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American Betters Championship in Betsafe

Today, for a variety, we will focus on a certain promotion organized by Betsafe bookmaker. All American sports fans should take part in it. The tournament is called American Betting Championship and will last until June 20, 2023. The whole has been divided into 5 stages, during which you can get your part of the overall pool of over USD 112,000. What is the promotion?

Prizes in the promotion

During each stage of the promotion, separate rankings of the best players apply. Every time, 50 players will be awarded on the highest places in the ranking. A person who will take the first place will receive USD 4,500. In total, a sum will be left in the amount of exactly USD 22,679 weekly, or as much as USD 113 395 throughout the duration of the tournament.

All prizes can be paid immediately, without having to comply with trading conditions. Here are the height of prizes, depending on the place in the ranking:

  • 1st place - Win: USD 4,500
  • 2nd place - Win: USD 2 475
  • 3rd place - Win: 2 250 USD
  • 4th place - Win: USD 2 025
  • 5th place - win: USD 1,800
  • 6 - 10th place - win: from 675 to 1 575 USD
  • 11 - 20th place - win: 90 to USD 562
  • 21 - 50th place - Win: USD 45

How to take part in the promotion?

In the first step, you must save to the promotion by clicking on the "Subscribe and Post" button on it. Then we must bet a connected bet to any events from sports such as baseball, basketball or hockey. It is important that it was a combined bet including three or more events, with a minimum rate of 1.20 for each of them.

We get special points for all wins on the basis of which the best player ranking is created. In the ranking we will be placed right after the event is resolved. A place in the best player table referred to immediately, based on a simple converter:

Result in the ranking = rate x course

The promotion was divided into five parts, each one last week. Currently, it lasts for the first of them, which means that we have a good chance of winning your part of the award from the total amount of USD 22,500 per week. Below are the schedule of the promotion stages:

  • Week 1: from May 17 (15:00) until May 23 (23:59)
  • Week 2: from May 24 (00: 00) to May 30 (23:59)
  • Week 3: from May 31 (00: 00) to June 6 (23:59)
  • Week 4: from June 7 (00: 00) to June 13 (23:59)
  • Week 5: from June 14 (00: 00) to June 20 (23:59)

What sports can we bet?

There are three disciplines of American sports, or baseball, hockey and basketball in the promotion. At Betsafe, we will find a very extensive betting offer regarding not only those but also many other sports, including less and more popular. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with sports events available in the bookmaker and, of course we wish you good luck in the starting tournament.

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