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Top 10 Slots for Valentine's Day

We realize that some people will spend a unique day with their other half and without playing. Who said, however, that Valentine's Day can not be spend on a common game in the most romantic slots of all time? Nothing so connects two people how to win together ❤️

Our today's list of games will consist of ten machines, the subject of which is related to the various faces of love, from the most beautiful, film, by sweet and innocent, to dangerous and dark.

  1. Immortal Romance – Microgaming

This is the first game on our list, which themes are revolving around love. However, this is not a typical love that we can associate with romantic comedies. Here, love was moved in his darkest form, i.e. connected with the intrigue.

The main characters of the slot are vampires, which, as we know, are immortal beings. This was what inspired the creators to create a game of a beautiful, timeless and infinite love that intertwined with numerous vampire threads.

Immortal Romance is a priced machine containing 243 payment layouts. It is a high volatility and RTP game of exactly 96.86%. Additional game modes consist of bonus functions in the form of Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins or multipliers to win.

  1. Tweethearts – Microgaming

Tweethearts are another on the proposal list by Microgaming. This time, however, we have the opportunity to watch the phenomenon of love completely from a different side. It is a sweet-looking game whose graphic preserved in a sweet, candy style.

This time the love was born between two birds. According to the plot of the game, these birds live in the jungle and desperately look for love. As it turns out, after a long search, they finally succeed.

This is a game built from the plane of the size of five drums and three rows. There are 17 payout lines. The game has an average variation and its RTP is 96.08%. We can maximize 252,000 coins here, or 2522x substituted rate.

  1. Pride and Prejudice – High 5 Games

A vending machine created on the basis of the novel of the English writer Jane Austen, from 1813. The Australian name of the book is "pride and prejudice". The author puts the thesis that the first impression is often misleading, and closer knowledge can change them quickly.

The novel was written in the Romance Convention, which was also transferred to the discussed slot. His action takes place at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. We are located in one of the English, aristocratic estates and get to know the two heroes between which the feeling is born.

Pride and prejudice is a game built of six drums and forty payment lines. It is a low variation and RTP ratio of 96.5%. The game allows you to get a maximum of 1000x set rate.

  1. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe – Novomatic

Maybe it is not a typical love game, but we can draw it under the complicated process of creating feelings. As some of you associate with experience, falling in love always preceded by an infatuation, which largely corresponds to the Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe slot.

In addition, it can be concluded that this is a game created for the needs of women, unlike men's slots that make up most of the games. The slot machine was created in a fairy-tale, nice style full of pink-purple shades.

The game was built from the size boards of 5 drums and three rows. There are 10 payment lines. Among additional game options there are bonuses such as free spins with multipliers or special symbols, Wild and Scatter.

  1. Blood Lust – ELK Studios

Another game in which vampires are mainly playing. This time the machine was produced by Elk Studios. The game is thematically very similar to the Immortal Romance slot, but here focused primarily on put as many elements associated with horror as much as possible.

The game is characterized by a dark, mysterious motive that is to arouse with us. During the game we meet vampires, which are extremely dangerous and bloodthirsty today, so they are not afraid of only those who have exceptionally strong nerves.

Blood Lust is a game made of symbols of symbols with dimensions 5 × 3 fields. This is a high alternacy and RTP level at 96%. We have a chance to multiply a maximum of our rate up to 2,500x.

  1. Beauty and the Beast – Yggdrasil

This slot was created on the attitude of fairy tale with beautiful and beast. Her primary version was written by a French writer and published in 1740. This tale has many adaptations, especially film.

The fairy tale tells about a girl who because of her father's promise made by her father, he must live in one palace with a terrifying beast. The girl is prepared for a certain death. However, the couple falls in love with himself, thanks to which the beast returns to human form. Both of these characters can be found in the described slot.

The machine was built from five drums and three rows. It is a low / medium-sized and RTP game of about 97%. We can hit numerous additional functions such as random Wild symbols, free spins and other hidden functions.

  1. Queen of Hearts – Novomatic

Another slot that will introduce you in a romantic mood. This machine opens a magical world ahead of us, in which we will be able to admire the beautiful, fairy-tale landscapes. The theme of the game is a combination of knights, wealth and love symbolism.

One of the most important icons in the game is the royal castle, placed somewhere at the top of the powerful mountain. Only the climatic glow of the setting sun is illuminated. For the love nature of the game primarily its symbols, i.e. gold, rings with red stones, roses and of course hearts. In the background we see angels shooting with a love arc arrows.

Queen of Hearts is a game of five drums and three rows. Her RTP is 95.31%. The game has been equipped with additional features such as Wild and Scatter symbols, but also the option of free spins.

  1. Venetian Rose – NextGen Gaming

I think that love does not look as beautiful as in Venice. It is a city that is like any other to all associate with love. Due to its unusual location, we call them a "city of lovers". Instead of streets, we have channels here, after which we can navigate gondolas.

Each of these elements was included in the Venetian Rose game. In the background we see the popular Rialto bridge. The symbols of the game are elements that we associate with the nineteenth-century Italy. There could also be no gondola among the sun.

Venetian Rose is a priced game equipped with 25 payout lines. Thanks to its additional functions, we can maximize up to 3,000x of the selected bet rate.

  1. Starlight Kiss – Microgaming

The game in question is a departure from the vision of what love is associated. Usually, in front of the eyes of the word "love", we think about a beautiful feeling, sacrificing, sharing the stars, and going on - about the wedding in a small mountain chapel or on the contrary, about a great wedding.

Regardless of whether such a picture of love speaks to us or not, Microgaming decided to give us the opportunity to play a slot, which is no longer related to platonic love, and just with physicality. Slot action takes place in the evening and introduces a romantic element in the form of kisses at the moonlight.

This machine is made of five drums and three rows, and its RTP is about 96.5%. Special functions of games are bonus symbols and free turns.

  1. Love Island – Microgaming

This time we are dealing with complete physicality again. The game in question was designed in an inspiration for television show with the same name. In Australia, we had the opportunity to watch two seasons of Love Islands so far.

The program consists in pairing with the opposite gender. The one who runs himself on weekly passing away. In addition, viewers can vote for favorite pairs. Their voice counts when the time comes to depart from the program of one of the pairs. The program wins the couple to survive, and maybe even find love.

Love Island is a pricing game with RTP 96.39%. There are 243 payment layouts in it. The game is equipped with an additional function in the form of a special zone, which increases twice.