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New Nomini Casino Tournament

Recently, a small but interesting tournament appeared in the casino part. The tournament is called the cave of wealth and find it on such platforms, as among others Nomini Casino, Boa Boa or Cadoola. The promotion ends in three days, but we still have some time to collect points. So what is the tournament?

Gry BeeFee Games

BF Games is a little-known studio that creates many types of games, including slots. The company has been operating for 8 years and has several interesting machines in your portfolio. In addition, this company also creates stationary, extremely modern games for games.

It is a relatively young creator who only gains experience, although now we have the opportunity to play with authorships in many online casinos. Perhaps the Beefee Games review will appear on our site. The most important thing is for us that there are slots from this producer in the tournament of wealth.

What is the tournament?

Any player who decides to play in eight specified in the Game Regulations will automatically take part in the promotion. The tournament is based on a special ranking of the best players. On its basis, the prizes will be paid.

Two pools with a total height of 3,000 euros were left to divide. One of them will be dealt with the best players, that is, those who will reach the highest number of points until the end of the tournament. The second one will be divided and drawn. Points are granted on the basis of a simple converter, where 1 euro = 1 point. Zakłady paid for real money and not higher than 0.30 Euro.

What games are they taking part in the tournament?

Our activity in eight games from Beefee counts in the tournament. The most interesting of them is Cave of Fortune, along with which we are moving to the cave located deeply underground. We will meet green global creatures in it. In addition, we can also play with machines such as Stunning Hot, Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe, Book of Gods, Stunning Hot Remastered, Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe Remastered, Royal Crown Remastered or Stunning 27 Remastered.

Awards in the tournament

Players who will get the highest number of points will be included in the appropriate table on which the casino base will pay them prizes in the form of cash bonuses. The first place will win a prize of 600 euros. Here is the full list of prizes:

  • First place - 600 euros
  • Second place - 400 euros
  • Third place - 300 euros
  • Fourth place - 250 euros
  • Fifth place - 200 euros
  • Sixth place - 140 euros
  • Seventh place - 120 euros
  • Eighth place - 100 Euro
  • Ninth place - 80 Euro
  • Tenth place - 60 euros
  • 11 - 15th place - 50 euros
  • 16 - 20th place - 40 euros
  • 21 - 30th place - 20 euros
  • 31 - 40th place - 10 euros

In addition to those who managed to gain the highest places in the ranking, forty other people will also be awarded. The second prize pool also has a sum of 3,000 euros and on 14 May 2022 will be distributed to players by draw. Players who will take a place in the best hundred, will get one ticket to draw for each 1 euro released:

  • 4 prizes after 300 euros
  • 9 prizes after 100 euros
  • 12 USD 50 prizes
  • 15 prizes after 20 euros

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