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Play for 50,000 USD in Unibet?

Unibet is a well-known and valued casino not only among players from Europe, but also from around the world. On the site often there are various types of competitions that all fans of the machines are involved. Today, we will tell you about the lasting tournament, under which there is a total sum of USD 50,000 to get.

How to take part in the tournament?

Before we take a game, we must sign up for the tournament by clicking the Subscribe button, which has been placed in the PROMOTION tab. In the next step you can start fun. Three games from the Pirates' Platty series are counted in the tournament.

The promotion ends with on May 6, 2023. Until then, we have to get the greatest possible turn. This means that the best player table is created based on the highest activity, so it is best to start the game to get the highest sum of betting. Keep in mind that all bets of at least USD 1 are counted.

Prizes in the promotion

250 best players will be awarded. Each of them will get their part of the overall pool of USD 50,000. The best player will receive a prize in the form of USD 12,500, so it is definitely what to fight for. The prizes will be assigned to the winners account immediately after the promotion. They will not cover the terms of trading.

Here's what amounts of prizes for a few highest places are present:

  • First place - Win: USD 12,500
  • Second place - win: 6 250 USD
  • Third place - Win: USD 3,500
  • Fourth place, Fifth, Sixth - Win: USD 1 500

Games eligible for the promotion

The machines in which you can play as part of the promotion are RED Tiger Gaming production. Slots belong to a series of Pirate's Plenty games, which went to the online casinos in 2019. Games tell about the life of pirates on the sea. Each of them, however, is based on a slightly different mechanical mechanic, thanks to which a player, despite only three games in the promotion of games, has a really wide selection.

Pirates’ Plenty: Battle For Gold

Slot built from five drums and three rows. A maximum of 30 payment lines set up here. This is a high volatility game and a high hazing coefficient. We can maximize here an amount that is 5,000 times the selected rate. The bonus functions of the game are Wild symbols in various forms and a special mode of free spins.

Pirates’ Plenty: The Sunken Treasure

A game consisting of five (at certain times of six) drums and three rows. Slot is equipped with 20 lines determining winnings. The game has high variability and frequency of hits. Here, we can also get a set rate up to 5,000x. The game offers us additional functions in the form of a bonus drum, numerous symbols of Wild or free spins.

Pirates’ Plenty Megaways

The latest game from all Pirates' Plenty. Slot is built of 8 × 6 symbols grid and offers over 200,000 winning configurations, high variability and the average frequency of hits. The maximum winnings can be achieved in this case to achieve a 10,000x bet. The game has several bonus functions, but the most important of them is the use of MegawayS ™ technology.

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