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A new offer from Casino Euro daily

There are many good online casinos that are open to Australian users, but few of them have such a unique offer like Casino Euro. Here, apart from a huge welcome bonus 200% to 4000 USD and a package of free spins, you will also find great promotions for permanent users. Every day a new offer is a completely new offer from Casino Euro, which every day gives you access to a new exciting promotion. You can count on Cashback, free spins, bonuses and other types of offer. Read on if you want to get to know all details about this offer.

Two bonuses to choose from on Thursday

Today, on Thursday 6 May, you have two bonuses to choose from - one ordinary available for payment from USD 120 and a VIP bonus, which has been entitled to every payment from USD 400. The first one, Thursday's double bonus works on the following principles. To use the offer, you must:

  • Click on the promotion page and select this offer,
  • Today, a deposit for a minimum of USD 120, which will allow you to pick up a 40 USD bonus,
  • You can repeat a maximum of 2x, thanks to this you will gain USD 80 in bonuses,
  • You can enjoy a bonus and rotate it in your favorite games.

The second of today's offers is a VIP bonus, or top-up up to USD 400. It is awarded on very similar principles:

  • Select this offer on the Thursday page of the Promotion,
  • Make a deposit for a minimum of USD 400 and thanks to this, collect a bonus of USD 100,
  • You can repeat this maximum of 4x to gain a sum of USD 400 in four bonuses,
  • Rotate your bonus in your favorite games.

Rules and conditions

As in each casino offer, also here are specific rules and conditions under which these money are awarded. Each player can only use one bonus, you can not select both offers. In the first variant, the measures you receive within the bonus you must rotate 40 times in the casino during 7 days. In turn, in the second case, funds from the bonus must be rotated only 20 times within 7 days. Failure to meet the terms of rotation of the bonus at a defined time may result in its cancellation with the winners generated.

What other offers are available in Casino Euro

Thursday is not the only day, in which promotional offers are available, throughout the week the casino surprises us with a new, lucrative offer, often in several variants. Here's what offers in Casino Euro you can count every day:

  • Monday - a mission of free spins
  • Tuesday - Cashback
  • Wednesday - Free Spiny
  • Thursday - top-up
  • Friday - a mission of free spins
  • Saturday - sack with prizes
  • Sunday - top-up

You will get a new offer every day, from 0:00 am, you can use the next offers daily and this promotion applies directly to the appeal.

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