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Sports lottery with a pool of 315,000 USD

Our site is the first-order information about promotions in online casinos. However, we are also open to other interesting offers from the gambling market. His important part is undoubtedly sports betting and they will be the main hero of today's entry. When it comes to bookmakers, one of the most famous brands on the Australian market is undoubtedly our reliable Betson, which once again surprises us interesting promotions or in a casino, live casino or just sports betting. Now the crossbar has been set really high, because in the latest lottery players this bookmaker can compete for prizes from a pool of USD 315,000.

What events can be placed in the near future?

The current time is not conducive to enthusiasts of bookmakers. In many football leagues, the situation is already resolved and many meetings are already about the proverbial parsley. One semi-final awaits us and then of course the final of the Champions League and the Europa League. True football emotions are waiting for us only from June 11, 2022 to Sunday, July 11. Then, with an annual delay, the football championships in football will be played, on which we will also see our representation.

Weekly cash prizes

This competition was divided into four stages, with a separate prize pool. There are still two of them:

  • Week: Over 78 750 USD in the prize pool, will take since May 5, 2022 to 11 May 2022 to 23:59,
  • Week: Over 78 750 USD in the prize pool, will take since May 12, 2022 to 18 May 2022 to 23:59.

In each of them you can draw nearly 200 prizes. Here are their height:

  • 1x prize after USD 22,500
  • 2x prize for USD 4,500
  • 3x prize for USD 2,250
  • 10x Award for 900 USD
  • 15x prize for USD 450
  • 50x prize after USD 225
  • 130x prize after USD 112.50

Remember that all prizes in this promotion will be cash and will be paid without any trading terms or restrictions on the payment.

How it's working?

As part of this offer, you can bet on all sports, available at Betsafe bookmaker, i.e. football, tennis, hockey or basketball. Every week you can have a chance to win a prize in cash, worth USD 22,500. To play for money, subscribe to this promotion and attitudes bets for any scores from football, tennis or basketball, according to your recognition. They must have a minimum rate at 1.20.

For every 90 zlotys, in total in establishments, you will receive one ticket for a weekly lottery with prizes. You can even get up to 50 such tickets per week. Thanks to this, you will increase your chances of winning the cash prize.