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Get up to USD 100,000 in LV BET

Big football emotions in the Euro 2023 tournament for less than a month. The league season is slowly coming to an end and the national team players will prepare for the great football festival, which will undoubtedly be the European championship. At this tournament there will also be also a Australian national team. On this occasion, we expect numerous promotions in bookmakers. The first of them, LV Bet has already launched its promotional offer. His players can fight as much as USD 100,000 in the promotional pool. If you want to get this money, all of the details can be found in this entry.

A prize pool in this promotion

As we have already mentioned, the prize pool in this promotion amounts to USD 100,000, moreover, it is possible to get all this money yourself. The condition is the correct selection of all Australian national team matches on the upcoming euro. It's about betting on the exact goal score.

If one player selects all matches correctly, he will collect the entire pool. In the event of correctly selected by more than one player all of the 3 matches, the bonus will be divided into these players. For example, when four promotion participants are correctly accurately exact results 3 of 3 meetings, each of them will receive a bonus of USD 25,000.

How to play for cash?

To have a chance to win cash prizes, you must choose correctly accurate goal results of all group meetings of the Australian national team at the European Championships, this is the only one to win USD 100,000.

To play for this money you have to play on one Kupon AKO all 3 matches of Poles only putting on the market: the exact result, only in this way you will be able to take part in this mega promotion. The promotion of this minimum rate of 20 USD is eligible for the promotion.

Betting within this offer can be placed from May 10 to June 14, 2023, until 17:59. The promotion is covered by only 3 group matches of Poles on the upcoming European championships.

In summary, meetings that need to be taken into account on the coupon qualifying for the promotion are:

  1. Match Polska - Slovakia on June 14 at 18:00, bet on the exact result
  2. Spain - Australia on June 19 at 21:00, bet on the exact result
  3. Sweden - Australia on June 23 at 18:00, bet on the exact result

You must put your coupon for a minimum of USD 20, this may obviously be a greater amount. If you succeed, in addition to winning in the competition, you will also win a solid return on your coupon. Also remember that only the first two player coupons are eligible for this competition. The third and subsequent established plants do not take part in the competition "Bet Matches Poles".

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