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How much is Gray Zone on the Australian gambling market?

Gray zone - this term is determined in Australia, which is not controlled by the state. In the case of a gambling industry, these are all foreign entities that work outside of Australia and allow Australian players to play games, a live casino game or betting of sports betting. Although these companies act legally in their countries and provide services via the Internet, this is called illegal gambling in Australia. Activities, according to the latest EY report, was almost 50 percent in the previous year. The entire gambling market in Australia. According to an analytical company, the State Treasury could "lose" by USD 594 million from any taxes. This is the more wonder that only a few weeks, the Ministry of Finance argued that a gray zone in online gambling managed to significantly eliminate. Check whatever yet read in the latest EY report.

What is the real value of the domestic gambling market?

Gambling in Australia is undoubtedly a huge and constantly growing business. A few years ago, our government decided to get full fiscal control over him. At present, to offer such services in the country fully in the country, you must have the consent of state authorities. Of course, as it usually happens, regulations yours and your life. Illegal bookmakers or online casinos easily avoid the government lock, just adding new numbers to their internet domains. In this way, in place of blocked pages, they start the same, differing only a minimum address.

The authors of the report determined that the value of the entire gambling industry in Australia, both online and stationary, reached last year the value of less than 39 billion zlotys. In addition, the report authors also reserve that the amount of the gray zone in a stationary gambling is not added to this amount. It's about popular illegal salons of games with automatons with whom the war runs cash. Of course, the value of this market is extremely difficult to determine.

How much was the gray zone?

The struggle of legal and illegal casinos and bookmakers last for many years, practically from the beginning of the casino and bookmakers online. Experts from EY - due to the econometric model developed - estimate that last year the size of the illegal market amounted to USD 12.6 billion, which is exactly 46.7 percent of the entire online gambling market.

In the report you can read that it means that 14.4 billion USD trading generated a legal part of the gambling industry. Legal entities on a stationary gambling market such as gaming salons on automatons, bookmakers or lotto salons, reached turnover at 11.7 billion zlotys.

Why there is a gray zone in the network?

Finally, you should ask yourself if we have domestic bookmakers and even online casino is why there is a gray zone on the web? In the case of betting, the response is a very high 12% tax, imposed on each rate. He seriously reduces potential profits and prompts players to seek foreign bookmakers.

In the case of online casinos, the cause may be very miserable competition. We have one legal online casino, conducted by a state company. However, it has a very modest offer of games only from one producer or lack of live casino. It is hardly surprising that players seek a complete product that are undoubtedly a good foreign online casino.