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Athletic Totalizator plans to take over Casinos Australia

There are few industries that have suffered in a similar way on the crisis caused by Pandemia than the casino. Of course, I am talking about stationary casinos. Online casinos still have great and note better results than ever before. No less, their older brothers, through the prolonged leafdowns were in serious troubles. Stationary casinos are closed in Australia for a long time. This situation is trying to use the public monopolist - a sports totalizator who plans to take over the Casinos Australia network, in his possession a range of casinos, in the largest cities in Australia.

Request to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)

These are not rumors, the matter is at an advanced stage. Totalizator Sportowy, Lotto lottery owner, even submitted to UOKiK, or the Office of Competition and Consumer Proposal. Proposal on taking over control over Casinos Australia. It consists of two companies: Vicco Investments (Vicco) and Century Casinos Australia (CCP).

Casinos Australia runs eight stationary casinos in six cities in our country. They are located in Wrocław, Kraków, Łódź, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała and in Warsaw. The application in this case affected the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) 31 December. The case is already in progress.

Totalizator Sportowy wants to take over competition

Numeric games, cash lotteries, bookmakers on horse racing, and for several years also salons for slot machines and online casino. Totalizator Sportowy deals with all things. As you can see, all this does not satisfy this appetite of the state monopoly. It intends to exist in one more sector on the gambling market, stationary casinos.

Many controversy raises the time in which athletic totality wants to take over competition. The National Company uses the closure of stationary casinos by the government. Like other industries - gyms, fitness clubs, hotels, restaurants or guest houses, casinos have been closed with a government decree for 4 stips. It wakes a huge controversy, because at a time when the whole economy is killed, churches still remain open.

At that time, a state-owned company wants to take a private competitor who thanks to government prohibitions in considerable problems. Totalizator Sportowy can now take over this company literally priced, because this was in serious debts. Nationalization of almost across the gambling industry and focusing it in one entity, which is not on the domestic market of any real competition, in our opinion a weak movement.