  • Christmas Future, Present, Past - Active multipliers and glued symbols
  • Ebenezer's Gift - can activate Christmas Future, Present and Past functions
  1. Big bad wolf

Big Bad Wolf is released at the very beginning of December a game from the creator of QuickSpin. From a warm, fireplace, we move to a snowy land, where we are forced to run away from a furious wolf. This is a fairly unusual way to present Christmas themes, but the slot produces such a unique aura that it was impossible to not mention it in our list.

Slot was created on the basis of a fairy tale with three small pigs whose images can also be seen here. Three pigs live in a small wooden, crispy house in which they hide from a cruel wolf. Wilk finds a hut where they live and wants to let pigs come inside. Of course, this is a trick, because they would actually eat them.

Finally, his mouth is a threat that if pigs do not open the door, the wolf will destroy their home with one blow. Fortunately, pigs are wise that they manage to deter an angry wolf, and the fairy tale of course ends positively.

The same is in the case of Big Bad Wolf game, where we participate in the battle of pigs with a bloodthirsty wolf. Fortunately, we will not experience blood, only mountain, covered with snow and illuminated by colored lamps.

Big Bad Wolf is a Game of Return to Player in the amount of exactly 97.34% and medium variation. This is a five-minute slot with 25 payout lines. The machine gives you the opportunity to increase the set rate up to 1,200 times, which translates into a maximum win in the amount of 10,000 coins. The span of the rate possible starts on 0.25 and ends 100 coins. Additional game functions are:

  • Pigs Turn Wild - What does the second win change one pig in the Wild Symbol
  • Wild symbol - gives a prize from the payout table, connects to other icons in paid combinations
  • Free spins - 10 free spins with a three-time multiplier
  • Blowing Down The House - adds another turnover with a double multiplier
  • Swooping reels - winning symbols disappear, and new ones appear on their places
  1. A Tale of Elves

Some of us are preparing for Christmas in the comfort of your own home. Meanwhile, there are really big confusion in Lapland. Playing the slot A Tale of Elves will have the opportunity to watch the work to help Santa Claus elves that try to bring for gifts to all those who deserve them.

People of Saint Nicholas love especially children who have not yet told the truth that this is only an invented figure. Whether Santa exists, or not, his image is associated inseparably with presents under the Christmas tree, and therefore with Christmas. Mikołaj has a lot of work on Christmas, but fortunately his faithful elves help him.

The elves working in a factory are a large part of the A Tale of Elves slot. During the game, we can look at them during the production process, but also when they set out on a journey around the world, on the sleigh pulled by reindeer team. Among the symbols there are various figures, but also sweet gingerbreads. We observe the game through a slot window of a building, after which the left and right side are decorated with a Christmas tree.

This fascinating production from Microgaming was built from the planner of five drums and three rows. In addition, we have 243 paid systems based on the system neighboring symbols.

This is released at the end of November a game with high volatility and an RTP factor in the amount slightly over 95%. We can play here for a stake from 0.30 to 12 coins. Up to 20.000x can one maximally maximally. The machine has several bonus functions, for example:

  • Wild symbol - connects with other icons in paid combinations
  • Stacked Wilds - enlarged Wild symbols
  • SCATTER symbols - give random prizes in the form of cash
  • Free spins - four different modes to choose from, differing in the number of revolutions and Stacked and multiplier symbols

  1. Christmas Carol Megaways

This is another machine, during design which also inspired us from Holiday Spirits with a motif taken from the Christmas Eve story. Therefore, we have two similar games to each other, of which the second is called christmas carol megaways and was written by the artist Pragmatic Play.

We do not have to present the theme itself. Noteworthy, however, deserves a creative atmosphere, because - unlike Holiday Spirits - this time the slot action takes place before the transformation of the main character. Surely, the whole is already in the house, and on the streets of the English city.

In the background we see dark, sad paths, and symbols are book figures, which were initially neglected by the main character of the story. Through this, the game may seem nostalgic and depressing.

The machine was created based on Megaways technology. This means that individual game icons can have different sizes and occupy more than one field. The total number of potential payout systems depends on their size. The game board can maximize the size of 6 × 6 and have up to 200.704 paid configurations.

This is a RTP slot of about 96.5%. This number contains both the coefficient, such as variability. We will play here a rate that can be selected from 0.02 to 1 and 10 line to arrange. The total rate can be multiplied up to 20,000 times. When it comes to additional functions, we have at the disposal:

  • Wild symbols - they appear on the middle drums, combine with other icons in the winning layouts
  • The avalanche function - the winning symbols disappear, and new ones appear on their places
  • Free spins - activated by SCATTER symbols, up to 19 turns or up to a ten-fold multiplier
  • Double chance to win, which you can buy yourself
  • Possibility to purchase free spins
  1. New Year Riches

In this case, the topics of the game may not typically festive, but indirectly associated with holidays. New Year Riches, as the name suggests, is a perfect game for New Year's party. The machine presents the tip of the year, which is also very close.

In this one created at the end of November a slot from Play'n Go, we are going to a crazy trip around the world. During her, we will visit some more important places on our planet, in which we will celebrate the end of the year in turn.

In some places a new year starts a few hours earlier, in others a little later. Together with New Year Riches, we will be able to include all New Eve in one fell swoop. First, we open champagne in Australia and New Zealand to move to Russia and China a moment later. Then we will pass Dubai and Turkey. From there, we will move to Europe and then to America, where - in the United States - we will finish the journey, at least for this year.

In the background of the game there is a huge metropolis. Slot action takes place a moment before midnight. In advance, we can observe exploding fireworks, forming a great view for observers. Symbols of the game, apart from champagne glasses, are characteristic buildings for parts of the described places in the world.

New Year Riches is a game built of five drums and three rows in which the winnings are defined by the presence of twenty-determined payments. This is a medium volatility and RTP ratio of almost 96.5%. We can maximize your rate up to 5,000 times here. Its starting altitude can be set between 0.20 and 100 coins. Bonus game options are:

  • Wild symbols - connect with other icons in winning systems, pay prizes from the payout table
  • New Year Free Spins - turnover with growing up to 20x multiplier, activated by scatter symbols
  • Re-spins - up to 6 re-spins at one time

As you can see, in this difficult for humanity year, we do not have to get bored while sitting at home. The creators of games took care that we would have something to do during this Christmas break. A lot of news appeared on the market, some of which are the games devoted to Christmas themes.

We encourage each of you to try happiness in one of them, by testing exciting news from the world of games. Directly before Christmas Eve, as part of its type of summary, we will try to put on our site another list, in which this time we will describe some interesting Christmas titles that have been created over the last years.

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