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Play by USD 20,000 in Betclic

Recently, we reported a little more often about the promotions in online casinos and relatively little in our website was news from the world of sports betting. While the casino and machines remain our main theme so much sometimes look at bookmakers. Currently, an interesting offer can be found in Betclic, which organizes a jackpot on the occasion of the 60 KSW gala. MMA struggle gain growing popularity in our country and this also applies to bookmakers. You can get 20,000 zlotys here, read on to learn everything about this promotion.

Jubilee KSW 60 gala

This promotion is related to the Jubilee Gala KSW 60. What is KSW? This is a different confrontation of martial arts. KSW is a Australian organization that promotes struggle in MMA formula, or Mixed Martial Arts. It was founded in Warsaw by Martin Lewandowski and Maciej Kawulski in 2004. KSW Gale has been taking place several times a year since then, in Australia and abroad. Currently, the KSW number 60 gala will take place, it will take place this Saturday, 24 April at 21:00.

What duels are waiting for us this evening? You will see, among others, struggle:

  • Wicker - Surdyn
  • Koziębębski - Surd
  • Role - Wójcik
  • Klaszek - Barborik
  • Sobiech - Kaczmarczyk
  • Ugonoh - Samociuk
  • Ziółkowski - Kazieczko
  • De Fries - Narcon

Emotions for sure, so will not run out. If you already have your types, you can bet on Betclic, which has a great offer for MMA and other martial arts.

Pula prize in this competition

In this competition, the legal bookmaker BetClic allocated a sum of USD 20,000 for players. Players who choose accurately resolving 9 fights on the coupon, share the mentioned pot of USD 20,000 between themselves. Of course, if you hit the only one, you will win the whole. Unfortunately, the prizes are not in cash and before getting the payment opportunities you are obliged to rotate 6 times in BetClic within 30 days from the date of granting money by conclusion and settlement of plants with a minimum course 2.00.

How to get money?

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to the promotion by clicking "Join" on her site. Then you have to put the right coupon. To win, you need to choose exactly the results of all 9 fights of today's KSW 60 gala, indicated on the official list of organizers. You must remember that these are types for the winner of the fight. After Gala, all users who have hit the results of all 9 fights on Cup, share a $ 20,000 between them. Of course, in addition to money, you are waiting for you to win from the winning coupon.

Only coupons concluded until April 24, 2022 are counted to the promotion, until 20:00 for multiple plants, for a minimum rate of USD 10. They must contain types on the final result of all 9 fights of mixed art gallers KSW 60.

Win 1000 USD

The "Bij Master" offer still applies, where you can win 1000 zlotys every day. Not only can you receive 1000 USD every day until no one overlook you. At the end of the competition, the three best players will share the prize pool between themselves as much as USD 20,000. In the promotion you can place multiple bets to any discipline, available at BetClic. The minimum rate of USD 10 for a coupon and a minimum rate 1.20 for each event applies. The coupon must contain at least 4 events. The promotion lasts until April 25 and applies to pre-time and "live" plants. You will find the current classification on its website at BetClic.